Cardcaptor Sakura Wallpaper: cc sakura

CLAMP, Madhouse, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sakura Kinomoto Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio Cardcaptor Sakura Series Sakura Kinomoto Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

a new wall YAY me
finally i made one and with sakura shes soo cute
made as a request for some friends
hope u all like it
like 5 days of work i didnt know what to do and my planets really sucked so i made like 4 tries
maybe some ppl see many things
26 layers photoshop 7
enjoy it ^^

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  1. Hitori-Enishi Feb 10, 2005

    wow excelente wall, muy bueno y "lindo" (^^;; me siento raro al escribir lindo, pero no piensen malas cosas he!!!) pero como decia magnifico trabajo en especial el fondo ;). tu esfuerzo valio la pena ^^.

  2. nkdksk Feb 10, 2005

    realy good your wallpapers are so good this have many quality very good work so pretty

  3. Athrun Feb 10, 2005

    Wow... pretty lights... nice moons there... extraction on her hair could be a bit more... precise... but nice job. ^^

  4. axishi Feb 10, 2005

    your wall is very good me gusta mucho sobre todo la simbiosis que tienen sakura y el espacio ( parece que fueran una mismo ) :D ... ah si + fav

  5. Koujisama Feb 10, 2005

    Great winter wallpaper :)
    And that sakura girl is amazing :) :)

  6. tiantito Feb 10, 2005

    great awesome WORK
    i think is really good
    the character is great and the colors of the starfield match
    the fog here in front is good
    the moons are well done
    favorite and its on my desktop

  7. Revan Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2005

    Well, I like very much the fog effect you have used, it helps the character blend a hole lot better (of course that it matches quite nice)

    Quote by AthrunWow... pretty lights... nice moons there... extraction on her hair could be a bit more... precise... but nice job. ^^

    I can't see how you should have done a better extraction, to me it looks done great :nya:
    Keep it up!!!

  8. Kyuzo1 Feb 10, 2005

    Very nice wall. The bg is amazing. I love the planet and the stars. But i also love the rest of the wall, especially the sweet chara ^^. The quality is very good. Thanks for sharing :)
    +fav :)

  9. lensterknight Feb 10, 2005

    The background is awesome, and it's a great work, overall.

    However, something about her hair bothers me. It... doesn't look right. the part to the left, I mean. Maybe it's because it's a little too "squared", not curvey. Maybe it's a bit too dull, compared with the rest of Sakura. Or, maybe, my eyes are just weird...

  10. Mystfyre Feb 11, 2005

    Hey this isn't bad at all. Background is pretty well done. I think you could have done better cutting her out, but all in all, I like it :D

  11. evasion Feb 11, 2005

    wooooooooooooot! Awesome CCS wall :) I love how you used the scan, and the bg is excellent. Nice work!

  12. Criox Feb 11, 2005

    Oh...man! Definitely nice! Its been long long time since u submit 1 wallie! Hehe! Welll done! My sis gonna love it if she sees it! ^^;

  13. dead Feb 11, 2005

    Muy buen trabajo yura el BG esta genial eso sin mencionar que (aunque sea rebundante ^_^' ) la tierna sakura esta en este gran Wall, lo sumare a mis fav.(je, je sino te importa ;) )

  14. Aetherdragon Feb 11, 2005

    Pretty sweet wallpaper. It's been a while since the last, can't wait to see more of them. :)

  15. Albiore Feb 11, 2005

    Greetings, Yura:

    I love Card Captor Sakura and, your wallpaper is awesome. Thanks too much for share it.

    You win a Fav too.

  16. Keitaro08 Feb 11, 2005

    o_O What's with CCSakura, these last days, we can see cuteeeeeeeeeeee scans >_< !

    i really really like your wallie, if there wan't written "carcaptor Sakura" on it, I'm pretty sure it was my favourite of this week-end ^_^' !!!

    Omedeto gozaimasu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *add to fav*

  17. motoko Feb 13, 2005

    Wow ! Nice wall ! I love this starfield ^^ and the 2 planets are great :p
    +fav !

  18. GintheTwilightswords Feb 15, 2005

    For the amount of time spent,you did a glorious job ^uu^.The bg is beautiful, I luv the moons nd the stars,very nicely done.Sakura does look cute,especailly in this wall :D . You did an magnificent job Yura ^_^ .

  19. kuclo Feb 15, 2005

    hi yura how you been ,i see you are some kind of busy,good for you,i saw many pics of sakura card captor ,but this one is awesome,is pretty cool,probably one of the best i ever seen,thanks for sharing

  20. gundex Feb 16, 2005

    very cute sakura... and what an awesome bg u hav... everything looks great... umm i think the starfield could be better... nice work :D :D

  21. blueotaku-sp Feb 17, 2005

    Hey Yura really nice!!

    Mmmm.... well I was around so decided to check this wallie (sorry for me being late! ^_^' agian! -_- ^_^' )
    Well moving on! It's nice and soft, the BG it's brightly done the feeling of it it's tender, even for a so active space BG, this is peaceful!!

    Quote by RevanWell, I like very much the fog effect you have used, it helps the
    character blend a hole lot better (of course that it matches quite

    Indeed the fog or myst effect helps in the blending of the character and add softness to it!
    The text and the swirls are nice touch for this wallie, indeed one of the best wallies of Sakura CC that I have seen in a real long time!!
    Also the cosmic petals look nice and overall make Sakura look kawai!!!

    Nice, Thanx and looking foward to see your next move !! (againd, sorry and hope this comment isn't too long!)
    Best wishes your friend blueotaku-sp!! ^_^

  22. JudgementAngel Feb 27, 2005

    I like it. The color and effects are great. The background fits the image that you used. Great job.

  23. shana05 Mar 26, 2005

    :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya: Looks great!!!! :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya:

  24. Chimecho Apr 01, 2005

    Awesome wallpaper !

    note: first time being here :sweat: So don't think im weird or I'll be :angry:

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