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Say the deprived whilst above the scene
thy hidden mask has been scarred so blatantly
and her wings become her sheild, laced above the clouds
for no one will understand my pain anymore
Maybe thats why i hide my face upon my wings
For i have lost her forever in other hearts of men...
i for one stand alone ever watchful
for i am the journeyman of lost souls...

Yey! after a long week of no walls because i have finally found an image to wall from i make something out of it...kinda had to make it a light, soft and beautiful wall with a grunge bg to make it my style. Centered everything on the girl and speaking about the girl shes an unknown but i know that Nuriko posted this on MT so yeah.

You may think that this is somewhat of a good wall but ITS NOT!! this is kinda dedicated for my long lost loves, (kinda corny right) but in our lifetimes we tend to meet beautiful girls and yes ive met most of them, but not all of them fit through my perspective because im always the nice guy being last so who cares what i am inside. Mybe i need to be more assertive but that would just lead me to be a stalker...But doesnt anyone sometimes feel that way when near the people your infatuated with?

Anyway nothing much to say her but anyway theres 54 layers and 5 hours of work.

More resolutions in Imanimetions.net !!

Hope ya likey...^ ^

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  1. Celessa Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2005

    lol - I love the soft pink tones you put onto that wallpaper - it looks very incredible indeed. This is really a nice wallpaper you've set up altogether here. Nice job - and thanks for sharing. Very neat.

  2. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2005

    love the pink color, which makes the wallpaper look very innocent...great simplicity work, great job!

  3. calisqo Jan 30, 2005

    nice scan XD

    Like the color u have picked for this one.
    White and pink does belong together ^^
    the bg is nice , i kinda like it ^^.
    i has that grungy effect but not too grungy .
    It's kinda somewhere in between.

    Good work ^^.
    This one deserves a fav ^^

  4. Osiris Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2005

    ooo so light and fluffy XD

    you gotta love simple and clean walls :3

  5. Aa-chan Jan 30, 2005

    I'll start by saying I've +fav'd this wall ^^ .
    Does the background make anyone else think of cotton candy? So fluffy and pink! XD
    Really nice work, well done.

  6. wonjin Banned Member Jan 30, 2005

    This is good work..it is very reverie. The colour fix well..
    Yeah! I like it.
    +FAV 4 u!* Keep it up! ^^

  7. DarkEVO Jan 30, 2005

    Very nice, I like the background of it and the character is also nice but she looks sad. And it's a bit bright with pink. But still a fav

  8. kenzuke Jan 30, 2005

    sooo soft colors...kawaii girl too....nicely done.....^^ ...overall looks very nice!! +fav

  9. Piotrek Jan 30, 2005

    Wonderful wallpaper! I like it because it`s so bright and peaceful ^_^ The girl is cute too! Great job!

  10. KorganoS Jan 30, 2005

    LoL OA, you made a very pinkish wall here XD
    Great job dude!! ;)
    As usual, the grunge works (this is sooo soft, I wonder how you managed to get grunge works well with pinkish bg....) awesome....
    I add this to my fav....
    Keep it up....

  11. Rella Jan 30, 2005

    Oh, how lovely it looks! I love the colors, so light and so calm. It looks so pure, nice!

  12. ded113 Jan 30, 2005

    Awww. THis is soo pink sugary cute!! The simplicity is very nice along with yout usual style. Very nice. I like simplicty.

  13. shirahana Jan 30, 2005

    Aw... it's so soft. Everything's all kawaii and subtle ^-^; Seems like you're cable of creating both dark and light wallpapers :D That's pretty awesome. I'm not good with creating dark wallpapers. They somehow still turn out to be shojo-y in the end... @_@;

    It's pretty admirable how you can create this type of wall for your long lost loves. Heh heh ^^; To be honest, it does sound a bit corny... But my point is, it's cool how you can still view people like that after all you've gone through ^^; Heh heh.... this is the shojo-y author inside me speaking... ^_^' I'm just too lazy to write...

    Anywho, awesome job on this wallpaper :D

  14. itsDchlorine Jan 30, 2005

    very cool wall, i love the bg and the scan is really nice, its great wall , but the outline on the scan looks a bit sharp compared to the wings, cause everything looks dreamy-like and the scan is like "bam" straightfoward picture, its jsut a minor thing nothing big, great job ^^

  15. crapmonster Jan 30, 2005

    this is definitely a new type of look from you. its got the nice brushwork as always but overall its really soft and light. really nice job with this one man!

  16. Foolish-ishness Jan 30, 2005

    Great job ;)!

    The wall gives a really light feel to it. Kinda like shes lifting all the viewers into the clouds with her. +fav

  17. UndyingShadow Jan 30, 2005

    A new style of wall from Oracle, and it looks awesome! Love the overall softness and light of the wall, it has a nice heavenly feel to it. great job!

  18. StarCentury Jan 30, 2005

    Arrgh! I envy your style OracleAngel! XD This wall looks simple but the details are top notch, especially the wings on the scan! Pink looks really cool for the color schme imo, dunno why! ^_^' The overall quality is vintage OA, a definite fav! :D

  19. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2005

    baby soft~ so cute :3 But maybe you could have hued the girl to a pinkish color to blend in a bit more with the verypink bg, and those wings are a tad weird, but its not that bad actually x__X
    anyways, great work, simple wall :)

  20. DayBreak Jan 30, 2005

    *pokes pokes oracle*
    you dont feel well?! you seem to happy!
    the wall is to happy! I WANT IT dark! *takes out guitar*

    Well anyway, its light,soft and the girl look so innocent!
    Good job oracle XP but nya~ i will smash your head!

  21. rocknroll-isgo Jan 30, 2005

    This is great... it has a very relaxing feel to it. Perfect scan for the BG, so nice pick. ^_^

  22. xiaku Jan 30, 2005

    OOH this so nice.
    this is certainly going on my desktop!
    i <3 it! hehe.
    one of my faves...
    great job!

  23. Skillzpay Jan 30, 2005

    A little on the bright side but besides that this is quite beautiful. Even with the grunge this is peaceful and soft which makes for a well deserved fav :D

  24. Aztec Jan 30, 2005

    Great work Oracle Angel.
    In my personal opinion the background is a little to bright for me. The character kinda gets lost in all the brightness ( especially the wings ).
    Dont get me wrong I still like your wall I just think the character would have look better with a dark bg. or maybe Im just color blind. If that the case just forget what I said. Its still an awesome piece of work.

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