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Artist Comment

I'm so creative with the title =__=;

Meh... I have a fever right now.... burning up.... Such an appropriate wallpaper, yes? I actually started on this wallpaper a day before I got sick though x__x;

And being an idiot, I thought the series was named "Depth Fantasy"... When I was about to submit this item to MT, I only found "Depth Fantasia" under the series list... So, I went back and changed the text...

I'm taking Tylenol Extra Strength right now... and it's making me so tired =__=; This is all I'm going to ramble about for this wallpaper...

Oh yes, the scan's provided by Argonian. Thank you...

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Browse Depth Fantasia Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Archer79 Jan 30, 2005

    heh First to post. :) A very nice wallpaper shirahana. Thanks! I hope you feel better soon. :)

  2. meteorcloud Jan 30, 2005

    woah.....nice wallpaper....aw....got a fever.....>_<....get well soon !!!
    this one is nice , the planet looks good =)
    the sort of firewall on the foreground not bad ^^
    nice concept ^^!!!! Great wall =d
    * add to fav *

  3. ManOnFire Jan 30, 2005

    Whoa!!! Fiery! Just the way I like them! Very fiery, very cool, very good! The flames were done very nicely, and the text blends well! Awesome job!

  4. Auralis Jan 30, 2005

    This wallpaper is so firey! O_o Fire. Very ingenius to add fire effects. I wish I have a chill pill right now. ^^ Tired from making one of my wallpapers.

  5. itsDchlorine Jan 30, 2005

    very cool bg and the scan looks pretty awesomw, i really like the orange color great work !

  6. calisqo Jan 30, 2005

    first of all nice color composition.
    The effects is nice.
    It's kinda blend with the whole tyhings, the scans and the bg etc.

    and may i say i did one great moon/planet xd.
    i like its texture and it's sharpness good work .
    Shirahana .
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2005

    I use to know where the site of the REAL artist was but i forgot where so i think all the whole title, effects, bg and character is beautiful in many ways....Awesome as always girl!! XD

    Dont take tylenol...drinkjuice and sleep lots! :)

  8. rocknroll-isgo Jan 30, 2005

    Looks great! I love the fire effect. Where you erased in the starfield is a little too obvious, but I suppose it doesn't matter because it's so small. Other than that, I like it! ^_^

    Hope you feel better -- get some sleep! :)

  9. peachiemint Jan 30, 2005

    whoa! shes burning! ahh! get water! lol. very nice, more crystal stuff i c but im not much of a fire person. anyhoo, still a good job =^^=

  10. bucket-shot Jan 30, 2005

    I looove the glowyness everything's got. XD It helps tie the elements together really well, not to mention conveying the warm, firey theme very effectively. *nods* The only thing I might say is maybe trying some different blending modes (or something ^_^') on that light effect in the middle. It's very well-made, but at the moment, attracts more attention that the girl's figure. *shrugs* Though that's not necessarily so bad. XD

    In any case, best wishes. XP I hope your fever melts in awe of your leet skills, hehe~<3 Get well soon!

  11. MadWiz Jan 30, 2005

    o.O seems like a fantastic work~~ the position of that umm ?dragon? there with that planet is great! everything else is also awesome~~ ^^
    you better rest more! hope you get well soon :)
    don't overexert yourself!

  12. Taki Jan 30, 2005

    Hahahahahaha... I saw this on MW before you posted it so I already got a sneak peek. Mwah. Anyway, like always, it's good.

    One of these days, I will best you >_>;

  13. Devilet Jan 30, 2005

    awww, I hope you feel better with that fever of yours...
    but the wall looks beautiful... I like the art you chose ^^
    hmm, nice warm colours, orange/yellowish, very nice, + fav

  14. DarkCrimson Jan 30, 2005

    Wow looks really Amazing shirahana.I love Dragons and you have such a cool one in your Wallie hehe :D.The Bg is fantastic,so hot.It goes right to my favorites. XD

  15. kiri-chan Jan 30, 2005

    Well it's perfect. What else can I say? Every pixel is flawless ^^;
    Feel better :]

  16. 3ks-Devil-666 Jan 30, 2005

    Wow its really cool. I like orange so yeah its cool to me^^
    Good work by the way... keep it up.
    Hope to see more good work from you.....^^

  17. Lenya Jan 30, 2005

    nice wall ^.^ I like the planet and this orange aww x3.
    keep it up =D

  18. jingjing1208 Jan 30, 2005

    Oh,nice effect,and I love the orange color,cool!^^
    Hehe,really nice job!^^

  19. ventures Jan 30, 2005

    oh wow!!*0*
    this is a great wall from u shirahana^^
    the colours r bright n cheerful n u blend it well with the chara...
    really nice *adds to fav*
    so sorry that u have a fever *pats ur back*
    hope u get better ^^

  20. DarkEVO Jan 30, 2005

    Very cool wallpaper esp. the background.
    I like how this wallpaper turned out along with the ball of lightning.

  21. DREAM Jan 30, 2005

    ah shirahana, i love this wall. the background is amazing i love the orange burning planet and the dragon. the placement of the dragon is ideal.

    :hope you feel better shirahana: i'm actually sick myself right now, it suxs.

    au revoir

  22. nanou1 Jan 30, 2005

    it's a beautiful work!
    i like the colors, it might take a lot of time to make this wall!
    add to fav

  23. halcyonTwilight Jan 30, 2005

    Hope you get better soon ^^ It really sucks being sick...esp. during school too.

    Anyways, great work with the wall :) I really like the orb with the sparkles, and the fire effect rocks. My only gripe is the planet....i never did like the planets frm greg martin's tutorial, but that's only my personal feelings. Sweet work ^__^

  24. Frosty Jan 31, 2005

    this looks very nice. ^^
    nice image and bg looks very clean and well done. ^^
    awesome. ^^ good work. ^^
    +fav for a job well done. ^^

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