Cardcaptor Sakura Wallpaper: Magic Valentine

Madhouse, Cardcaptor Sakura, Spinel Sun, Keroberos, Syaoran Li Wallpaper
Madhouse Studio Cardcaptor Sakura Series Spinel Sun Character Keroberos Character Syaoran Li Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Phew...another wall, far from perfect, and I'm still learning....learning...learning...
I'll be spend another valentine's day alone this year, after 2 years of friendship and a couple months being lovers, last month we've came to a conclusion that we're better as friends than lovers, so....*sigh* This would be my last present for you, wherever you are, whoever you'll be with.
About the technical, I'm just learning making trees, trunk brush from imanimetions.net and leaf brush from tekuteku.org, the sky from stock photo I've got somewhere on the net, stars and moon from artofgregmartin.com. All scans are from MT.
Last word, critiques and comments from you are always welcome, I'll learn more from them!
Keep those walls coming!

+edit: the chocolates reminded me on something...oh yeah...Deen likes some chocolates, so I'll give Deen the one on Kero's hand...you cannot take the big one!

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  1. Aa-chan Feb 13, 2005

    Such vibrant colours in the picture. I love the background and the characters are so pretty ^___^ .

  2. tiantito Feb 13, 2005

    the characters look really good and the bg is nice
    cute wall
    nice bg
    nice job

  3. raxis Feb 13, 2005

    heee~~ nice wall cygnus (but why _ _ _ ^^')
    thanks for sharing it!!

  4. meteorcloud Feb 13, 2005

    nice wall cyngus =)
    i like the concept and the scan =) lovely =)
    hmz..the tree doesn't lookbad ^^~!!!
    hmz..other effects are just good on the back >_>
    keep the works ^^~!!!

  5. Rella Feb 13, 2005

    Very nice image you got there! Love the scene, great job!
    SyaoranxSakura 4eva! ><

  6. Barbara Feb 13, 2005

    Nice work there cyngus, the colors are pretty cool and the characters are very nice :)

  7. Sakura0chan Feb 13, 2005

    I love Card Captor Sakura very much!! XD
    It's a very nice wallpaper of Sakura and Syaoran. I like it very much!
    Keep up the good work. ^__^

  8. NikaNeko Feb 13, 2005

    Awww soo sweet^.^
    I'm not very a fan of Cardcaptor
    But the wallpaper look nice:D
    Very nice!Good job :)
    ~Fav!Also Happy St-Valentin!

  9. Deen Feb 13, 2005

    I don't care with the character, i only care with that chocolate, That chocolate must be bigger, so... i can take a few piece of chocolate from them... XD * Kidding *
    For your wallpaper, the background is not bad, the cherryl blossom is enough beautiful, you must practice again, just like me XD.
    Nice Wallpaper

  10. slivermoon Feb 13, 2005

    nice job on the wally
    the sky looks nice and the trees look okay
    good job ^-^

  11. cerena Feb 14, 2005

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... my beloved couple was thereeeee... thanks cygnus ^^ for sharing... so lovely. then the two kawaii there eating something as usual. hahaha

  12. Balljacker Feb 14, 2005

    Nice wallie. I like the background. the color textures are soft. n it suits them pretty well. anyway nice artwork I like it a lot :nya:

  13. chisana Feb 14, 2005

    Wow,nice Valentine's Day wallie :D The characters are cute and the bg is awesome!
    The tree is great and the grass is so nice^^And I like the other parts of the bg too :)
    i hope you find someone who you can give the big chocolate heart^_^
    And thanx for making this lovely wallie,and sharing it :)
    Great work keep it up!

  14. Athrun Feb 14, 2005

    It looks very nice.Wish I could see something new besides the sunny trees background. :P But then again, the same could be said from you about my SEED walls. ^^;;

    Well anyway, cute wallpaper. Lovely scan and scenary. Great work!

  15. Lizardy Feb 14, 2005

    how sweet!! i like this couple. thats a good valentine wall!! thanks that you make it!!!! :) :)

  16. akaichou Feb 14, 2005

    waaawwwww Cygnus.....your words....is touching me............
    how beautiful.......let me fave it!

  17. sylvacoer Feb 14, 2005

    Oh, it's so cute...and sweet... and fluffy... *gack!* OX *falls out of chair in faint due to sugar overload* x_x No, really, it's fantastic - you're showing marked improvement in your wall skills and this is quite literally a sweet result! :)

  18. Frosty Feb 14, 2005

    wooo pretty wallie. ^^
    its very lovely and beatifully made. ^^
    and hehe Happy Valentine's day. ^^
    good work on this one. ^^
    nice job. ^^
    +fav for the good effort. ^^

  19. Tirdaelyn Feb 15, 2005

    This is a totally sweet wallpaper, it is very cute. The colors are great, they are so vibrant and alive. You did a great job. ^^

  20. seichirp Banned Member Feb 15, 2005

    youhou very nice, can you tell me how did you do the bg, it is so beautiful
    great wall and good job :)

  21. gundex Feb 15, 2005

    ow ow very beautiful cygnus-san... everything looks nice... umm yes u just need more work at the trees... :D btw happy valentine cygnus-san... aha ha this is my 24th years my lonely valentine day... :)

  22. blackchii Feb 16, 2005

    wah cygnus bagus tuh cuman menurut wa warna yg u pake buat pohon sakuranya terlalu mentereng^^, ya bisa didarkened dikit overall all its a totally well done

  23. KorganoS Feb 16, 2005

    You're getting real good with compositing and perspective....
    nice blurring on the grass, and lovely sky...
    the tree is also awesome... ;)
    real good job there...
    Some minor problems, tho
    the black cat scan looks a bit low quality compared to the rest of the wall's elements....
    and those bright dots in the sky, mm.. dunno how to point out precisely...
    but they don't seem to fit that well ...
    overall, this is an excellent wallpaper.... I say this is one of your best job so far.... congratulations....

    *gives cygnus-chan a box of chocolates*
    Happy valentines... :D

  24. Kurosawa Feb 16, 2005

    Wow xd
    i like the concepts so much, and the scan is really fits to the Bg.
    Great job cygnus and Happy valentine XD

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