Ah! Megami-sama Wallpaper: Uptown Girl

Kousuke Fujishima, Anime International Company, Ah! Megami-sama, Belldandy Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The new TV serie of AMG brings a fresh breath to the artworks. :] I really like how the character design matches Fujishima's recent drawings (ahah looking back at 1st volume of AMG... oogley XD).

I decided to go with this picture of Belldandy ( http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/83033/ ). I always see wallpapers of her in her goddess outfit so I thought I could actually go with a theme more original than *heaven* with that pic but... eh, I ended up with something pretty common in the end. ^^;

What makes it "original" is the 100% vector stylish work. Both the character and the background were done in Illustrator. It was a chance to change the colors of her jacket too. I think the original picture is dull in terms of color. I wanted it to be more contrasted and colorful. I think I went nut in the process because I didn't know if the bg would do it or not. XD In the end, I'm very satisfied of the result. I hope you'll like it too.

[small edit: removed some little white dots in her jacket area >-<]
Update from 02.04.05: when you think everything is perfect it is never! i retouched some clouds shape, one of the bird and the angle of some foam on the sea. XD
More resolutions available at http://gallery.driftingheart.net

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  1. DayBreak Feb 03, 2005

    belldandy! AMG TV!
    The vectoring! its beauitfully well done!
    the smile on belldandy gives off a smooth feeling XP
    not to mention, the ocean! and the sky!
    I like those vectored feathers XP
    very beauitful...FAV

  2. Nuriko Retired Moderator Feb 03, 2005

    This is one of the most beautiful walls I have ever seen. It is clean, it is wonderfully composed, and I have to fav it.

  3. meteorcloud Feb 03, 2005

    Great work !!!
    the wallpaper is so nice =)
    the vector work is great

  4. tru-chan Feb 03, 2005

    Most vector wallpapers scare me. X_X
    This one is like not scary. XD!
    When I viewed this the wallpaper like told me to download it. "I demand you to download me at once! now!" Meep! I did and after a second viewing it, me made it me destop wallpaper. Muahahahaha!
    This is really awesome, and tis not scary. It gives me a calm, soothing, inspiration feeling. =3
    Great work! ^_^

  5. Nona Feb 03, 2005

    woooaaa. Belldandy kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Saikusa Retired Moderator Feb 03, 2005

    *BIG TIME envy!!!!*

    i can't wait to see the new series!!!! And if that is a scan from it, then I just know I'm not gonna be disappointed! That's beautiful! Full of colour, energy & character... that's Belldandy through and through!

    Oh thank you sooooo much for sharing that with us! Eeeee... I'm all excited now! :D

  7. Asahi Feb 03, 2005

    looks after many work .. and very perfect without any faults in it. its a fav for you ~ like all of your wp vector concept ! =)

  8. jasmine Retired Moderator Feb 03, 2005

    Hi Sandy-chan ^^
    Great work on this wall :] a definite fav! I really like what you did with the character :] how you switched the colors of her clothes etc. also the vector style is perfect for this scenic wall.
    Btw I have edited my scan to provide direct link to your wall, hope you do not mind >.< ne?

  9. Aurore Feb 03, 2005

    Wow Sandy! Encore un magnifique fond d'écran!
    Great work for the vectoring, very clean!
    Go to my fav ^^

  10. LavaBug Feb 03, 2005

    i´m usually not a fan of that vectoring stuff (maybe since i dont know anything about it...)
    but i like the way you gave the originalscan a new flavour :P
    (also you´re right about too many heaven-themed wp´s being aroung)
    very well done ...

  11. AOforever1 Feb 03, 2005

    The pose may be simple, but very appealing and feathers floating down from the sky are perfect! Small city in the background... your piece flows very well.

    Good job!

  12. Cajime Feb 03, 2005

    This is such a great peice, simple, stylish, and very effective. Great wall, definatly a favorite!

  13. akuma2002 Feb 03, 2005

    Really a wonderful wallpaper, this is like a painting of a true goddess :d
    i really love it, good job ! :D

  14. Rella Feb 03, 2005

    Oh pretty! I love the picture and the background, so original-looking! Well done!!

  15. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 03, 2005

    OMG sandy you overdid yourself *_* pure beauty
    love the colors and the of course gooorgeous scan and the clouds and the buildings and ;__;
    sugoi, my new desktop

  16. cam123 Feb 03, 2005

    NIce, simple and Fun, it have everithing :)
    Great work XD

  17. Zumi Feb 03, 2005

    nice wallpaper.i like the colors of the back ground.
    good job , keep it up..............

  18. ultimaslair Feb 04, 2005

    Very nice! I like the simplistic shapes and feel to it. It's very elegant, and very cool. Love the clouds...and uptown girl. hehe XD

  19. Kuragari Feb 04, 2005

    That's a pretty well done vector you got there. Background looks awesome with it too, great stuff, keep it up. :D

  20. Rex Feb 04, 2005


    this is amazing sandy
    love the colours you've used

    and the clouds, omg, they r so cute! lol

  21. exentric Feb 04, 2005

    that is one very nice wallpaper o_o
    i really like the vector work.
    its just... amazing... XD
    very good work~ ^_^

  22. rythem Feb 04, 2005

    this is really niice~~looks so soft n soothing~~XD
    never watched AMG,but the girl named belldandy here is very kyuute >.<
    u did a really nice work here sandy ^^
    i love how u put the colours n also the nice cheerful bg XD
    made my day~~a fav? of course~~^__^

  23. biriwilg Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2005

    Sandy...If I didn't love you so much I'd be majorly pissed right now. XD Would you believe that I'm working on the exact same vector? I must say though, yours turned out far more beautiful than I could have done. ^^ Superb composition! The all-vector bg is simply spotless, and I love it. Good job!

  24. ayanechan Feb 04, 2005

    a great pice of artwork :3 *claps* XD great job on the whole vector!!! XD nice-ness!!! she looks really sweet and hot o.O nihaha~ :P sandy-chan sugoii!!!

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