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Kou Yaginuma, Group TAC, Twin Spica, Lion-san, Asumi Kamogawa Wallpaper
Kou Yaginuma Mangaka Group TAC Studio Twin Spica Series Lion-san Character Asumi Kamogawa Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

okay, its been a long while since I made a wallie due to all the school work and jobs and what nots. XP so I went all out and really work on this one... XD

I just finish watching this wonderful anime series "twin spica" and was looking for some wallie or image for it and all I found was.. nothing notta zero... well almost none *tama also make somethinf for this anime* XP so yea, I decide to try to make something for this one. XD

the thing with this anime is that is almost impossible to found an image usable for walling so i took a snap shot of one of the eps, and make it bigger, cg it... *and what a pain that was!!!! X_X got the snap shot size of 640x480 and I re-size it take the image to this size and do a good big amount of resructure it... XP

overall the image part alone took me over 100 layers... did the cg the long way... *with the brush tool on PS7 * XP because I'm still having a ton of problem with adobe illustrator.. XP

the bg took about 20+ layers ... not too much work. ^^ *btw bg is also from snap shos* lol... anyways, hope u guys like it. ^^

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  1. bucket-shot Feb 04, 2005

    Ahh~ you crazy guy. ^_^' Re-cging screenshots is silly. *nods* <lol> Still! Not bad. :) Though you can tell where you haven't coloured... though that's probably just my monitor being really sensitive. *shoots it* Guh! That screencap is Cuteness. XD

    Anyways! :) This is one of those walls I end up looking at for a long time, because I don't know what to make of it. Cute (like the characters)? Romantic (like the fireworks and fluff bubbles)? Elegant (like the text)? Ahh~ I have no idea what the anime's about, so that doesn't help. ^_^' Anyways! Definitely a sweet atmosphere. I'd try maybe applying different blending modes to the sparkles/fluff bubbles/leaves, though. Just to get them to integrate a bit more. ;)

  2. inochikyo Feb 04, 2005

    I dont have much to say...Ive never seen this series but it's a cute wall...
    good job^^

  3. Sugasuga Feb 04, 2005

    nutty is a liar, im not the first reviewer, damn u. anyway, finally finish loading the thumbnail, now i can review, lol. um, i have to say the bubbles look rather odd, looks like planets instead X_x other than that, the background work is good. and the character next to the girl looks odd, lol. wat is that? *ahem* thats all i have to say, good job and keep it up ^_^

  4. Devilet Feb 04, 2005

    You re-cged it? O.o omg... that's awesome!
    hmm, some things look weird though >.< like the little brush of leaves.. and the bubbles, but overall I'd say your CG is really great work from you ^__^ keep it up!

  5. peachiemint Feb 04, 2005

    yay! grandpa frosty is back!! woot woot! pretty wallie!! is dat a bear head or a lion head? i want one of those. tee hee. wonderful job, grandpa. a faviee for mee. keep it up =^^=

  6. evasion Feb 04, 2005

    ooooo, very cool! seems like a little bit of a departure from your typical style - but i like it lots ^_^ nice job with the cg :)

  7. Aa-chan Feb 04, 2005

    I love it XD .
    Just jumped out at me from the thumb and I had to see what it was all about. Nice picture :) .

  8. Fantasia Feb 04, 2005

    I love this scene,XD~remind of my childhood
    the bg is awesome,I love how you did the firework
    and the bubbles make it more wonderful,very good idea
    nice wall~sure to fav,XD

  9. DarkCrimson Feb 04, 2005

    Oh my it looks so cute hehe.Nice Wallie from you Frosty.The Bg looks also very cool.Never seen the Anime.What is it?I add it to my Favorites :D.Great Work

  10. meteorcloud Feb 04, 2005

    yikes Grapms made a new wallpaper XD~!!!!
    nice one fros =D
    It's cute =) but the firework looks pixelated >_>.......
    hmz...nice altough =)

  11. chisana Feb 04, 2005

    Nice wallie!Oh,I see,you worked very hard on it...to make a wallie from a screencap...that's amazing! :)You did a great job on it,and the scene is cute...that lion-headed someone :)
    Oh well,I like it,nice effects you used here.
    Keep up the good work!^_^

  12. ayanechan Feb 04, 2005

    i watched part of this series as well!! XD it's really interesting IMHO ^_^x really nice wallie... :3 gambatte masu ^_^

  13. KorganoS Feb 04, 2005

    Yo Frosty-kun :)
    It's really a cute wallpaper :D now, i'm getting curious to watch it.... rofl...
    mm... the background image looks a bit pixellated because of the resize, and imo, you should vector the whole character rather than re-cg-ing it,... because vectors won't show as much artifacts even with maximum compression... ;)
    anyways.... this is so cute,... I love the overall concept... keep it up!

  14. Midori-chan Feb 04, 2005

    wow! this wall is so cute!!
    hmm..gotta find this anime series soon^^ it looks interesting and nice!
    cool bg effect^^
    my fav for sure

  15. Athrun Feb 04, 2005

    Whoo! A wallpaper from Frosty! Yus! The wallpaper looks great! I know what you mean on the re-CGing part, it's so annoying and exhausting! XP But anyway! boop! *push fav button here*

  16. DojiHiko Feb 04, 2005

    re CGed it. That's a whole lot of work.. especially through photoshop. I'm doing that rihgt now and it's taking foreverr. Nice wallpaper, I like the application of your personal touch of using actualy pics you took yourselfc.

  17. DojiHiko Feb 04, 2005

    oops, double posted..................

  18. raxis Feb 04, 2005

    mmm nice wall but don't know the series ^^
    n the bg is really good!!
    +add to fav+

  19. DarkVirus Feb 04, 2005

    a cute girl and a guy in a loin mask...
    what a weird couple...

    it is really nice and u did a good job on it...

    add to favs+

  20. bandgirl Feb 04, 2005

    WOW, 100 layers O.O? You definitely went all out Frosty-kun :D. And it shows. This wall is awesome! ^^

    The bg is incredible. I love the fireworks :). And the little effects you added really make it look nice. That's amazing what you did with a screen shot! It looks so much like a scan :D.

    Very, very nice job Frosty-kun. It's a definite fav for me. I hope you get some R&R time soon :). I know how exhausting school can be OX

  21. slivermoon Feb 05, 2005

    neat wally
    i like those bubbles and the fireworks are nice too
    but why is that kid wearing a lion mask??

  22. AvroArrow Feb 05, 2005

    Woohoo!!! Finally, somebody did a wallpaper for Twin Spica. Lion-san looks like his usual head-scratching self... you could almost hear the "chibi-chan..." :) Looks nice, especially considering that good Twin Spica images are hard to find like you said. Nice touch with his homemade rocket ship in the background.

  23. chibi-lizard Feb 05, 2005

    ~kyaaa~ a wallie from frostie-san ! :D
    ~hee~ looks very cute !! and you did great in re-cging the whole thing. though it's not vector, but you did great :D

  24. Inu000 Feb 05, 2005

    kawaiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! awesome new wall Frosty! luv the fireworks and the orange lil transparent bubbles ^.^ mind telling me what anime this is? u have peaked my interest ^.~ great job and keep it up!! XD

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