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Well... another PoT fanart. :) Whoops. This was an experiment in varying line thickness while inking (drawn with a 0.3 fineliner on white paper)... though you can't see most of it because I forgot he had black hair and ended up filling it in on Photoshop. >_<

Kirihara Akaya, vampire/youkai-style. Something like that. ^_^' I drew it after watching that chibi episode where he turns into that purple imp when Echizen and Momoko mess up the place (and charges, "kaiaiaiaiaiai--" no less than thrice..).

'Blood Omen'... I don't know if it's the title of a game or what, but it was the name of a font I came across when searching for one to use (ended up using 'bobcat'). :nya:

Hm.. he has droopy eyes like Saiyuki's Sanzo... whoops.
Currently addicted to Akutagawa Jirou's 'Against Wind' </randomness>. XD

[edit] plain b+w lineart can be found [here (size: 56kb)].

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  1. Sigourney Feb 05, 2005

    Wai~! Akaya-chan~! (don't know why I sometimes almost end up typing Ayaka-chan xd...) I like his eye and vampire teeth... hehe... lines are also really good... only one thing bothers me... the ear... ugh... again don't know how to say it... the down-side should be more curved? efff... propably noone will know what I'm talking about... but anyway... nice... really nice... I like it x3~...

    [edit]I was wondering whether I'll be first to comment... and I am~! te hihi X3... [/edit]

    [edit2]Decided to add to favs X3... because couldn't get it out of my head~... and thanks for the link to b&w lineart... will print and hang in my locker in school XD...[/edit2]

  2. charaznableamurorei Feb 05, 2005

    I love his grin, bucket-shot-friend. Hmm... 'tis a strange mix of Amano/Vampire: The Masquerade/Prince of Tennis... that combination is *extremely* potent. ^^ Fav. (and thus ends one of my shortest posts in MT. ^^)

    Edit: And your artwork scores 1 for Yomiko against Boredom, BTW. ^^

  3. Fuji-Syusuke Feb 05, 2005

    Wow, nice drawing of Kirihara, i like the way when your drew it in a vampire style, like his evil grin, suits his personality. XD :D

  4. Rashi Feb 05, 2005

    awww, I really like that drawing very much, I guess if PoT would have been a fantasy anime kirihara certainly would have been a vampire!

  5. ahmadmz Feb 05, 2005

    wow! very nice drawing :D i like his evil grin and look hehe

  6. Aa-chan Feb 05, 2005

    He has a very mischievous look about him and it makes it quite intruiging. Nice work ^___^ .

  7. Emi Feb 05, 2005

    I thinka is a realy nice draw :). :) I like it :)
    He's eveil to the bone :P.
    Take care and a lot of good drawers :)

  8. evasion Feb 05, 2005

    Cool expression and clean lineart - nice work! ^_^

  9. Sugasuga Feb 05, 2005

    ooooo, kool drawing, bucky :D certainly an evil dude, lol. and nice eye color too ^_^ good work and keep it up :D

  10. Nemontine89 Feb 05, 2005

    Woah, smooth inking :)
    I like the whole b&w with the red.
    Maybe you should add some blood around his teeth if he's sorta vampiric :D

  11. meteorcloud Feb 05, 2005

    ....O_o...he looks scary >_>......*runs away*
    you draw scary guys T_T........
    nice drawing buck =)
    next time something cuter pls xD~!!!!
    keep the works~!

  12. Mordin Feb 05, 2005

    lol, just love that Kirihara cocky grin. Good job bucket, you got the devish eyes and that thrist for blood look pefectly, it fits the bill on Kirihara. He isn't one of my favorite characters, but he has reformed, so I can at leat accept him. :)

  13. Shaka Feb 06, 2005

    Hey is a very nice draw :nya: the hair looks quite fnice and the red blood eye is cool, other good draw of your part. ;)

  14. Frosty Feb 06, 2005

    kind of creep-ish looking in a way but looke pretty good. ^^
    nice work^^ looks cool. ^^

  15. riku-chan Feb 06, 2005

    Kya~!^_^ I remember that episode, it was one of my most favourite chibis.. got to love kirihara went he goes devil mode! So Kawaii!! Keep making more of these yummy PoT fanarts ne~

  16. Evanrued Feb 06, 2005

    This is really really good! I love the hair, it gives the character much feel and depth. You are getting better. I especially love the eyes. Cant wait to see more.

  17. shinorei Feb 06, 2005

    Nahh..he doesn't look like Genjo Sanzo ( I mean his eyes ).Actually he looks better than Sanzo.Much.Much.Better.XD And really good doujin.I love how you "experimented" on him. It has very very good effects. Thanks for sharing Mr.Bucket!

  18. Tantaga Feb 06, 2005

    I find the sharp contrast of black and white and the dash of red to have a very nice aestic and visual appeal. It just looks damn good for some reason XD . He reminds me of Alucard from Hellsing ... or at least the grin does. He's a very menancing looking guy indeed. Poofy ... yet sharp hair tis interesting :) . The black and white art is also nice in it's own right .. mmm ... this art is yummy XD .

  19. syivese Feb 07, 2005

    o.O scary kirihara-kun.. It reminds me of the chini pix of him @ the end of the match with fuji. ^^ Once again, great work, bucky! -hugz-

  20. thelunarmage Feb 07, 2005

    Whoa! Brilliant drawing Bucky! The devilish tooth is very nice and the lines are so sharp and clean. The use of only black and white is awesome and the red eye really contrasts the colour scheme excellently. Great work. :D

  21. MyrrhLynn Feb 07, 2005

    Hehe, I'm faving this just cause he looks soo cool! (and soo evil XD ) Nice work, you really are a great artist! :D *feels envy* XD

  22. murderonprimetime Feb 09, 2005

    ooooo i think he looks awesome! VERY sexy! but then again i love vampires! it's very well drawn! NICE JOB! XD

    oh and excuse my ever so late comment--- i've been so busy lately! gomen!

  23. walkure245 Feb 10, 2005

    Scary~ Not a big fan of Kirihara's but this really matches his personality perfectly. I like the simplicity and how you only colored his eye red. Linework is awesome too. Nice~

  24. thrillafry Feb 10, 2005

    i like it it is very nicely drawn it is cool and good keep it up man :) :) :)

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