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Long time no see ^^ It looks like i surived finals in one piece...for the most part...it's kinda hard typing with three fingers and one eye XD

Heh, anyways, this is the -long- overdue wall that toujin1 requested. She orginally asked me to wall a sketch of hers around 2 months/years/centuries ago (i forget which), but due to school and making the new layout for AE, i didn't really have the time. Well, that's in the past now...i made it, so sorry for being so late ^_^'

The coloring and cging that i did wasn't that good >_> It was this wall that made me realize how much i don't know about cging. And figuring out a good background was no walk in the park either. In the end i had to go for a really simple wall...but i am happy with the sparkles...they look pretty good to me :)

Sketch is an orginal character drawing by toujin1. Check out her really nice work here: http://toujin1.minitokyo.net. Coloring and CG and wall by me.

For more walls and other goodies, head on over to the new AE ( http://www.animeeclipse.net )!! I'm still in the process of converting the old site to the new layout with PHP, but for the most part the site is up ^_^

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  1. joycev Feb 12, 2005

    Is this a dragon or a sea serpent? Oh well... I guess it doesn't mater 'cus this wallie is still awesome!


  2. mishia Feb 12, 2005

    I hope the results for your finals turn out well... I mean, of course they will! ^_^' anyway this wallie may be simple but, it's still very pretty! I agree that the sparkles look really nice, and I think that the wall looks good it blue. Nice choice! You know, all the shiny, bright wallies you do turn out really well. Keep it up! :)

  3. YugureKaze Feb 12, 2005

    the creature looks really cool with the enchanting glow around it
    awesome work!

  4. TheFreaky0ne Feb 12, 2005

    tight wall man. looking kinda nice. ;) just what is that though. rofl. XD but either way, i like the delightful looking backdrop work.

  5. Fantasia Feb 12, 2005

    it reminds me of the GF Shiva in FinalFantasy
    very cool design,and the blue color,especially the shining lights are very fantastic
    the partten on its body is great~just like the partten in dragon
    very nice works~and I hope you do well in your exams^^

  6. Sugasuga Feb 12, 2005

    interesting wallie you have there ^^ the creature is nice, i like the glow and the sparkles are a nice touch ^^ nice and simple. keep up the good work :D

  7. DarkEVO Feb 12, 2005

    Cool artistic looking wallpaper. I like the dragon especially or whatever it is.

  8. frozenwilderness Feb 12, 2005

    pshhhhh... your cging is a lot better than what I could do.. so texturized and sparkly xd
    i love that drawin that toujin did~ soo pretty ;__;
    the bg matches perfectly too D:
    blahh love it >.<

  9. itsDchlorine Feb 12, 2005

    LOL it does look alot better when you shrink it lol, good job, but the size 1280x960 is kind of a werid size its really wide o well^^, the glitter still looks a bit off and the scan could have had been tocuhed up a bit to remove some of the more visible pencil marks, but all in all good job ^^, Cuz you already know what else ill say^^ cya later

  10. tiantito Feb 13, 2005

    long time for sure
    it might look kinda simple but is really cool
    nice job
    i like what you did
    added tpo favs

  11. ShiroiLina Feb 13, 2005

    long time no see :D
    a very very nice enchanted wall :D i really like the feeling :D and the coloring is very well done! i like the sparkles as well :D :D keep it up! :D

  12. Ame Feb 13, 2005

    Wow... It's so...shiny. =^-^= halcyonTwilight's coloring and cging are fine, and simple wallpapers are always nice. The sketchyness of the dragony thingy looks nice and contrasty against the cgness of the background. =^-^= Are those hills, underwater sand mounds, or just mysterious lumps near the bottom? Any way it looks gorgeous. =^-^= Oh, good luck with finals results!

  13. StarCentury Feb 14, 2005

    o_0 Dude, you wall looks so cool, even on thumbnail-size! XD That sea serpent thingy is very elegant and the blue lighting effects underwater are so bright! Well-designed and marvelous work, halcyon-san! :D

  14. Midori-chan Feb 14, 2005

    :o the wall is so nice! especially the whatever you call that sea animal...it is really interesting^^
    the shining effects around the serpent is really nice! the blue color you chose is very suitable for the wall too!
    good job!!

  15. Nayako Feb 14, 2005

    Yey!!! Its looks so cool!!! I love this kind of creatures!!! Graceful sea dragon at the deep, blue ocean!! XD Reminds me about my fav animal -snake ;) Thank u for this wallie!!!

  16. Darla83 Feb 14, 2005

    Cool..! a real mistical wallpaper. the surrounding licht effects looks awsome around this creature. overal very pretty wall. good job!

  17. Piyo Feb 15, 2005

    i feel like typing in german today so:

    duuude dieses ist auf Deutsch!! Hagel babelfish!! XD anywhoooo~ halllllllle berry [ couldnt widerstehen XD bitte stoßen mich nicht!! ] ist dieses so awesomeeeee! toujin1's Zeichnungen sind, also ist purdy~ und Ihr cg-ing! ehrfürchtig! so eifersuechtiges piyo, das geht, Sie eines Tages zu berauben kekeke ^_______^ piyo wuvvs dieses!! halten Sie es oben!!

    dude, i hope people that read german dont think im crazy @_@ and for people that dont speak german.. the translation:

    duuude this is in german!! hail babelfish!! XD anywhoooo~ halllllllle berry [ couldnt resist XD please dont poke me!! ] this is so awesomeeeee!

    toujin1's drawings are so purdy~ and your cg-ing is awesome!! so jealous piyo gonna rob you someday kekeke ^_______^

    piyo wuvvs this!! keep it up!!

  18. Kurosawa Feb 15, 2005

    Whoa ^^
    Love the celestial and mytsical bg XD
    The creature looks like a sea dragon , I think :D
    Great job halcyon XD

  19. nyxerinyes Feb 15, 2005

    The sketch is definately different but I love the sparkles and ambient light. That's just really gorgeous.

  20. toujin1 Feb 16, 2005

    allo allo...you have completed ur task thus i shall forgive thee for not saying anything to me for so long...ahem, anyway, me so proud!! >sigh< its nice to see ones own chara done up like that..great job ne? demo....i just think that she is too bright...maybe if she was a little darker, u could have made the water around her sparkly...she would have seemed more otherworldly...no matter..make sure u get back to me!! i have some stuff i want u to see.

  21. Pikapika Feb 18, 2005

    looks werid. @.@ but its really cool and mistiee ^.^ te he, good lookie wallie. ^.^ cokie good job. ^.^

  22. xiaku Mar 27, 2005

    this is .... beautiful
    i love it, love it, LOVE IT!
    aaahh!! it's so mystical and enchanting.
    wonderful job!
    one of my faves!!

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