Keroro Gunsou Wallpaper: Space Jam : Keroro Gunsou

Mine Yoshizaki, Keroro Gunsou, Keroro Wallpaper
Mine Yoshizaki Mangaka Keroro Gunsou Series Keroro Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper couldn't have been without the amazing vectoring skills of mezzed :http://mezzed.minitokyo.net/
.Thanks you so very much. I tried to re-color the image myself but my less than average skills were not able to pull it off....I put a bit more time in this Keroro wall that my last one. Unfourtunatly, it didn't come out the way I had picture it in my mind...I wasn't able to create a disco scene, but I did do a disco ball :D That I absolutely wanted to have one in the wallpaper. So it turned into a spacy glowy backround.

But this is a first version, I will defenitly work on it again...it's just that I spend a good part of the afternoon on it and I can't Photoshop anymore :D


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  1. kkunurashima Jan 30, 2005

    great stuff. i dont know where you got the pic, but its great. nice and clean too. i dont make my own walls, but even i know its clean.

  2. ayaki Jan 30, 2005

    wahahah keroro Gunsou!~
    he rocks!!!~
    this wall looks awesome :)
    great job ^^

  3. Sandy Jan 30, 2005

    rofl. It's such a crack wall! XD I have no idea what the anime is about but I just love that afro-frog!! XD Maybe those light rays from the disco ball should be more "natural", imho without outlines and the ball more sparkly! Hey. It would have been fun to put Keroro on the Disco ball which could be taken as a planet? XD; *more cracks*

  4. FALH Jan 30, 2005

    SO funny :D:D:D:D:D
    love the bg so "funky" lol
    the light effect so good .... and the space behind is cool

    very good
    +fav ^^

  5. Subl1mation Jan 30, 2005

    Funkadelic. The disco ball effect works very well. The space scenery in the background does a good job of complementing it. Nice work.

  6. Taurec Jan 30, 2005

    rotfllmaopmp ....... this wall groooves...

    - sharpen the discoball.
    - work a little more on the lightrays they fit, but remove the white pixelrows where they end.
    - glow the sparklies.

    and most of all : party on babe !!

  7. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jan 30, 2005

    when i made youre layout using a scan from Keroro Gunsou i simple like so much that frog,but know xD,i simple love it,it looks awesome and soooo funny,you made an awesome job with the background and the disco ball,also mezzed made a great job on the scan

  8. echidnaboy726 Jan 30, 2005

    Quote by Subl1mationFunkadelic. The disco ball effect works very well. The space scenery in
    the background does a good job of complementing it. Nice work.

    Funkadelic indeed, Subl1mation.

  9. Skillzpay Jan 30, 2005

    lol another cute Keroro wall. I think that some funky lighting might've been been more fitting you certainly got it right with the disco ball. And nice to see that you put mezzed's great vector talent to good use! :)

  10. heavens-Dragon Jan 30, 2005

    Haha, that's absolutely cute!! Mezzed did a beautiful job on the vectoring! And you did an excellent job with the background! It's really is so cute! Great lighting and cool disco ball! I can't wait to see the second version but this is already so good! Keep up with the great work!

  11. Zelgadis Jan 31, 2005

    lol he sure have disco in his soul :P
    great wall !! :)

  12. mezzed Jan 31, 2005

    hey this is a great wall Electrastar!! i love the bg...thanks for giving me some credit too!! ^__^' means a whole lot to me though!! +fav! ^__^

  13. Rella Jan 31, 2005

    Oh how cute! The frog really did take the spot light. It's really kawaii >_<

  14. Fantasia Jan 31, 2005

    how cool!!!!!!!!!!!XD
    I love keroro this pose
    and the bg is awesome,the green color is very pretty,the ray from the light is pretty cool&beautiful

  15. Frosty Jan 31, 2005

    lol... thats very lol funny... XD
    nice wallie. ^^ looks very cool. ^^
    great work. ^^ keep itup. ^^

  16. wonjin Banned Member Jan 31, 2005

    This wallpaper is very good-looking.
    the character and the background merge well.. The colour fix well
    I very like it .thanks for your share.
    +FAV 4 u!* Keep it up! ^^

  17. roshinku Jan 31, 2005

    LOL! funny wallpaper, haven't seen many of those XD. Nice job. ^_^

  18. Filia Jan 31, 2005

    Whahahahahah XD That's so funny! And very well made too ^^

  19. KorganoS Jan 31, 2005

    Hoolle gazoolies.... O.O
    Keroro goes Dance Dance Revolution!!!
    awesomeness..... this wall is one of my absolutely favorite one, ever!!
    Mezzed did a superb job with the vectoring, and the bg is just making it more and more nicer!!!
    Pretty wacky but funny concept, too.....
    Keep up the wacky works, Electrastar!! :D

  20. DarkEVO Feb 01, 2005

    Looks like Saturday Night Fever.
    Like this wallpaper very much.

  21. semanga Feb 02, 2005

    XD XD XD :nya: :nya: :nya:
    it is so amazing funny your work i dont can stop my laugh very great bgwork
    OX OX :nya:

  22. LadyNorthstar May 05, 2005

    3,2,1 fire! I love this waaaaaaalll!
    Grat work! Ghegheroooooooo!

  23. kinky-sasse May 14, 2005

    lol...... That is a cool wallpaper :D I like Keroro :P

  24. rudysan Nov 20, 2005

    nice... its so cool and funny

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