Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: ::destined for eternity::

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Cagalli Yula Athha, Athrun Zala Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

made this wallie straight after my exams. it's just that i took almost a week to complete it. x_x probably the longest i've ever took to make a wallie.

anyway, scan is taken from somebody here in minitokyo. i can't remember who it is and the gallery is down. so i can't see those thumbnails OX i'll credit you after everything is running properly.

around 90 layers. re-cg part of athrun's arm which is partially covered by lacus in the original scan. and his hair too which has text all over them T_T this wallie almost drive me nuts cause i can't seem to make it right the way i wanted it x_x thankies to frostie-san for staying crazie with me XD

made this wallie cause after i watched ep 15 of destiny, i have to do something definitely. and athrun x cagalli forever !!! :D

music : gundam seed destiny - mika arisaka - life goes on & toki no sabaku

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  1. DayBreak Feb 01, 2005

    you have largely IMPROVED!
    the landscapes/mountains are well made!
    and the grassy hill is great....
    im afraid that your ganno own me in walls now >_< *crys*

  2. amyamy Feb 01, 2005

    Oooooohhh .... ahh... looks great :D
    nice background , somewhat matches pretty good :P
    great work!!!

  3. vorlon Feb 01, 2005

    very beautiful... Great job with the bg, it looks amazing!
    The scan also is really clean and blends very well with everything else..
    Great job on this one!

  4. Criox Feb 01, 2005

    Well it is nice! I like the BG! ^__^ I think the time spend is worth it! Keep up!

  5. gundragon Feb 01, 2005

    :( Let see if I could put it in the right word :)
    This is a hard one my friend :)
    It show that there are really a happy ending in life.
    Caught in happness of love between each other :)
    The BG is very peaceful kinda like make in heaven.
    I hope you feel better :)
    Don't make fun of me I'm not that good with words

  6. peachiemint Feb 01, 2005

    aww... how pretty. i would wanna get married on a place like dat. cagalli is soo luckie to be married at a place like dat and to da kyute and hot guy nontheless. anyhoo, great wallie. keep it up =^^=

  7. white-zero Feb 01, 2005

    woah. Massive improvement, Liz.

    You did a great job in evry aspect of this wall. Awesome stuff.

  8. tecnophreak Feb 01, 2005

    now THAT is what i call sceneric. you raise the bar for others dude, great job! +fav .

  9. Jinpun Feb 01, 2005

    Gah I need to see SEED so badly... Oh well, at least I'll have something to look forward to when I watch.

    Nice work!

  10. DarkEVO Feb 01, 2005

    This is a very good wallpaper from you chibi.
    Very nicely done.
    Gundam Seed even.

  11. Blazthunder Feb 01, 2005

    Nice background, you have made it into a great wallpaper ,
    I'm curious if they really getting married :P
    Great work

  12. MadWiz Feb 01, 2005

    o.O the bg is very nice~ peaceful and all!
    this is really a good place to get married and all =p

  13. bodo1234 Feb 01, 2005

    Waaa...... Great Wallie!! Really like this :) The background is absolutely fantastic! ;) n Athrun n Cagalli Forever !!! haha Thanx chibi-lizard ! Luck to ur exam :D

  14. Athrun Feb 01, 2005

    Very nice! Love that BG. Teno said the same thing about Athrun's arm, lol. This wallpaper's awesome, and it looks like your hard work payed off. =D

    Athrun x Cagalli forever. Yuuna x Cagalli is just a joke to piss off fans. It has to be! But anyway...

    * adds to fav

  15. Axer Feb 01, 2005

    it is looked very lovely
    good job!

  16. KorganoS Feb 01, 2005

    Wahhhh Lizzieee.... XD
    this is absolutely beautiful..... :d
    i always loved that marriage scan of the couples, and yet I've just seen one of the most beautiful wall of it ....
    excellent job with all,.... my only concern would be Asuran's hand that seems a bit skinny after the re-cg, lol ^_^' but that's minor... the quality of the bg makes up to it...
    looking forward to another magnificent work from you, lil' cute cicak ;)

  17. meteorcloud Feb 01, 2005

    yikes the chibi-lizard is still alive xD!!!!!!
    long time no see...got busy...a well.....
    nice wallpaper ^^ Gseed D =D!!!!
    jeez.....nice grass field =D..(mayb a few darkgreen grass sprites would be better=/)
    nice scan and cute rabbits ^^ the bg looks great =) cool mountains =)
    (btw...I don't really like the seed D 2nd ending xD the opening is better XD!!!)

  18. StarCentury Feb 01, 2005

    Lizzy's back! Yay! XD And surprise surprise, another one of your awesome Gundam Seed wallies! ^_^' Athrun and Cagali look so cute as a married couple, so to speak! The scenic BG looks great with the chapel on the left side, which give off some needed atmosphere! The mountains are really great, too! Overall, an excellent comeback wallie! + 2 favs ;)

  19. raxis Feb 01, 2005

    hee~ another nice wall from chibi ^^
    +add to fav+

  20. Frosty Feb 01, 2005

    lol... so thats what u been making the whole time.. XD
    looks very nice. ^^ and lovely bg work. ^^
    great job on this one. ^^
    +fav for a job well done. ^^

  21. baaakurama Feb 01, 2005

    awesome! Great job! The bg is beautiful, and the scan is nicely placed! Thank you so much for sharing this ^_^

  22. Rella Feb 01, 2005

    Nice colors, bright but good.
    I also really like the house in the back and the grasslands.
    Oh and the mountains look awesome!

  23. xxballervayxx Feb 01, 2005

    its was beautiful and i mean the background especially the icy mountain , keep up the good work

  24. NikaNeko Feb 01, 2005

    Oooooh wow!!!O.O
    The wall soo awesome!
    Weeeee AsuCaga!!Forever!!
    Very love your wall!Love the bg and scan!
    Especially with Athrun and Cagalli :D
    Toatally a Fav:3
    Awwww,there look soo cute in my desktop^.^
    Great job chibi!^o^

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