Yamanoto Nori Wallpaper: neko on moon

Yamanoto Nori Wallpaper
Yamanoto Nori Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

umm...I have no idea 4 titles T_T..
n at last..a new wallie XD the last wallie I made was a failure 4 me..coz most of the people faved it coz of the hot chicks..heheh
well..the bg idea 4 this wall is quite similar from the original scan bg..
drew the clouds n stars..well the whole bg...
hope u like it ^__^

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  1. peachiemint Feb 11, 2005

    aww... and more aww's... kyute wallie rythem. neko is soo... *poke poke* waiii! adorable. wonderful wallie! a faviee for meee. keep it up =^^=

  2. calisqo Feb 11, 2005

    ok this is a nice wall.
    I like the kiddy look in the wall.
    everything has nice crispy lines and boldness.

    Looks diferent and interestin :)
    i say this is a nice wall ^_^, keep it up

  3. boogybro Feb 11, 2005

    I think it's adorable.
    Very simple looking, goes perfectly with the scan you used.
    Nice wall. Keep up the good work.

  4. Celessa Retired Moderator Feb 11, 2005

    Wow - this is one theme I haven't seen in quite a while, actually. Very impressive - clean, simple - and the way you drew the clouds and the moon is very pretty indeed. Keep up the good work - and well done indeed.

  5. Khriss Feb 11, 2005

    hey thats nice ^_^
    reminds me of the loli ruri monster from Ragnarok O__o

  6. Criox Feb 11, 2005

    Its plain, kawaii and pretty well done! Thats wat I can think of! Keep up! (^_^)

    Quote by Khrisshey thats nice ^_^
    reminds me of the loli ruri monster from Ragnarok O__o

    Wat he say is right! It reminds me of lori ruri!

  7. xSiLeNtAnGeLx Feb 11, 2005

    awwwww!!! your wallie is adorable!!!! *hugs* i love the cuteness of it!! its so simple but pretty!! everything goes so well together!!! XD weee!!! i absolutely love it!!!! favie for me!!

  8. ryannzha Feb 11, 2005

    termendous.. cute .. and the 1 that i can't create 'till now .. simple .. the mystery beauty of simplistic which still can't be done by my limited skill .. :sweat: it's really impressed me much..!! :hmpf: i still dunno why a simple creation can be great like this wallie you've made 4 example..!! simple but great .. great but simple .. damn .. i still can't figure it out!! your awesome .. .. i mean your wallie .. yeah .. their great !! :hmpf: ill add this as my inspiration of simplicity .. God help me solve this mystery..!! -_-

  9. vampyre Feb 11, 2005

    Love it! ~^^~ Soooo cute! & all things of this work's match together ~^w^~ great work!

  10. Frosty Feb 11, 2005

    very cute wallie. ^^
    kind of cought my eye on this one. XD
    looks great ^^ good work. ^^

  11. Fantasia Feb 11, 2005

    this is very kawaiiiiiiiiiii,XD
    love the color style you did,this is very cute style
    and the catgirl is very nice,aha,I'm a loli-conXD
    must fav it^^

  12. Athrun Feb 11, 2005

    Border things are kinda weird, IMO, but it looks pretty nice and simple. Nice glowy effects on the moon and scan. Very nice job at drawing th BG!

  13. Sandra Feb 11, 2005

    Me like this one ! It looks like cartoon or smthing ;) Favorite for me ! Thanks 4 share

  14. raxis Feb 11, 2005

    simple but really good ^^
    i really like this wall, especially the girl hohoho.......

  15. Divinelight Feb 11, 2005

    simple but really kawaii!!! the moon is kinda funny, you know.
    Neko on moon... well that' one of the title.

  16. Nisna Feb 11, 2005

    This is sweet!! The combination and coloring remembers me those baby toys^^ .... Hihi, so adorable!!

  17. Aa-chan Feb 11, 2005

    Aww, so cuuute ^___^ .
    The character is so pretty and the background is simple, but works really well.
    Cool work :3 .

  18. Ninja Feb 11, 2005

    A really simple looking piece but it seems really cool. Keep up the good work there.

  19. DarkMaiden1369 Feb 11, 2005

    awww^^ Its so cute
    I reallyl like and the bg
    goes good with the girl
    Great job liek always
    *adds to favs*

  20. StarCentury Feb 11, 2005

    Wheeee~! XD You're new wallie looks like a saturday morning cartoon, rythem! ^_^' The designs you made on the BG are very unique and lovely, plus the scan sitting on the cresent moon looks wonderful! Nicely done, rythem! ;) [+ 2 favs]

  21. Darla83 Feb 11, 2005

    Wow :nya: this is very good all the objects, the scan and background objects are good quality and fit together like they have allways been. I love the little girl +fav

  22. acid-awakening Feb 11, 2005

    nice wall :D
    the girl looks very cute :D
    the sky looks kinda simple
    the different colours on the cloud looks very cool
    keep it up
    thanx for sharing
    c u later

  23. heavens-Dragon Feb 12, 2005

    Oh it's so cute! The neko-chan is so adorable! Awesome drawing of the clouds and stars! They look really great! Keep up with the great work!

  24. MadWiz Feb 12, 2005

    o.O very simple and cutie wallie

    funny that shes sitting on the moon ^^

    the bg is quite different from some other works you made
    but I like the simplicity and also.. the colour of the clouds~ pretty cute!

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