Kotaroh Aizawa Wallpaper: Love,Passion,Death

Kotaroh Aizawa Wallpaper
Kotaroh Aizawa Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Practicing on my walling :) , I really like the font, its kinda sexy/creppy XD
I've TRIED to make a brickety wall thing under her, it went so so tehe, I'll keep on practicing.
I did not draw the girl, nor was it my scan, I found it a long time ago and don't remember where or from which series she is from >.<.
So credits to however "owns" or created this girl .
Well hope you like it ^_^

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  1. KyoDD Jan 31, 2005

    Very Nice Work Ni-chan!!! I like it Very Much!!
    Cool BG! See you Around + FAV :) :) :)

  2. meteorcloud Jan 31, 2005

    aaah!! violence >_<......
    nice simple wallie ni-cahn ^^
    the bullet holes looks nice =)
    next time try for a harder one ^^
    gogogo~! keep the works ^^

  3. DarkCrimson Jan 31, 2005

    Wow a again a wonderfull Wallie from you my Friend.I like the deep red Touch of the Picture.She looks a bit like Aya from Parasite Eve(with longer Hair)Ahh she looks so cool hehe.This sure goes to my Favorites. XD.Nice Work Ni-chan.

  4. StarCentury Jan 31, 2005

    Ah, ni-chan next wallie! You seem to have a knack for this, ne? ^^; Anyways, I love the bullet holes you created for the BG, very clever! Although, I think the bullet holes should go where the gun was shot imo! ^^; But I don't mind, you're still learning and I admire that, ni-chan! Keep up the good work, k? ^^V

  5. Midori-chan Jan 31, 2005

    wah! cool wall! like the bg a lot^^
    try making the scan look brighter so that it looks clearer
    and maybe you should use some grunge effects^^
    nice red color you used! looks bloody, just my type Lolz!
    keep up the good work!

  6. Axer Feb 01, 2005

    Excellent idea. It is looked actually very beautifully. Thanks !!! +fav

  7. papyworld Feb 01, 2005

    i would like to comment this one too ^_^

    this is an original theme ; good creativity.
    the character fits good with the attenuated red background
    quality of the bg is good and renders very well too. The scan is very clear and of good quality. Cool effect on the gun too. Nice idea for the bullet impact i think it is very well done :)

    the extraction is better but there are still little problems around the hair and around the gun

    i like a little less the brickety wall ^_^ i don't really understand these long flashy red lines between the bricks (only at the right of the wall) ; left part is ok
    i think the problem with it is the perspective. If you take off the flashy red lines and make a better perspective ; the bricket wall will look good ^_^
    i talk about perspective for the upper part of the wall. It should be made planner and i bet it should be going in the left direction. Maybe incline it more and make it thinier ... waii my english is bad neh ? i hope you understand what i mean

    i should add also that the bullet impact in the wall should be different ... we can't see from where the bullet was shot. I doubt it comes from her or the wall should be broken there. So it came from in front of her ? i would put them on the right of the wall and above the bricks. or you can try to create an effect of "wall breaking" ... the bullet would pierce the bricks ^_^

    other thing to add ^_^' hehe i talk a lot today but i think i can make constructive remarks today too :D
    maybe put more distance between the wall(bricks) and the girl ... because the impact on the screen and the gun seem very very close. It would be better to create the impression the bullet is coming from far away no ? there's something bothering me with the distance ^_^"

    but i really like the theme ; the colors used ; the font ; ... a lot of positive aspects. The desing of the bullet impacts is great and i think you made very well the right one ^_^.You're becoming quick a good waller ^_^ you give me envy to begin too :D

    cool cool ni chan ; continue to do so ^_^

  8. gamer325 Feb 10, 2005

    sweat wallpaper i like how you faded the scan into the background + the bullet holes look cool

  9. Keitaro08 Feb 11, 2005

    I would really like your wallie if there was not the lousy 'love, passion, death" writings... Really doesn't suit this wallie -_- !

    Anyway, really nice work, no fav bkuz of the writings ;) !

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