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Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Edward Elric Character Alphonse Elric Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

haha this wall is quite random, undyingshadow pointed out earlier to me that the wall is really dark for such a happy image. well, i guess im just wierd like that, though in my mind it still makes some sense, ah whatever....
a quick grunge wall i did in about two hours. the orginal image was found on 4chan about a week ago and it was just sitting on my comp. i wasnt even really planning to wall it until i got an idea for it today. all the text in the wall is also somehow parodying nine inch nails (even the sig).
for those who arent big NIN fans ill briefly go over it all. the symbol in the back is actually a word and the name of one of their smaller halos "sin". the FMA text is done in the style that nine inch nail's own name was written on that very cd. "closer to god" is another small halo they put out. and for the sig, my own name is a parody of nothing record's logo and i labelled my wall as if it were a halo. if your wondering why the hell i did this besides the fact that i like NIN, lets just say i was bored and felt like screwing around with this one.

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  1. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2005

    Hehehe i was actually surprised myself on the dark sense melded with such brght characters but yeah the insignia arouns the cool text goes well together in this one...Kinda like trees hooded over a bright mid afternoon which is cool....Nice job! :)

  2. KevLar Feb 10, 2005

    Great wallpaper. The grunge style works great for that show. This is how the show is, "really dark for such a happy image".

  3. ded113 Feb 10, 2005

    Quote by KevLarGreat wallpaper. The grunge style works great for that show. This is how the show is, "really dark for such a happy image".

    I agree. Well the Bg is definately different but cool. NIN a cool band to use for the wall. Overall a cool work!

  4. DayBreak Feb 10, 2005

    now thats what i call...DARK!
    I really love the background..and that scan xd
    i was sure that you cant make bright happy scans into a dark wallpaper...
    i was wrong.
    The Textures..and that dark feeling is awesome!
    people better give more love to grunge.....or i shall shove my guitar into their throat XD

  5. Aa-chan Feb 10, 2005

    Wow, such a dark and grungy looking wallpaper o_O .
    Much darker than I would have expected for an FMA wallpaper, but it works well. Nice work :) .

  6. artgeek12 Feb 10, 2005

    Dude, I love NIN! I remember seeing them in concert back around '93! Your BG (like always) is awsome. The texture is so rich with contrast and detail that it actual fits the image of NIN quite well. It kind of reminds me of the Downward Spiral album cover. Another thing I like is the text. The treatment is simple but goes well with the color and style of the BG. The only thing that bothers me a bit are Al and Ed. I know they are suppose to be lying on the ground but it looks like they are pasted on there. The detail is a fuzzy. Perhaps the shadow is a bit too dark. Can't think of different things to try but I'll come back after some more thought. Like the wall!

  7. winged Feb 10, 2005

    I dun even know whats this wallzz is abt until i saw its title lol! XP The elric brothers are too small to be noticed. Btw i like the background, corrupted...

  8. Jinpun Feb 10, 2005

    Nice work, I like the background affect on the ground it looks really good.

  9. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2005

    mehehe, NIN sucks :P
    but the wall is great n_n they look like theyre happily laying on some kind of wretched grass lol, maybe the world of the dead? For some reason it made me think of that amber spyglass book from the whatwasitcalled Pullman trilogy...
    anyways, nice! you achieved to make grunge look clean

  10. kaidou Feb 10, 2005

    You get a big hug for using NIN. (I used to have a fansite devoted solely to the use of NIN in fanworks...if it were still alive I would beg you to let me put this on it, but since it's dead, whatever. ^_^) Lovely wallpaper. +fav'd.

  11. darkwaterbunny Feb 10, 2005

    oooooooooo, I like it!!! Very dark style that really looks good! Another good wallie from ya, I guess that dark background is a foreshadowing of whats to come. I like the effects that you used, it looks really good! Great job, fav!!

  12. tru-chan Feb 10, 2005

    I really love this one. <3
    It's dark and you can feel some evil (yet happy from the El brothers) emotion from it.
    Scan is luvable! XD
    Great job! ^^

  13. Rex Feb 10, 2005


    scary bg for a happy pic indeed!

    it seems like u can turn any pic scary XD
    but yea, it looks like they r lying on some.....dried up groud in a very creepy place XD

    btw, what's NIN? o.O

  14. halo3 Feb 10, 2005

    great wallpaper... very imaginary bg in a dark green and two litle full metal alchmist chars.
    most, i like the efect full bg.
    great work.

  15. belmikry Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2005

    instant fav!!! >_<

    ... and not because i'm such a huge NIN fan, [ ^_^' ]
    but because this is a very thought out grunge wall- i think the characters go VERY well with the mood- i absolutely love it >_< i was skeptical until i downloaded it, now its my wallpaper >_< great work [thumbs up!] ^_^_^_^^_^

  16. Foolish-ishness Feb 10, 2005

    Very cool :) This is going on my desktop. And i can see how this image would fit grunge. Its that age when Ed and Al's lives are about to turn upside. Great job

  17. UndyingShadow Feb 10, 2005

    a very interesting mixture. a rather happy scan of ed and al made to look to have a grunge and dark image. I like it. gimme boob

  18. DREAM Feb 12, 2005

    hmm. NIN you say? interesting. as far as i can tell their are only 3 weakensses on this wall; the Eldric brothers and text "Closer to God". the background is quite solid and i can tell you have been "influenced" by the legendary Russell Mills. as far as the title "Closer to God" although this wall is a "parody of NIN; Trent Reznor's lyric "God is dead" comes to mind.

    i commend you on the exectuion of the background and premise of this wall, crapmonster. :)

    oh yeah, NIN is one of my 3 favorite bands of all time. the other 2 are the Beatles and Nirvana.

    au revoir

  19. logicfun Feb 14, 2005

    very good job
    i like the dark and abstract effect of the background

  20. Noctum Feb 14, 2005

    This wallpaper has a totally unique look and feel.
    Excellent and very original work once again. :)

    PS: Did you really have to put a black text with white surroundings in the signature? This part stands out more than it is good for it. :\

  21. isky81 Feb 14, 2005

    Very cool
    Great job

  22. Neptune47 Feb 17, 2005

    Awesome. I actually love the fact that it's dark even though it's of a time Ed and Al were happy. It foreshadows.

    Thanks for sharing!

  23. miszka Feb 20, 2005

    oh this is reamarkable ^^
    the contrast is atriking, and all of it just perfect !
    fav fav ^^

  24. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Feb 23, 2005

    saki should really stop deleting notifs without lookin at em .. ;_____;

    xd XD XD XD

    crapiiee .. this grungeness rocckkzz XD XD XD

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