Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka Langley

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka Langley Soryu, Vector Art


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another quick wall i made today. this one is another simple black vector i did of asuka and some powerlines for the bg. i guess not much to say about this one.

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  1. nat Feb 10, 2005

    Really slick, I love the look of it. And kudos to you on the title design, it suits the wall perfectly ^^

  2. Jinpun Feb 10, 2005

    Wow very original take. What made you decide to use Telephone poles? And did you draw Asuka or did you find her?

  3. jackalx66 Feb 10, 2005

    nice :D
    i like the result of this one~

    nice vector xD

    maybe u wanna add some texture too :)
    it will be nice that way~

    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  4. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2005

    Asuka was always the Spuky spoiled brat of the NGE crew...Loved her and still do but Rei gets my vote ...ANyway the sipicity is beautiful but could use some clouds though.... :)
    Nice job again! XD

  5. PikaMoon Feb 10, 2005

    Wow. Hmmm...the powerlines make this wall even cooler. I guess I just like the plain simplicity of it all...yet it also seems to imply...a deeper story/meaning. Very cool. :) Sorry if that was too...deep. Well, thanks for sharing. Definitely gonna be one of my faves! :D

  6. Sako Feb 10, 2005

    I loved this image of Asuka, glad to see it vectored. The orange theme has a nice feeling. Good work again ^_^

  7. Angelette Feb 10, 2005

    Wow, crap. You've been walling often lately. o_o!~ Great walls! I love how you vectored it. it's so clean and the colorscheme works very well.

  8. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2005

    awesome, love the vectored look here. Colorr sheme and composition are perfect :D and it's another one on my desktop even tho i never liked asuka XD

  9. ChiLLiaN Feb 10, 2005

    lovely vector job
    i like the colors you used, it fits well with the image
    gives a good feeling, i like it
    nice job

  10. Rex Feb 10, 2005


    this looks amazing as well.....

    i really like this style of wall...but i've never been able to make one :/

    anyways, great composition and colour

  11. belmikry Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2005

    hey- this is a great vecotr crapmonster! :)

    i love how you put her on powerlines ;) thats perfect >_<

    great job- how do you vector? lol.. ^_^' [sooo hard 0_0]

  12. UndyingShadow Feb 10, 2005

    ooooooh very nice vector crap! great use of the scan and the powerlines look cool. nice job!

  13. Kotter Feb 10, 2005

    Exceptional! So simple. So fine. Definitely my favourite!

  14. StarCentury Feb 10, 2005

    OMG, crapmonster! XD What a marvelous vector of Asuka! You're walls always gets cooler and cooler every submission! ^_^' How she's sitting on top of that is beyond me! Great work, crapmonster! [+ 2 favs] ;)

  15. Keitaro08 Feb 11, 2005


    The vector job is so punky, luv it... When it's nicely done as yours ;) !!!!

    *add to fav*

  16. Sir-Boingal0t Feb 12, 2005

    damn crapp0rm0n @_@!.........topnotch vector work

    it looks better everytime u make one >xD!
    I also love the fact that her eyes is the only warm color in the bg

    its soo cool >xD!

  17. artgeek12 Feb 12, 2005

    This wall is so simple....simply marvelous!! OK, a bit over the top but it is good. The monochromatic theme with the large sections of color remind me of Pop Art. Although simplified, the stroke variations on the character's outline give it more depth than just a simple re-trace. The powerlines are an exceptionally nice touch. Although most are unaware, the direction of the lines makes a big difference. They make the viewers eyes travel throughout the entire piece and their eyes will always end up at the focal point which is the character. The text treatment is interesting but is slightly off. There are way too many different typefaces there. The many different styles are are not really contrasting but rather are clashing. The type for "Neon Genesis" and "Asuka Langley" go well together since you mix a nice elegant serifed font with a very simple (and larger) sans serif. The "studio gainax " is ok but the "evangelion" just seems like a mistake. (gomen :sweat: ) The sepia-like tone give the entire wall the feel of an old photo as well. Nice color choice. All in all, a superb wall crapmonster! :)

  18. sammo Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    very slick, stylish, and clean. great job, looks awesome..although her left arm looks kinda weird x_x

  19. Noctum Feb 14, 2005

    Excellent vector, crap.
    I just don't get why the one diagonal black lines is actually behind Asuka.
    It seems to mess up the perspective a bit. @_@

  20. Imaginasian Jul 11, 2005

    I like how it looks very similar to Apple's iPod commercials, but not exactly a copy. It's a great adaptation.

  21. skrim Jul 21, 2005

    so simple, but so perfect (well simple looking i could never do the work involved heh) ... the colors and style are so smooth ... great work!

  22. RallyVincent Aug 31, 2005

    I really like the colours... very neat and wonderful pic

  23. UchihaTaijiya Oct 01, 2006

    This vector is so awesome looking!
    I love everything you did!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  24. Shanatan Oct 04, 2006

    Very nice!
    The orange and black suits her~

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