Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: Heart's Flutter

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Edward Elric Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My Valentine's Day wallpaper to everyone (especially FMA fangirls like me! >_<) Isn't it nice to think that sexy Ed is on his way to your house with a bouquet of flowers...then when he sees you he gives the flowers and says "Be My Valentine!!!* Graaaahhh!!! *faints*

Image was submitted by Tama-chan. Thank you TAMA!!!
I had to reCG some parts because of all the creases in the original scan. ^__^

BG a mixture of stock and brushwork. I based the BG from a stock photo from SXC. I originally intended to put houses instead of a mountain and sea BG. But due to time constraints and constant bugging from my brother (who wants to pay WoW) I chose the easiest one to make. I am soooooo proud of the wall I made. *__*

Comments, suggestions and favorites are deeply appreciated!
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  1. Aa-chan Feb 13, 2005

    Another Valentines Day wallpaper ^^ .
    I love the background you've used. Also, you've extracted the character well and it suits. Nice work ^___^ .

  2. meteorcloud Feb 13, 2005

    nice wallpaper shinta ^^~!!!
    i like the scan and the brick road =)
    the sky looks nice ^^~!!
    hmz...yep...the lantarn still a bit blurried >_>....
    ow well.....still great ^^~!!!!
    Fav +

  3. jackalx66 Feb 13, 2005




    *me melts*

    edd is soo hawt!!!

    and the bg is nice like always xD
    *huggles shinta*

    now i have perfect desktop for val xD
    * i can enjoy ur wall :P and dun make one myself xD*
    my gf will wub it >_<

    thx for ur effort and share it in here ;)

  4. Electrastar Feb 13, 2005

    -Sigh- I wish I could make scenery backrounds like that. I love it, (and I'm not even an Ed fangirl). The backround is really nice and it really does look like Edward's is heading towards a house, he makes a nice flower delivery-boy,I wouldn't mind getting flowers from him.

  5. ShueiTenshi Feb 13, 2005

    Wee! I love the clouds effect!! So fluffy XD
    "Be my valentine"?! It's more likely for him to say::
    "Hold these while I deal with the Homonucli that are following me" XD XD XD
    Yeah, Ed is nice, I didn't like the ending thouh it was too I dunno unfinished ?__?
    And soo many good characters had to die or suffer T___T

  6. Sandra Feb 13, 2005

    WOooooooow ! I JUST LUV IT ! This guy with flowers *_* I want my boy to give me flowers like theese :D Great wall i really luv it fav 4ya

  7. nekosasu Feb 13, 2005

    that's quite the unusual scenery for those who like fma... I've never seen Ed like that mwahaha xD
    for the art, it's a very clean and beautiful wallpaper, I like it ;)
    the brick road is nice too but somehow i get a weird perspective... >_< oh gomen i was watching it upside down lol *fixes screen* aah much better *pyoms*
    anyways very great work, thanks for your effort ^_^ keep it up!

  8. StarCentury Feb 13, 2005

    Yay, a Valentine's Ed wallie! XD Hehe, I never knew you have the hots for the Full Metal Alchemist, shinta! ^_^' So cute! Anyway, the scenic BG looks spectaular, wouldn't expect anything less from the great shinta! The clouds are rendered beautifully, the perspective is amazing, and soft colors make a light-hearted wallie! Way to go, shinta! I'll go tell Ed about your wallie dedicated to him, k? ;)

  9. LordStyphon Feb 13, 2005

    Nice work, shinta. Really nice work in the bridge, I think. It looks like it was rained on not too long ago, which goes well with the misty look the background seems to have. I also like the lights, and the birds. Great wallpaper all around. =D

  10. biriwilg Retired Moderator Feb 13, 2005

    Ooohhh.....flowers? For me? You shouldn't have. XD *steals Ed's flowers and runs before shinta notices* XD

    Aww...it's soooo cute! ^_^ I love the idea, but the wallpaper just seems a tad rushed to me. The mountains and everything are purty, especially the brick road, but something just seems a bit off. It's still gorgeous though! ^_^

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 13, 2005

    Aww aint that cute...me likes flowers! *poses as Ed to fool Shinta* "can you be my valentine?!" XD
    Lovely stuff Shinta, the bg is amazing and the brick road, bushes and mountains wors all together! Awesome workage baby! :)

  12. tecnophreak Feb 13, 2005

    i envy your skill with the scenerics...... so exquisite.... .

  13. juanicths Feb 13, 2005


    this is just such a kewl wall! thanks for the valentine's pressie! *hugs*

  14. darkwaterbunny Feb 13, 2005

    omg, Ed is bring me flowers *blush* ^_^. Thanks so much for this wall, its Ed *he is so hott!!!! lol* Anyway, it does seem a bit too rushed, but overall, its really great. Scan really fits in great and I love the brick road, *lalala, on the yellow brick road....wait....* anyway, great job!!! Fav!!!

  15. EevaLeena Feb 14, 2005

    Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! So cute!!!! Is that for me, Ed-chan? Although younger guys is not my type.... but... if it's Ed-chan, it's alright! :nya: This is the best Valentine's wallpaper this year!!!!

  16. PureTypeDZanza Feb 14, 2005

    lol nice valentines day wallpaper of Ed shinta! the clouds are rendered well and the perspective is amazing.

  17. agneslee Feb 14, 2005

    Cool wallpaper . XD XD Specially the background is very good.
    I like it XP XP Thanks for sharing :pacman: :pacman:

  18. euna Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    nice FMA wallie sis!
    i just luv the scan... so sweet ^___^
    luv the bg.. especially the prick path... did you brush that or is that a scan??
    anywayz, looks great ^___^ *fav*

  19. ded113 Feb 14, 2005

    wow!! This is a very cute! THe clouds, the brick sidewalks, every thing is orchestrated well. This is a keeper. You did it again shinta! But you knew that right?!

  20. Mordin Feb 14, 2005

    hey shinta, nice texture on your wallie, the bg reminds of a classic sidewall in Paris, and the clouds is just lovely in contrast with the bright shirt Ed wears. The perspective in this wallie is wonderful in terms of the distance between Ed and the sky. good job.

  21. einna Feb 14, 2005

    Lovely background! But I think the guy doesn't look good with the background...o.o Hmm... maybe it's just me. He's so... colorful...o.o; But I love the background!^____^ This is still fav-worthy.^^;;

  22. TinoLee Banned Member Feb 14, 2005

    The background is very true, it matchs Edward is very good--looking!! XD XD
    Good job! :D :D

  23. Samanosuke89 Feb 14, 2005

    wow.. great wallpaper.. really like it.. 1 of the best I've seen for valentine's day.. *add to fav* ><

  24. Keltosh Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    Well I'm not a girl... but.. I like this one. Nice concept and quite catching indeed. A favorite.

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