Eri Takenashi Wallpaper: Strange Moon, Strange Night V3

Eri Takenashi, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Akiha Tohno Wallpaper
Eri Takenashi Mangaka Shingetsutan Tsukihime Series,Visual Novel Akiha Tohno Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So...I have to be honest. The wall that I was trying to make before this one was too...light and happy, plus I didn't like the way it was turning out so I scrapped it. I have to admit...it's easier for me to make dark things...don't ask why, LOL. Anyways, since the picture of the girl is one where it seems like the wind is blowing to the left the clouds are gathering and moving to the left as well. The moon is red because of a lunar eclipse, I believe that's what it was. I mostly picked it because of the color. I think this wall has such a dark mood to it. With the weird trees in the back and the birds flying at night...at least in my opinion that's what I feel when I look at it. As always I'm not good with perspective so if the trees look too close...ehhh, I'm still learning :)

Oh, and I promise...no more moons and grass for awhile on the next wall...whenever I get around to making another one, heehee.

UPDATE: Okies...so Asahi pointed out that the grass looked too high. So, after looking it over myself I decided to move the grass down. I think it looks better...but maybe not, LOL. Like I said, I'm not good with perspective. Think I might give that up after this one, haha. Oh, and I took out some of the glowing things at the bottom.

UPDATE 03/09/2005: I've decided to move the girl in the front. Hope it looks better.

Scan from Noctum, tree branch brushes from http://www.8nero.net/brushes/index.htm, bird brushes from http://www.annikavonholdt.com/, moon from http://sxc.hu/index.phtml.

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  1. acid-awakening Jan 27, 2005

    very cool
    awesome wall
    the BG is very nice
    the moon is well placed
    the clouds r really cool
    i like the colour
    well thanks for sharing
    until next time

  2. MaoMao Jan 27, 2005

    Nice wallpaper, the atmosphere are very hard, good effetct!!
    My compliments!! :)

  3. Asahi Jan 27, 2005

    it doesnt look so good because the grass look th high on this wp concept imo ~.~
    but its a nice try .. like the clouds .. ^.^

  4. StarCentury Jan 27, 2005

    Don't worry, k3r! :) I have the same problem with perspective on my latest wall, too! But you wall looks way cool! I like the dark sky with the dead trees and the moon looks so beautiful! This is my new fav! ^_^'

    EDIT: Cool, you made the grass shorter! I wish I though of that! Marvelous update, k3r! You're improving quite well! ;)

  5. peachiemint Jan 27, 2005

    oO i like da girl in the kimono. this gives out a nice mysterious feeling to it. i like it. a faviee for mee. good work. keep it up =^^=

  6. Aztec Jan 28, 2005

    Very beautiful.
    I especially like the cloud effect.

  7. semanga Jan 28, 2005

    very good the dark bg
    very great colours you have use here
    my new fav of course

  8. shirahana Jan 29, 2005

    Pretty high quality ^_^ A nice idea, too. Hm... I see some errors in the grass. It's a good idea to try to cover the roots of the grass by applying more grass on top. Overall, pretty nice ^-^; You kind of have to wonder why this girl is randomly in a field though ^_^'

  9. walkure245 Jan 29, 2005

    What an omnious wallie! It feels like you shouldn't mess with her. ^_^ The girl fits well and the grass looks great. The sky is realyl well done and the trees are a great addition. Gotta fav~

  10. Aplos Jan 30, 2005

    Very moody. The background with the girl give out a dark yet beautiful feeling. I like it.

  11. Axer Feb 01, 2005

    nice wallpaper.
    realistic conditions
    excellent work! thank you!

  12. cantero Feb 02, 2005

    very nice!!! I like the background very much!!! thanks for sharing...

  13. cam123 Feb 03, 2005

    :0 One of my favs wallies the color choice its awesome
    And the Scan it's wonderfull, Really a Job of a Master :)

  14. Hekler Mar 17, 2005

    Good work, looks like you put alot of time and effort into this, it's probably just me, there's just something about the trees, dunno probably experiment with different tree shapes? But overall magnifico!

  15. TheHornet Restricted Member Feb 15, 2007

    Hey I really like the background it looks onimous but the bright red dress just gives it a real visual appeal and the moon in the corner a crowning touch very cool keep up the work.

  16. only00 Mute Member Jun 12, 2010

    it looks awsome i love the quality ^.^ red and black are a good combination keep up the good work +fav

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