Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper: My Favorite Game

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

what!!!!! another wall from BoING??........impossible!......well........yeah.......but itll be my last one for a while.......unless otherwise >_<

also......i took a chance wit this wall......cuz im sure everybody's brightness settings r different -_-

everything was made from scratch........except for the clouds.....which was from stock, traced and made more fluffier! >xD

the trees......mountains, grass, lake......was made wit tis small brush my PS came with (its my first time makin tis....grass n trees n stuff.....so it aint that great.....so dont be mean ) -__-
and thanks to Tate for some useful comments about the rather crappy mountains

teh hardest part was imagining wat to do.........and with that.....I also say.....that this wall aint perfect........cuz then again, im only human lol

........well.....as usual..... wacky comments n suggestions always appreciated >xD

with that said.......ill be a spectator.....for a while (and tate u dont have to comment on this.....I already know wat u think >xP~~~~~~~~~~)

and if u guys by any chance like tis wall..........u could find other resolutions at www.digitalboing.com

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  1. afan Feb 10, 2005

    Wat?! Another wall from boing?!?!?!^!@#%@($#@&$ XD jk jk jk jk
    <-----got this from the description XD
    The thumb is like totally black for me. The wall probably would look cooler if it was brighter <_<
    The clouds are pretty good and the mech....errrrrr...blah. It's funky ('cuz I can't see it too well)
    Stupid screen.

  2. LunarGriever Feb 10, 2005

    Wow this wall is stunning, literally. I just wish you had made it a little brighter, otherwise I love it. Awsome job.

  3. tAtEkAnE Feb 10, 2005

    [copy and paste from AL]

    the wall is perfect for my setting..coz my comp is ultra bright lol..i see everything hence, my bitchiness when doing a crit xd

    and GRAH boing! i see ya havent edited the freaking clouds on the mountains >.>...smudge the edges a bit i said XD..ah well...

    the trees and everything looks awesome >.> so don't go say it sucks, it's better than any tree i've seen in other walls

    still the wall is TEH sexay! TEH pyramid XD [/copy and paste from AL] lol

  4. crapmonster Feb 10, 2005

    ahah sweet another wall from you, and man this is one crazy work. all that from scratch??! insane...... ah this is definitely goin in my favs!!

  5. shinta Feb 10, 2005

    Whoooooooooooooooooooo!!! L33t wallpaper! I'm not much of a fan of NGE but this really roxorz! ^__^

  6. FALH Feb 10, 2005

    amazing wall
    love the bg looks so good with the scan ^^

    a very good wall
    of course add to fav ;)

  7. Taurec Feb 10, 2005

    What mushroom have you been eating?? ... . and would you care to share ....
    mmmmmm I see two orange dots ... with a nice mountain behind it.. <g>
    *adjusts brightness ..... falls of chair*

  8. Keltosh Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2005

    This one goes straight to my desktop. You know, I often use your walls. They just rock. Nothing to say on this as well, great atmosphere, great wall, a definite favorite

  9. KorganoS Feb 10, 2005

    Boing you rox my world XD
    Did ya make that all from brushing?? XD wicked stuff.....
    Haven't seen a real good eva wall for a while.... since tate's.... =3
    goes straight to fav and desktop.... nothing to comment on.... it's just that nice... :)

  10. Rex Feb 10, 2005

    Quote by Sir-Boingal0tteh hardest part was imagining wat to do.........and with that.....I also say.....that this wall aint perfect........cuz then again, im only human lol

    human? what joo talking about? joo a doggie! lol

    but this wall.....is like.....wowish
    even tho it's ur first time making those mountains and stuff....it looks nice and fits the wall amazginly well

    *throws boing a treat*


    anyways, love da wall!

  11. jackalx66 Feb 10, 2005

    sir boing xD
    u should go to IRC sometimes :D
    nice details ans superb bg :)
    nothing to critics~
    just fave it xD

    oh yeah, btw
    rex plugs ur wall on the IRC :P
    he wub ur wall so much like i do xD

    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 11, 2005

    Boing when will you add me to your friendlist?!!! >_< cos im missing out on your best walls and yeah i havent been keeping track until i saw this in Shintas userpage!!! anyway the evangelions is wicked awesome with the red eye of hate, bg is beautiful though the crass could be a tinsy winsy bright but as usual your efforts make you one of the best!
    Great job nonetheless man! XD

  13. sammo Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    ::squints real hard:: gahh~ can't see anything >_< but knowing its from you, it must be good

  14. Noctum Feb 14, 2005

    Death and Destruction is also my favourite game (some times, at least). :)
    Man, your buildings look great as always. The mountains seem too edgy and therefore to artificial, though.

    PS: Did you ever think about creating a level for some First Person Shooter? Or at least the textures?
    The buildings in your wallpapers always remind me of FPS-games and I really would like to visit your world like that.

  15. sexandzen Feb 19, 2005

    Crikey... I'm glad I don't have to sell my soul to use this on my desktop, as I'm assuming Sir Boinalot had to do to be able to do what he does.

  16. Angelette Feb 21, 2005

    Boing....... You're craaazy. How do you have such amazing metalwork, if I can call it that. So amazing! And scenery, your first time? lies! It's so amazing!

  17. Daigo Feb 23, 2005

    Damn man, Dark I like it.

  18. Archspectre Mar 01, 2005

    Hey! This is great, the sky looks so cool like your other works. A little brighter and it would be even better. But I still enjoy it! Thanks for contributing another great piece of work to MT!

  19. Id-Weltall Apr 09, 2005

    :angry: eva 1 is the best one besides unit 04. i love it when they go berserk

  20. abozee Apr 26, 2005

    wow great work man foreground and background work great together

  21. DayBreak May 06, 2005

    Ok, thats some crazy skills you've got there...
    I love the mountains, and nice clean scan of Eva.
    I have really nothing to say about this wall but this. excellent.

  22. Asuka-Langley May 24, 2005

    the picture looks really nice but i dont like how dark it is :( , I feel it could have been alot more popular if you made it a little brighter

  23. Modi Jun 19, 2005

    First we set as new background on desktop second we click and make it a new fav third i congragulate jo0 on a awesome wallpaper so...nice!! this is very cool please keep them coming.

  24. twm Jul 13, 2005

    Fine wallpaper of Unit 01, background also very good.
    Good work (Y)

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