Tactics Wallpaper: Ogre Eating Goblin

Sakura Kinoshita, Tactics, Haruka (Tactics) Wallpaper
Sakura Kinoshita Mangaka Tactics Series Haruka (Tactics) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Orge is such a bizarre word. o_O Do I have it spelled wrong? So... anyway XD I've wanted to do a Tactics wall for a looong time (cause I'm a huge fan of the show, and well the manga too I guess). After attempting several walls with wings I gave up and decided to vector this anime style image from the gallery.

I didn't pick out a background until after the vector was done, and even now that I look at it I think his colors may still be a bit too bright for that dark background. What does everyone else think? And I wanted to do a glow so it would look like the moon was shining on him but... does it look cheasy?

The features and crow are from another scan here on MT, although I vector traced them too. The background is a combination of stock photos from photos.com and the trees are a brush from Shinta's Imanimetions. :D

Edit: Well Septillion's comment made me realize the stars in the sky did sort of look like snow. -_- So I added some "twinkle stars" to try to make it look more like a sky with stars. Does it help? Or does it look bad? o_O

Edit 2: Well I fixed the spelling of Ogre so thanks to the people that pointed that out! And I made a few small changes to the moon and stars based on a few comment on here and my own opinions. :D

bishounenwallers vectory

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  1. peachiemint Feb 06, 2005

    orge... lol. spiffy wallie. even though im not much of a dark-ish theme person, i luv the way this one turned out. wonderful work. a faviee for mee. keep it up =^^=

  2. tru-chan Feb 06, 2005

    Meep! This is an awesome dark wallpaper... I had to say that. XD
    and the size of it is sooo small! O_O *pokes size* >_> *runs*
    The moon is fine. XD Ye vectoring is great. ^^ I can't even do that. ROFL!
    Anyway! Great job. ^^

  3. AngieTenshi Feb 06, 2005

    You did a great vector work, and the background is also really good. Very nicely done!

  4. Septillion Feb 06, 2005

    oh i really like the branches in front of the moon like that. and though i think that the background is maybe too dark, you did good on it. the thing that i don't like is the white dots in the sky....are they stars or snow?? sorry if i asked a stupid questiong >.< anyways good work.

  5. LiquidNight Feb 06, 2005

    o_0 Orge?
    I love the bg on the wall and how the crow on his shoulder is solid black (I dont know if you did that or not, but it still looks cool),
    I also really like how you put the tree branches over the moon
    Nice wall!

  6. DayBreak Feb 06, 2005

    ahha....orge eating goblin! RUN! AYIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    haha anyway, i wub the dark night theme....it gives off a dark feeling! which is a good thing!
    well for me sense i like to make grunge walls well anyway.
    the vectoring is also well done, the mist behind him are well made!
    and nice feathers.

  7. rocknroll-isgo Feb 06, 2005

    Great job on the vectoring (so jealous... T_T ) and the BG. I do agree with you though, the image may be a little too bright. The moon is behind him but the glow is coming from below. Anyway, well done --- I like it. ^_^

  8. DeathD13 Feb 06, 2005

    I love it! This wallpaper looks great, the background is so creepy cool looking, and it works well with the character! Great job! :D

  9. dans Feb 06, 2005

    nice job on vectoring and the bg. :D
    the bottom part of the moon looks jagged and the 'snow' star ^_^' looks strange.
    +fav from me.

  10. kenshiro Feb 06, 2005

    nice work on the Background .The feeling of this picture is very good !I like very much !

  11. Athrun Feb 06, 2005

    Wow, nice darkness BG. Suits the scan very well! Great job! *stamps with fav*

  12. raxis Feb 06, 2005

    wuiih!! i really like the background, so dark!! ^^ nice wall!!
    +add to fav+

  13. wintersrain Feb 06, 2005

    Once again excellent wallpaper! I love the colors and i think you did a very nice job, i agree the colors of the the dude might be a bit bright, but it still looks really good! ^^ +fav

  14. Kanvas Feb 06, 2005

    very mysterious wall!!!and it's not cheesy . It looks so good. That would be a 9 out of 10 for me!

  15. zaira Feb 06, 2005

    this one is cool!! i like tactics very much! but never watched it hehhehe
    but anyway!! nice wall the bg looks scary.....the scan is cool! he really looks mysterious hehe..great job! +fav!

  16. Saikusa Retired Moderator Feb 06, 2005

    Ooooh, he's so beautiful!!!
    The dark and moody scene behind him seems to fit his pose perfectly :D

  17. shinorei Feb 06, 2005

    Ooh..I wanted to buy Tactics when I saw the VCD (Video Compact Disc,urm..something like DVD but not as good as DVD) selling in the stores.The characters look cute and now you've confirmed my confused feelings.I HAVE to buy the VCD now! It's looks so nice!Anyway,a-hem,the stars look more like stars now except for some of the unchanged "snow".XD But put it that way,cuz it looks kinda nice.^_^ And don't mind about the "orge eating goblin".I think people will notice the guy more than the words.He looks totally cool! ^_^ +fav for me!

  18. bucket-shot Feb 06, 2005

    Ahh.. XD Sorry - I'll comment properly when I'm not dead tired. Uhm.. just to let you know, yeah. ^_^' You've spelled ogre wrong. The g comes before the r...

  19. Midori-chan Feb 06, 2005

    XD that is so cool!!!!
    and he is from the dark side too! my fav!!
    the scenery at the back rox!!
    great combination between the image and the bg! nice colors too!
    this wall is absolutely my fav!! :nya:

  20. Rella Feb 06, 2005

    Ooh, the guy is so hot! XD I love the darkness of this wallpaper, very nice.

  21. darkwaterbunny Feb 06, 2005

    Wow!!! I really <3 this wallie, its from the DARK side ^o^. It looks so great and the effects that you used really adds to the overall feel. Not to mention the guy ^_~. I love the effects that you used on the moon and the sky. The black feathers look really cool too, only thing is that the little pretty twinkily star on the top right of his shoulder really break the overall mood of the wallie, they are too pretty *is that possible??*. But anyway, great job with this wallie!! fav from me ^_~

  22. Kinkosami Feb 07, 2005

    I really like all the fog, and the trees are cool too. I love the feathers. :)

    i think that the image is a little to bright for the dark background, like you said.

    i really like your font, too. ^_^

    The stars kinda look like snow still, but that might only be because you said they might. The thought is stuck in my head or something... they look nice though.

    Nice work! I like this wall. Keep up the good work!


  23. cygnus Feb 07, 2005

    Haruka IS mysterious XD matched bg, and good vector, rare to find good bishounen walls around here...^^ good job Myrrh...

  24. hoihoi Feb 07, 2005

    ooooooooooh.... this is soo cool.... i love tactics...
    arigatou myrrhLynn-san!!!!
    +fav ne...

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