Onegai Teacher Wallpaper: .Mizuho sensei~loli ver~.

Onegai Teacher, Mizuho Kazami, Member Art Wallpaper
Onegai Teacher Series Mizuho Kazami Character Member Art Source

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Artist Comment

the background practise plan starts= =now a pic takes me twice the time to draw,just want to make the bg better.
I'm still new at bg making,so every MT sama,Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~

about this pic...two reasons,1st for Kikuko Inoue sama,I love her voice so I love the character she cast too,maybe it's too late for me to finish this anime= =b.(ps,the casting of hers in KiddyGrade really suprises me a lot,XD)
2nd,haha,as you know,for the Valentine,oooohhh,Mizuho sensei~teach me motto motto,XD(Panda is H!!o_O)

I don't like the Onee style of Mizuho,so just made the Loli version,arrr,pls,don't kill me,XD
but my fris say she looks like Lacus if Mariye didn't appear on this pic,OMG o_Oreally?

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 12, 2005

    yay! I like it it's so prettty ^_^ yeah she sorta does look like Lacus ^_^ but she's very beautiful and you sis a wonderful job like always *hugs* great job

  2. calisqo Feb 12, 2005

    awesome work as usual ^^
    Very cool ^^ .

    Not much to comment. (sorry_)
    I like the color and the girl ^^
    But i have to add this to fav ^^
    good work keep it up

  3. frozenwilderness Feb 12, 2005

    Wowwww fantasiaaaa I like the girl.. but I looove the bg *_*

    i think the best parts are the sky and the leaves though.. they're sooo pretty!! XD

    Gahh your work always amazes me.. keep it uppp XD

  4. MESIAS Feb 12, 2005

    Is that Mizuho?
    It doesn't looks like her... Anyways the wallpaper isn't bad...

  5. rythem Feb 12, 2005

    this is uber pretty >.<
    mizuho-sensei is so kirei n the leaves r really niiice~~
    u did a wonderful uber job here fantasia~~

  6. Barbara Feb 12, 2005

    Very wonderful wal, the bg is so special and interesting, perfectly done, a fav :)

  7. Getsufuhma Feb 12, 2005

    wow beautiful work. great looking wallpaper. its so lovely. :) perfect job. +fav ^_^'

  8. tAtEkAnE Feb 12, 2005

    very nice work again panda! ur very good with this T_T i wanna be as good as u XD...anyhoo of course this will be a fave again

  9. crys Feb 12, 2005

    I just love all of your work, you are lucky to be gifted as you are. Your back grounds are great you can't even tell that you're new at making them. lol Great job.

  10. jingjing1208 Feb 12, 2005

    Oh!!!@____@ This is so awesome!!!!!^^
    You are so talented,fanfan!!!!! T_T *gan dong de ku le^_^* Hehe,what can I say?So beautiful!++++fav!!!!

  11. Susan-chan Feb 12, 2005

    did u draw her?? it's very beautiful!! reall!! it has a nice coloring and the girl looks cute:) a perfect wallpaper:D

  12. chibikko Feb 12, 2005

    Uh I never watched this serie but I know the voice (Kikuko Inoue speaks a lot xD). I really love the Mizuho you made, the clothing is pretty and the leaves are beautiful, such a great idea. I love this drawing, it's now one of my favorite of yours. Very nice!

  13. white-zero Feb 12, 2005

    Aww. What can I say about your doujinshi walls? It is well done as always.

    A fav.

  14. Electrastar Feb 12, 2005

    Very cute. I love the colors and the flowers are just too beautiful. As usual amazing work Fantasia.

  15. bromithia Retired Moderator Feb 12, 2005

    x_x Stupid MT won't let me view the full sized image! But from here, it looks worthy of a favorite. Good Job Fantasia.

  16. meteorcloud Feb 12, 2005

    Quote by bromithiax_x Stupid MT won't let me view the full sized image! But from here, it looks worthy of a favorite. Good Job Fantasia.

    the same here t_t~!!! slow mt >_>.....time outs...>_<~!!!
    ow well...the thumb looks good =)
    nice wokr fantasia=)
    keep the works ^^

  17. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 13, 2005

    love the point of view and hair detail, oh a nd those stocking textures <3 great job really
    colors are very soft and those leaves are very well done, allthough the grass has too much contrast (white + green = not great) and im not sure about that yellow plastic-looking thing watever it is ~__~
    anyways, I couldnt do better n_n

  18. Nayako Feb 14, 2005

    This pic looks so sweet!!! *goes stringhtly to my favs* I just love it!!! - as all of your works!!! Keep them up!!! XD

  19. halcyonTwilight Feb 14, 2005

    Wow...a wall this time ^^ The fence with all the flowers in the foreground is really a nice idea, and plus it looks great too :) I love Mizuho...watched the series, and i know the voice too..but going back to the wall, if you didn't say it was Mizuho then i wouldn't have known XD But your work still rocks. +fav

  20. hydro Feb 14, 2005

    Hey (lady) when i look at my drawings and sometimes i think thy're cool, but i come to MT and saw all he submissions i get shamed of myself.

    One of my (best) drawings i'm entierly sure it's worse than any sketch you had done.

    Sorry for those words. I like this one specially the environment around the girl :)

  21. evasion Feb 14, 2005

    Wow! Beautiful work :) Definitely a fav. Love the charac design and setting ^_^

  22. Darla83 Feb 14, 2005

    A very beautiful wallpaper! the background is good and the overgrowth fence in front is amazing, :D very good work!!

  23. sylvacoer Feb 14, 2005

    To be completely honest, I don't know a thing about this anime, but the picture is so cute, I'll defnitely have to add it to my favorites! One question though - how di you get the intricate pattern on her thigh highs? That effect is just awesome! :o

  24. irix Feb 15, 2005

    This is a wonderful perspective of mizuho sensei!!! ne!!!

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