Kiddy Grade Wallpaper: My Happiness - Eclair

Keiji Gotoh, Gonzo, Kiddy Grade, Éclair Wallpaper
Keiji Gotoh Mangaka Gonzo Studio Kiddy Grade Series Éclair Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

here's a wallpaper i worked on for like ten days...5 for experimenting..and like 3 for asking people for suggestions and 2 more for fixing it up...not sure this is even what they expected...-_- well gonna list the names of people who gave me tips..Asahi, Ninja, Skillzpay, wuschel, and tAtEkAnE. oh yea..got the scan from http://rabellu.mysticallegends.com/ but had to clean that up too...-___- oh well im supposed to be the "creator" of this wall anyway...well i am...*aah confusing myself!!* enough said!! *slaps self*

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  1. einna Jan 29, 2005

    I think the background is too blurry that it hurts my eyes..@_@ Even the girl is a little blurry. I guess there's no need for blur since it's not in motion after all.

  2. Sira Jan 29, 2005

    That facinante and charming image of Kiddy Grade mainly of Eclair that s the but beautiful for my this way comoe sta not the early versions, that dress makes it see but beautiful and charming, with that look to anyone can return crazy that woman, leaves to my favorite ones, Her happiness of her is so it pacifies it is very amusin

  3. skysong Jan 29, 2005

    Really pretty wall, mezzed!
    Eclair is so pretty. The background is really nice as well :)
    Great job!

  4. peachiemint Jan 29, 2005

    Quote by einnaI think the background is too blurry that it hurts my eyes..@_@ Even the girl is a little blurry. I guess there's no need for blur since it's not in motion after all.

    ya... it is a little blurry. but its still nice. i like da bg. good choice of scan too. another great job. keep it up =^^=

  5. Athrun Jan 29, 2005

    Ho? Ten days? Wow...

    Anyway that's a pretty nice wallpaper. It's somewhat blurry, but good anyway.

    You had ppl help you on the wallpaper? Peh. No one ever helps ME. *angsts*

    But anyway...

    * adds to fav

  6. Electrastar Jan 29, 2005

    Never got into Kiddy Grade, but I love the soft gentle feel of this wallpaper....so much more talent than me....hehehe good job

  7. Aa-chan Jan 29, 2005

    Not seen Kiddy Grade but I love this wallpaper. The backdrop is nice and the petal are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. AOforever1 Jan 29, 2005

    heh, not so ironically, I can see that it's her happiness ^^

    i like the mixture of scenery and her postion at the gates, which in a sense gives the viewer the impression that she's gone through something and came out happy in the end.

    On the other hand, I think the text could of been a plain flat text instead. and could use a soft color stroke around it (at least that's what i prefer for blending the text in better)

    Graet wall.

  9. zaira Jan 29, 2005

    hehe nice wall of eclair but somewhat is blurry... :(
    but still nice! i like the bg its nice!! XD
    keep it up!
    +fav! XD

  10. MESIAS Jan 29, 2005

    This wall is good as great. The background, the effects and Eclair combine in an excelent wall... =)

  11. ayanechan Jan 29, 2005

    i think the text stands a little too out of the wallie... but i like the idea of your wallie.. very.. er.. ^_^X angel ish sad kinda thing ^_^

  12. hidekeitaro Jan 29, 2005

    Beautiful and angelical wallpaper.
    Very great job.
    Keep it up.

  13. Blazthunder Jan 29, 2005

    Very nice, like others said a bit blurry
    but good anyways
    keep up the good work

  14. Skillzpay Jan 29, 2005

    It certainly looks better than when you first showed this to me. I think it could still use some work on the stock img, character, and text but this was a good effort. Keep at it!

  15. PastorOfMuppets Jan 29, 2005

    nice wallpaper...the only thing that I dont like seem to be the mist at the down area of the wallpaper...

  16. triofpwr Jan 30, 2005

    ya i added this to my favs keep up the good work i think this wall is great well ya see you later then

  17. chibi-lizard Jan 30, 2005

    ~hee~ nice one.. just that both eclair and the bg looks a lil blur.
    especially the bg x_x
    anyhow.. sweet wallie :)

  18. MirageA Jan 30, 2005

    Wow, very nice wall!!
    she looks beautiful,
    and a little blurry!!
    Great job for making this wall!! :)

  19. Saranbaatar Jan 31, 2005

    nice wall, Eclaire is cute (bit to large in the chest area thoug ^^)

    bu why only 1024 :/ *sob*

  20. Kurosawa Jan 31, 2005

    hmm.. the concepts is nice, but the bg is seem blurry~^^. The other rest is really nice ^O^.
    Keep it up the great job XD

  21. xnla Feb 01, 2005

    buen scasn con un buen toque algo tierno, me gusta es relamnte buena :)

  22. Keitaro08 Feb 02, 2005

    Eclair is a bit blurry, but... I like it ^_^! She's really worth a pair of wings, isn't she ;) !

  23. HockeyKamen Feb 04, 2005

    I agree with you on Éclair being worthy of the wings she has. ^_^

    As for the wallpaper, good job mezzed. :)

    ::adds it to his Favorites::

  24. winged Feb 04, 2005

    Looks nice... Like the background the best, the petals!!
    Though i dun watch Kiddy Grade...

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