Star Ocean Till the End of Time Wallpaper: Star Ocean 3 - Albel Nox

Studio DEEN, tri-Ace, Star Ocean Till the End of Time, Albel Nox Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

-copys and pastes Animepaper post >.>-
yeah who didn't see THIS one coming >.>
well, originally, i was just gonna keep it to myself, but i decided to share it. it isn't perfect, but i don't really care since it was originally just for me XD
it was about 2:30 am when i was doing text, so my brain was dead...thankies to the taters for beating the hell out of it lol. i think the text looks nice now
what can i say about it...ummm...
there were 73 layers x_x
i thought my photoshop was gonna kill me. thats mainly cause of the trees though.
made my own grass brush for this too XD didn't use it much. the concept for the wall changed dramatically from the original. he was just standing on a grassy hill/cliff with a tree...then i made it like the edge of a forest.
looks better that way.
so, comments and critiques are welcome, but i won't be changing anything, unless i think it's a moajor problem.
more sizes and stuff over at http://www.pixelatedgraffiti.tk later on during the week (most likely)

and, don't forget, ALBEL IS MINE AND I OWN HIM!
</end copy-paste>

okay, so this wall is more my style than the previous trendwhore one. i bet this one gets far less favs XD
look tate and nat o_o

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  1. DayBreak Feb 06, 2005

    Hey Kalico-san!
    oh great...more scenic walls >_>
    we need more grunge walls and less scenic T-T
    anyway interseting concerpt....WHOA the person is bad-ass with a katana...
    well lets see here...
    the sky is well done, but on the left side. Its pretty empty.
    and you should of added black feathers! that would be great.
    well anyway, +fav

  2. gamer325 Feb 06, 2005

    sweat wallpaper Arbel is one of the best ppl in the game but that leg showing is a little wierd ^^

  3. boogybro Feb 06, 2005

    Best wall I've seen in awhile. The color, the background, the whole atmoshpere to the wall is.... perfect. Thanks for sharing it, awesome wallpaper.

  4. darkwaterbunny Feb 06, 2005

    ooooo, you did a great job on this wallie! Really, but first thing, thats a guy?!?! Looks like...erm, not gonna say....anyway, I love the effects that you put into this! You can really tell that you put a lot of effort into this! The light looks great and the background is just, wow, breataking. Just need to make the tree a tad bit more into the wallpaper, some parts still look like they are popping out. Great job!! fav!!!!

  5. LiquidNight Feb 06, 2005

    I cant say I like the character in the wall too much, but I really like how you did the rays of the sun and bg is also really nice,
    theres only one problem...the whole gnawing off arms and legs thing in the text along the bottom is kinda creepy...

  6. Celessa Retired Moderator Feb 06, 2005

    Yes - the theme was quite interesting, nonehteless - you did a good job drawing a mysterious scene here. I'm quite impressed. Not too bad - not too shabby. Overall - good job! **Thumbs up** And keep up the great work.

  7. sukie Feb 06, 2005

    i love the colours...this is a great wall...how did you make the hill...i wanted to do something like that on my wall by i just can't...*sign*

  8. NikaNeko Feb 06, 2005

    ooh the scan look evil@.@
    And I love the background<^o^>
    The wallpapers is awesome
    Wee!Nice work:3

  9. NikaNeko Feb 06, 2005

    ooh the scan look evil@.@
    And I love the background<^o^>
    The wallpapers is awesome
    Wee!Nice work:3

  10. KittyCyn Feb 06, 2005

    I like very much the colors!! ^^ Kitty loves the Sepia tones miau! XD
    Also the BG fits really good with the Scan! (Evil Scan hehe XO )
    Ummm...The text is exc also! Good Work! Keep It Up! ;)
    Adding this to my Favs*****
    Thanks for sharing :)
    C U around! ByeBye OX

  11. nat Feb 06, 2005

    O.O Awesome! Great text too. The whole scene really looks like a video game screenshot, so you did a wonderful job composing it ^^ And yesh, no planets so bonus points for that XD Makes me want to play the game too, just to see what all the Albel fuss is about >_>

  12. Aztec Feb 07, 2005

    Real nice work you did with this wall.

  13. Rella Feb 07, 2005

    Really nice scene you made there. The trees look really nice. Oh and the sky looks awesome as well. Nice wallpaper, I like it!

  14. DarkMaiden1369 Feb 07, 2005

    The bg looks kick ass 0__0
    It looks so good *adds to favs*
    You did a great job ^___^

  15. tAtEkAnE Feb 07, 2005

    hail to tatekane for being leet in text! wooo! XD
    and for bitching to kalico on her every wall...tate is cruel -feels awesome- lol
    anyhoo very nice job kalico!!!!!!!!!!

  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 07, 2005

    Reminds me of my own character of the OracleAngel similar to the claw on his left and his right hand with a sword....nice and sexy in a cool way...Nice to see that the bg is awesome with the brightness...Great job mate! XD

  17. Asahi Feb 07, 2005

    no planets .. that is good. i dont like any wps with much of planets -__- they are boring . i like your cncept. the colors. the background and the chara - defenitly a #fav for you =)

  18. Sandra Feb 07, 2005

    wooooooooow ! I was just looking my new favorites and i saw your work ! I stop blinking for a while ! What a background....effects....chara....Favorite ! Great job i just love it !

  19. StarCentury Feb 07, 2005

    That's one creepy scenic wallie, kalicodreamz! ^_^' The dragons on the BG are nice additions and shows some perspective imo! :D The character looks really cool with the claws, my fav part of the wall! Nice work, kail! [+ 2 favs] :)

  20. ioi Feb 08, 2005

    very nice!! the lighting effect is pretty good and very detail background!
    Great work!

  21. KorganoS Feb 09, 2005

    Damn fine one, Kalico O.O
    You deserve another marriage with Albel XD rofl
    Nice light rays, and the trees roxx0rs 8D
    Can't find anything bad except for some odness in the character scan, but overall, this is superb.
    No planets!! XD wahaaaa....

  22. Riva Feb 13, 2005

    Never played Star Ocean 3 before, but I like that character's design. The whole wall is truly awesome, has a professional feel to it, like what the company might put up as wall on their site. Kudos.

  23. Angelette Feb 21, 2005

    !! That's amazing! I really really love the scenery and the lighting. O_O Wow...

  24. yukigen Feb 23, 2005

    Albel is so hot, your wallpaper justifies that, Star Ocean III was a great game :D.

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