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Well! XD I was debating whether to put this in scans or doujinshi for a while. So decided to pounce while the choice was made easy, so to speak. Without further ado, I present Kai (gehh.. i totally love that name), the token loner, leaning against a random hotel room wall with his arms crossed and eyes closed. As you do.

I was going through my old tapes from the morning cartoons, and this was the only frame worth saving on one of them. XP So I sat down and inked it onto paper. Scanned it, then coloured with the pen tool in Photoshop. ^_^' Which took a while, 'cuz I hadn't touched said tool before at that point.

Still, it's not a vector (i'm so uncool.. :sweat:) because I haven't learned how to do those yet.

In any case, the question now is: should I move it to scans when the option becomes available? :nya: Feel free to use it (if you want) anyways.

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  1. belmikry Retired Moderator Feb 03, 2005

    oh wow bucky ^_^ I love this ^_^ I say doujinshi, cause you made it ;) but it's really up to you ^_^

    great colouring job too- i hope one day I can do that ;)

    *favs ^_^ go digging for some more >_<

  2. DayBreak Feb 03, 2005

    Hey bucket-san XP
    thats a pretty good Douiji!
    Kei is my fav character in beyblades,but...i dont watch the show anymore lol.
    P.S: Kei is Badass

  3. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Feb 03, 2005

    >o< i love u!!!*big hug to Bucket*Kai is amazing,his cold heart/loner guy attitude is simple amazing,is my favorite character from Beyblade(also i like Ray but in first place is Kai with Dranzer).

    You made and awesome job with the coloring and of course the draw,like bel says,is a doujinshi,you made it ^^.

    i was thinking on a Kai wall,now i think more about it . Thanx for sharing

  4. Shaka Feb 03, 2005

    Well I think what , this looks like a doujinshi , :nerd: but if you scan this you can put it how a scan why not :hmpf: , but as be you made a nice work as allways, see ya later my friend. ;)

  5. Aa-chan Feb 03, 2005

    That's such an impressive doujin ^^ .
    Nice shading and the hair rocks.
    Well done ^____^ .

  6. Mordin Feb 03, 2005

    Hey nice coloring work, I think you should put that into the scan section. good job. :)

  7. Frosty Feb 03, 2005

    rofl... so bucky loves to sit in front of the tv and watch sat morning carttons... lol. XD
    btw... like the cg artwork, but cant agree too mch with the anime... :hmpf:
    good coloring and nice cg on this one. ^^
    good work. ^^ sorry bucky, I would fav it but its .. beyblade .. ugh.. lol.

  8. Evanrued Feb 03, 2005

    This looks really awesome! I love how you colored it, it looks so animated to me. You are really getting better. Keep up the good work!

  9. Paolo Feb 03, 2005

    cool drawing of kai. ;)

  10. einna Feb 03, 2005

    Impressive work! This is just amazing! I love the vivid and well-balanced colors. I think that's all I wanna say..XD

  11. Oshii-Rion Feb 03, 2005

    Wow! Cool! I like Your doujinshi! I love Kai (my fav chara from all anime :D ) Sexy! XD Good Job!

  12. meteorcloud Feb 03, 2005

    yikes bucky XD~!!!!
    beyblade xD~!!!! you like to watch that in the morning xd?????? LOL XD
    a well nice one ^^
    keep the works =D

  13. calisqo Feb 03, 2005

    Although it's not vectored it still look nice ^^.
    i think u did a great job on making it.
    The coloring is great,

    Awesome work ^^

  14. Nemontine89 Feb 03, 2005

    Don't worry, I am uncool too, don't know how to do vectors either -_-

    Anywho, good simple coloring and shading, matches the show very well.
    Nice piece :)

  15. thelunarmage Feb 03, 2005

    Excellent work Bucky! Looks super professional like an artist from the actual anime drew it. :) I think it should stay in Doujinshi since you drew it. XD

  16. shirahana Feb 04, 2005

    Ah, cool ^-^; The image is so large ^^; Maybe you could resize it so it'd be easier to look at ^-^; It'll reduce some of the sharp lines, too ^-^;

    Keep up the good work :D

  17. studio Feb 04, 2005

    O bucket, i didn't know you did Doujinshi~ ^_^' ishh I'm so sillee!
    Yeah, its very prettee, but I never watched the morning TVee programs after Cardcaptors stopped so beyblades... ^_^ I like his arm; its muscular *lmaoz* Nice colouring too.

    You changed your avatar~ oh~! :D

  18. toujin1 Feb 04, 2005

    ooh hes cute! i love how perfect he came out..his face is striking and the colors are simple enough to fit the piccy. i love the lines!

  19. Athrun Feb 04, 2005

    Hey, that's pretty good! It looks like a professional's work! Not a big fan of Beyblade, though. :P

  20. randomspace Feb 04, 2005

    what a odd show...
    thats pretty cool good stuff bucket wonder.
    You might as well put it into scans, but i doubt it matters either way.

  21. shinorei Feb 04, 2005

    Oh wow Mr.Bucket.Never seen a pic of Beyblade so long until you submitted this. o_0 Ooh..it's a very large picture.One look at the size and I cancelled the idea of loading it.It'll make my computer laggier. ~_~ Anyway,nice nice doujin.Very interesting picture of Kai.Love the name too.;)

  22. Tantaga Feb 06, 2005

    My little sister sometimes watches that in the morning ... as for me, I just do other things. I do think you do a great job depicting the character ... it looks as of it could be a cel in the actual animation. I'm not quite sure if it belongs in the scans ... seeing as you drew it, but seeing as you did draw it I guess you could also decide to put it in that section XD .

  23. walkure245 Feb 07, 2005

    This is really good especially with pentool. You know my pain. *huggles* This is really well done and I love the nice sharp shades and colors that you used. Nice work~

  24. murderonprimetime Feb 09, 2005

    Sorry it took so long to comment! I've been VERY VERY VERY VERY busy! But i love the work! NICE JOB! it's an awesome picture! Sorry again for not commetning sooner@

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