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everyone...meet my new pet!! isnt he cute!!??? and hes alllllll mine MWAHAHA!! >really loves new dragon<
hope u all like! im afraid i went a little overboard with the detail....blame it one the...pen? i even got the date wrong hehe.
i am now working on two more pics...at the same time...! i so need to get a life...

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  1. Karolina Jan 27, 2005

    I'm firs? jeeXD Woow! this is so awsome Dragon! I love dragons. Very beautiful and there is lot's of details, and also nice shading, I like his face - really very nice Dragon ...and He is yours! Me want to! XD

  2. weiss17nz Jan 27, 2005

    I love the colour scheme, simple and clean, and very bold. I also like the colour out of lines thing, it's fitting for a chaotic-themed wall.

    I don't really like the overlapped text at the bottom though, it's a bit too messy and unnecessary imo.... I also think the line could be a bit more varied in weight (a lot of the parts look kinda stroke-pathed...) to add to the dynamicness and chaos.

  3. GaiJiN Jan 27, 2005

    A dragon, with hair, feathers and those details... the way it's drawn you would tell me it wasn't from you I wouldn't believe you OX . There is not only an awesome pen-work here, but also a brilliant work with design, I like it, especially this contrast :) .

  4. harakiri Jan 27, 2005

    Wow, all the details are amazing and so beautiful. It must take a lot of time to draw something like this (imagine so much work in a manga or even in an anime).

  5. belmikry Retired Moderator Jan 27, 2005

    very detailed- i wish I could do that XD i love it *fav

    really beautiful.. i wanna dragon now tooooOOoooo XD

  6. vampyre Jan 27, 2005

    look interesting O.o! much details, great body design^^~ love that wings, soft fur & best on the face ~^^~

  7. yukineko Jan 27, 2005

    This is so beautiful! I love all details. You must have a lot of patience.

  8. Ayamael Jan 27, 2005

    oh well, another instant +fav from you loll, imagin when i decide to go through your gallery... details look awesome, especially the wings, the shading, the hair... and bonus coz i just luv dragons!! so once again, it looks awesome!! keep up the great work^^

  9. benjaminchia Jan 27, 2005

    Amazing detail with your dragon.
    I love the way you draw the face, wings(incredible) and hair(smooth flow) of the dragon.
    You sure have put in a lot of effort in this work.
    You draw with a pen ? Very nice!

  10. ni-chan Jan 27, 2005

    you got some talent, OMG the details its really incredible
    how long did it take? o.O

  11. acid-awakening Jan 27, 2005

    wow this 1 looks so awesome
    tis has very nice details
    the dragon looks so cool :)
    xd thanx for sharing

  12. frozenwilderness Jan 28, 2005

    wow.. that is one niiice dragon! I love the details on this one *_* it looks great! ^^

  13. semanga Jan 28, 2005

    love dragons
    and you draw this
    wow thank you for sharing

  14. papyworld Jan 28, 2005

    waw. I'm a dragon lover so you made me again super happy with this. Your nice message and now this amazing picture. I'm in heaven ^_^
    you know what ? i think it's a little like the wyverns in warcraft III ; especially the hair. I love this style of haired dragon ^_^ waw it's really awesome. The curves (in gold ?) are also great ; it seems to have some runic design ... and the precious stone is well made with a cool shading.

    waw he looks majestuous and a little perverted :) you made awesome lizzard eyes. Very expressive. Amazing work ; i must add it to my favs

  15. halcyonTwilight Jan 29, 2005

    Wow!! You got a new pet!! *pets* Waaiitt...*gets blasted with fire*

    Ouch. Some pet >_> Heh, your dragon can beat up all the other pets in the neighborhood XD Anyways, the detail on the hair is soooo awesome. I espically love the wings....you can draw some reallly nice feathers. With your skills, you can draw a really nice angel ^^ Really sweet work :D !!

  16. bucket-shot Feb 01, 2005

    Zomfg. ^_^' Pet? I waaant one! XD <lol> Actually, it reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy X's Coerul... or something like that. -_- I can't spell. Guh! Anyways! 'Sif too much detail. ^_^' I'd kill to be able to draw with half as much. You have a fine sense of shape, especially evident in the wings. :) Plus, the hair and everything flows very natrually. Top job!

  17. cloudcherry Feb 01, 2005

    I love your details, I am so impressed with your skill ^___^
    This dragon is flippin' awesome!!! Luv luv LUV the wings soooo much, and I love his little mane-thing VERY cool ^_^ Luv the swirly patterns, and like I said before I just luv wot u can do with a pen, you are just so talented :) another fantastic job :)

  18. okies Feb 01, 2005

    this is a very different dragon....
    it's nice but i dont think its ur best work
    OKIES signing OFF

  19. levezzali Feb 07, 2005

    wow, that's really amazing, I liked the details, very well worked, The outlines are also great (I am trying to say something in portuguese, but I just can't.... damn....)... anyway, your doujinshi is a must have one!


  20. TheFreaky0ne Feb 12, 2005

    nice draw. looks freaking tight and really cool. XD nice one man. ;)

  21. blackchii Feb 21, 2005

    finally I can open this page -_-
    he's your pet??, oh my sound scary >_<. anyway its an amazing work and from this pic i see u have classic chinese drawing style, since it's very artistic. Hmm wondering what media u're using for drawing.

  22. XavierCrow Feb 23, 2005

    It's great to see something unusual and original... somewhat refreshing. Dragons are considered reptiles, so I've never seen one with a mane and/or angel wings before, but it works for me because it makes even more out of the mythology. It's almost like a cross between a Dragon and a Griffin, leaning more towards the side of the Griffin... a concept I've never thought of before. Artwork wise, it's another picture worthy of only you and a handful of others. Don't feel that detail will be the downfall of a master-piece. Quite simply, it's what really makes a good picture great.

  23. XavierCrow Feb 23, 2005

    Whaddya know you CAN post the same message twice. It will let you edit the post but not delete it... greeaaat. Sorry people, my bad.

  24. Kotter Mar 16, 2005

    This is nice. Even, very nice.

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