Saiyuki Wallpaper: Saiyuki [:F.o.r::R.e.a.l:]

Kazuya Minekura, Studio Pierrot, Saiyuki, Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo Wallpaper
Kazuya Minekura Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Saiyuki Series,OVA Cho Hakkai Character Sha Gojyo Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, it's been a while since I walled. For the past days, I did'nt have the mood or time to wall, ...or maybe I was just slacking off.. :P

Anyway, here's a new wall from mee!!

Ok, I really wanted to try out some more grunge and since I just watched saiyuki again, I decided to make a wall using this pic! Just some random grunge that I made. Oh, I got the idea of making grunge from oracleangle's walls....so maybe this wall was inspired by his works XD

Hope you enjoy!
More resolutions will be at www.imanimetions.net
Don't forget to click the favie button if you really liked it! XD

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  1. Aa-chan Jan 27, 2005

    The background is really neat the the scan of the Saiyuki guys rocks. Nice dark effect round the scan. I like it ^^ .

  2. KorganoS Jan 27, 2005

    Wah! O.O
    nice grunge and nice scan....
    some dark mood there, but overall it's very nice.....
    glad to see you back in the walling lane... ;)
    keep it up!

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 27, 2005

    ah grunge seems to be very popular these days...
    nice work, I loooove the fontage and soft feeling of the wall, the grungework doesnt seem super original but its still very well made, I like it (the squares are cool XD )
    goodie, +fav :3

  4. amy Jan 27, 2005

    Omg...I love this wallpaper. I love the whole grunge look...Very nicely done...+Fave

  5. MyrrhLynn Jan 27, 2005

    Yess! Finally someone makes a good Saiyuki wallpaper! Cool grunge effects, they really goes well with the picture. :D

  6. Kiako Jan 27, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    the background looks great i like the colors the suit to the charas.
    keep itt up

  7. Electrastar Jan 27, 2005

    I really like, 'tis my new wallpaper for now...until I change...can't make up my mind, too many good walls here....I change all the time.

  8. irix Jan 27, 2005

    that's a good grunge... but i don't like so much the male wall's!!! :angry:

  9. shirahana Jan 27, 2005

    Ah.. nice ^_^ I like the subtle colors you used. This wallpaper's really high quality XD Nice work :D

  10. ShiroiLina Jan 27, 2005

    ohhhhhhhhhhh ME loves saiyuki! AND I LOVE YOUR wall!!!!!
    absolutely amazing! very nice effect you made there :D and beautiful scan.. i never seen it in such a big resolution! never managed to find it.. only a very small one, and all pizelised.. >.>
    none the less! great!! absolutely +fav!! :D

  11. exentric Jan 28, 2005

    I have this scan~ XD
    lazy to work in it though >_>
    really nice soft grunnge~
    I like it alor~ ^_^

  12. einna Jan 28, 2005

    You are SO good! I LOVE this wallpaper! It's Gensomaden Saiyuki!!!XD *huggles Hakkai* Haha!^^;; I like the tile effects! Pretty amazing! This is a must fav!

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 28, 2005

    Chap Chap zaguuuu! inspired by me? its kinda apreciating to hear that Ken! XD
    the grunge , image are so clean and desirable to go together but hey you pulled it off so well!
    Great job as a Fava!

  14. shinta Jan 28, 2005

    ken-chan MADE A wallpaper!!! Hahahahaha!!! *hugglez*
    A Saiyuki wall at that...damn j00...i love Saiyuki *__*
    You're trying to get me to be nice eh?! Well its working *__*
    Ok go upload your wallie now @_@

  15. boogerking399 Jan 28, 2005

    wooooooooooooow its sooo cool its the only saiyuki wallpaper i've seen! lol i have mangas 1-6 i'm special ^_^

  16. Frosty Jan 28, 2005

    ooo kenzuke is back... lol. haven't seen you make stuff for awhile. ^^
    and yea, like everyone saids, nice grunge work. ^^
    looks pretty nice. ^^ awesome looking bg work. ^^
    has a very clean look to it. ^^
    nice one^^ great work. ^^
    A and +fav for a job well done. ^^

  17. lain Jan 28, 2005

    My compliments, this is a true hight quality wallpaper, a luv it. :)

  18. cygnus Jan 28, 2005

    The best wall I've ever seen among those rare Saiyuki good walls ^^

  19. ayanechan Jan 28, 2005

    i love this pic! i'm actually a huge fan of saiyuki XD nice job on the grunge feel :3 omg hakkai!!! my fav!!! XD wakakakakaka keep up the good work kenzuke :3

  20. tiantito Jan 28, 2005

    it looks really great on my desktop
    so i faved it
    anyway i like the bg very much
    nice job

  21. fifaifo Jan 29, 2005

    kyaaaa! haven't seen a good wall of these guys in a while. +fav!

  22. Septillion Jan 29, 2005

    *blinks* ......omg!!! i can't believe i'm seeing a new wall from you!! XD haha and a great new wall it is^^ niceeeeeeeee.....lovely grunge work!! excellently made. glad to see a new wall from you ken-kun^^

  23. halcyonTwilight Jan 29, 2005

    The grunge rocks ^^ I like the light that the coming down, which fits everything and blends everything together nicely. Really nice work...love the wall :)

  24. solarbear Jan 30, 2005

    ^_^ so cool!

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