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Shimon Tomomimi Wallpaper
Shimon Tomomimi Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well another one to break the gothic line, he,he...
I hope you like this wall took me lot of time to do that, because I had to fix the character so much to improve the quality to make a descent wall...

I always try to tell a story with my walls...
In this case is the life power opening its way tru the creation process into the exsitence with a little help of an Angel...
Or something like that, he,he...

Well then, I hope you like it ...

The scan used in this wall is not mine.
The scan used in this wall is copyright of respective authors...
The Stocked Images used in this wall came from public web sites.
The authors of the images allow the use for creative propouses but if you consider to use those images for comercial propouses you need the proper authors authorization.

Well see ya, and thanks for your comments in my previous works...

Like always sorry for my bad english, he,he...


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Browse Shimon Tomomimi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Jinpun Feb 04, 2005

    Your English is fine to start out with.

    The wall is beautiful. I like her outfit O.O. The background looks really amazing, can tell it took alotta effort. Nice work!

  2. Leaf Feb 04, 2005

    ooooo! *__* I like your wall. ^^ Ish very green and all the colors go together well. ^^ Good job on it! =D Keep the wallers comin! XD

  3. DayBreak Feb 04, 2005

    That is one beauitful made wall...
    It has a dark feeling from it....Reaching for a soul.....Finding the meaning of Life
    heeh, i really like the wall!
    The grass, and the trees fits into this feeling.

  4. goosebumps Banned Member Feb 04, 2005

    This wall is very well made.
    It's beautiful and mysterious. The background's a little messy but it's still pretty though. Very nice job. ^____^

  5. Aztec Feb 04, 2005

    Excellent work alpha.
    I like the background a lot.
    The angel is very cute.

  6. Larghaz Feb 04, 2005

    Even more Goth feeling wallpaper goodness. Like the rest it's a beauty. Keep them coming.

  7. randomspace Feb 04, 2005

    Goth or not i wouldn't know, but i think it's quite beautiful a new favorite. I thinkit's a wonderfully concieved wallpaper.

  8. XionTouch Feb 04, 2005

    wow... amazing efects with that power ball or w/e it is, its quite beautiful - the scan is kinda pale, but you did a great job; congrats.

  9. DarkMaiden1369 Feb 04, 2005

    *has a look of amazement on her face* Thats soo cool, I really like it the scan you used is great and the bg is amazing^^ You did a great job *adds to favs*

  10. Amaranth Feb 04, 2005

    that is sooo pretty
    I luv the glow from the ball
    bad english...your english is great....better than mine XD
    and the background effect you did behind the tree is soo coool
    sorta like clouds...but not light n fluffy...looks real nice with the rest of the wall

  11. triofpwr Feb 04, 2005

    wow this is a great wall i'm going to add this to my favs keep up the great work this wall is great as i said before

  12. seiryumiko Feb 04, 2005

    that is gorgeous, i love the foresty feel to it (those trees look a little eery too), and it so matches the image you used, and the soft glow is very nice.

  13. itsDchlorine Feb 04, 2005

    wow, very nice work alpha ^^ i love the way u made the grass and the orb is also pretty cool, everythign about the wall is great, but there is a part that needs to be fixed, its the wing that right behidn her head, you can see a really bold balck outline, but its just a minor problem i didnt notice at first, awesome job ^^

  14. Dccafdf Feb 04, 2005

    Wow! I'd say you definately did a good job. The wallpaper looks great all around! Good job Alpha, keep it up! Favorited. ^__^

  15. Zefie Feb 04, 2005

    oh wow ! it's totally amazing :D so beautiful and mysterious wallpaper ^_^ i like that background, it's so pretty and there is something special in it but i don't know what it is :) and that green colour is nice ! magnificent work alpha ^_^

  16. meteorcloud Feb 04, 2005

    Great wallpaper alpha~!!!!
    I really like your wallpaper =) , especially the fog =) , the scan looks great =)
    nice concept =) it's mysterious like you xD~!!!!
    hmz..only the grass around the light has a bit pixelated effect =)
    nice work ^^

  17. Norimune Feb 04, 2005

    mucha gente escribió ya, así que no hay mucho más que agregar, exceptyo que es un hermoso wallpaper y que por eso se acomoda perfectamente a todos los demás que conforman tu colección :)

  18. irix Feb 04, 2005

    well, that usual... no!!! this is a great change my friend i like a lot that you made with these wall!, i like how do u use the effects to reflect all this beautiful wall! yah! amazing work for me!!! ^^

  19. OneWingTenshi Feb 04, 2005

    It took you lot of time on this wall...??? I see...well it is a great work...I don't think you waste any of your valuble time on this piece...story...ahhh...I see...this is another great way to communicate...a picture worths a a thousand words...I beleive there is a deeper meaning in this wall...life stream or force...who knows...?? Well...since you are the creator of the wall...you know the true meaning behind it...anyhow...definitely a FAV...the angel goes well witht he ghostly scene...although it is very gothic...!!

    You English is fine...mine is horrible...I thought I am the only one with poor English...!! ^_^'

  20. DREAM Feb 04, 2005

    first off your english is quite good, Alpha.

    second- how do you consistently keep coming up with such excellent backgrounds?

    the bg is simply amazing it conveys a slightly dark and gothic tone as i assume your intention was..


    great wall, Alpha

  21. AnimexXxHolic009 Feb 04, 2005

    wah! XD
    soo coooooool!
    me love it!
    alpha english is fine O.O
    fav for me!
    okey! bye bye!

  22. animeblackrose Feb 04, 2005

    I agree with ever one else, Your english is fine. As for you picture you never cease to amsze me. I have nothin but love for your art work. All you put out is fine art. As alaways time well spent. Side note as an American I have heard Americans with a lot worse english. Like I said yours is fine.

  23. Rella Feb 04, 2005

    Great colors and the scan's so pretty too. I love the crystal ball thingy too, very pretty.

  24. ange-argente Feb 05, 2005

    Wow. this is a great wall. I've seen the image many times, and your wall is one of the best I've seen yet. There definitely is a story behind it .

    i love the bg you chose and I like how you darkened the image. The colors work really well together, and you did a great job blending the image with the bg. I love it!

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