Prince of Tennis Wallpaper: Chibi Sleepover

Takeshi Konomi, J.C. Staff, Prince of Tennis, Ryoma Echizen, Eiji Kikumaru Wallpaper
Takeshi Konomi Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Prince of Tennis Series Ryoma Echizen Character Eiji Kikumaru Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I know people are tired of my walls but this is probably the last one for awhile. This is for the Tenipuri wallpaper contest. Of course, I have to use my fav characters. Ryoma and Eiji! XD I know it's not very original but I loved the chibis. Took me about 5 hours to create on PS. I even created my own bg. ^_^
Eiji scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/81249/
Ryoma scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/77485/
I hope this is allright.
Also, I want to thank everyone who has commented on my stuff. ^_^ I promise I will get back to you as soon as possible. Ja ne~

I made the chibis a little bit less brighter and I fixed up the windows. Also I added more stars.

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Browse Prince of Tennis Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. jingjing1208 Feb 01, 2005

    Hehe,so cute!!!XD And the bg is nice too!!!^^ Hehe,Eiji!!!!!^_^' +fav!

  2. cerena Feb 01, 2005

    ohhh kawaiii no chibi da. ^^ but the i don like the border of the window i think the distance is too wide. ^^ but it is nice concept. i like it ^^ just the window prob only and add more sparkling star maybe ^^ good job, walkure

  3. itsDchlorine Feb 01, 2005

    no way, i never tired of ur new walls, this wall is pretty funny, the little kids look like little devils lol with their facial expressions yet their still kids and the bg is awesome , great work cant wait to see more ^^

  4. calisqo Feb 01, 2005

    cute scans XD
    always a big fan for chibis chars ^^

    Nice work walkure.
    The bg is bit too dark for the scna though in my opinion. The chars kinda glow ^^
    But it's still cool.
    Thanks for sharin cool chibi wall ^^.
    Awesome ^^

  5. jackalx66 Feb 01, 2005

    nice wall walkure xD
    i dun like pot =_=;;
    the concept is nice and i like the details
    but just cant fave it
    gomen ne >_<
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  6. bucket-shot Feb 01, 2005

    Uwahh~ thanks for entering! XD (so quickly, too~<3) Hehe. :) I'll add your name to the page asap.

    [btw- will come back and comment properly after the contest is over :nya: since i'm running it, i don't want to jinx anyone by commenting already, fufufu~]

  7. hongxiaoer Feb 01, 2005

    :D two cute boys..........^^the wallpaper is nice.thanx for sharing it.

  8. Evanrued Feb 01, 2005

    Hey this is really cute! The chibi characters from POT look really good, You did an excellent job on this one! Keep it up!

  9. DarkEVO Feb 01, 2005

    very cute.....
    I like it very much. They are just cute.
    Instant fav.

  10. acid-awakening Feb 01, 2005

    this looks very cool :D
    the moonlight loks very cool
    the window and curtains also looks nice
    thanx for sharing
    i'll c u later

  11. Fantasia Feb 01, 2005

    kawaiiiiiiiii da ne~~~wanna sleep with them,XD
    Oji sama~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    love the bg too,it's fantasitic,XD,the beed seems so warm
    the moon and star night is great~~love it

  12. Tirdaelyn Feb 01, 2005

    I am not tired of your wallpapers, they have all been really nice. This one being no exception to the rule. It is so very cute. ^^
    i for one like the background, the starry sky is very nice. ^^

  13. kyubinaruto Feb 01, 2005

    Awesome job! I like ur cropping n cleaning up of the picture ^^ Nice background anyway. And can't believe u spent so much time. lolz

  14. TinoLee Banned Member Feb 01, 2005

    How quet they are! But the colour is too dark. :\ I hope you can do more and more beautiful wallpapers in future, I am waiting for your nice wallpapers!! :)

  15. Fuji-Syusuke Feb 01, 2005

    Awww............Nice wallpaper, they're so cute! XD XD Somene had finally submit another wallpaper on POT :D :D , thanks so much for sharing! YOu're really good in making wallpapers, maybe you should really join the Tenipuri wallpaper contest!

  16. Athrun Feb 01, 2005

    That is an amazing wallpaper. Very nice custom made BG. ;) So... I'll fav it for your hard work. And who's sick of your wallpapers? I like them. Ppl are just too lazy to check sometimes, maybe. :\

    i don't really like the Prince of Tennis charactes but I'll fav this anyway. :P

    * adds to fav

    Nice work!

  17. meteorcloud Feb 01, 2005

    yikes......Great wallpaper mari ^^
    kawaii scans ^^!!!!!! nice concept =D
    the only thing what you mayB could do is...adding some dark clouds in that window ^^ but just asuggestion =D
    this is great ^^
    I'll wait till ya next wallie ^^
    fav +

  18. sylvacoer Feb 01, 2005

    The chibis look kinda... evil ^_^' But evil in a cute way, mind you, so that's good! I do like the background too. Great job on that!

  19. raxis Feb 01, 2005

    haha nice Walkure!!
    Eiji n Ryoma (i think Kaido^^) is soo cute!!

  20. Rella Feb 01, 2005

    How kawaii is that! So cute, love the moon too. The shades also look nice. ^_^

  21. Eve Feb 01, 2005

    Awww!! This is so adorable!! >_<

    so kewt!! ;_;

    i just wanna hug and squishy them all day!! Awww!! >_<

    I'm so glad you made a wall of them too! Hehe, bed-time! ^^

  22. murderonprimetime Feb 02, 2005

    i dont know the serires....but they look adorable! and i love the bg! you did a great job on it.... and who said i was sick of your wallies? NO SUCH nonsense! XD see ya soon! and take your time answering comments! no rush!

  23. amyamy Feb 02, 2005

    ah...... kawaiii nyaaaa~~~~~!! XD
    gotta love kikumaru nya :P
    great wallpaper!!

  24. shinorei Feb 02, 2005

    Aah..this is so cute! Even though it's PoT whose chars aren't really "cute" but this chibi wallie is soooooo cute! I luv it! Thanks for sharing walkure~ +fav

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