Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: Snapshots~Roy

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Roy Mustang Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

all these snapshots of roy ^^
well...extracting wasn't a hard thing this time^^
and I looked up a --->tutorial on how to do brick...and that wasn't too hard either...just drawing straight lines was my problem^^;;;;
also..when my dad looked at it he was like...um..aren't bricks supposed to be the same size...and yea -_-....mine aren't....

got scans all from one place --->here
and it was put up by--> taiki...here in mt...he also has many other great fma scans^^

um...well..the roy mustang words aren't that pretty -_-...I don't have many good fonts...so I scrawled it on myself XD...

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  1. KevLar Jan 27, 2005

    No two bricks are created equally. lol
    Nice wall. I like your ideas and it all fits together well. Keep up the work. I hope to see some more walls from you.

  2. taffystar Jan 27, 2005

    ^^ Yup, great job! Wow, I didn't even notice that until you mentioned it [the brick sizes]. And the handwriting is pretty good for computer-handwritten. You've got a steady hand there =] It's not too busy even with all the snapshots and like KevLar commented, it all fits together well. His pose, the bg, the snapshot layout etc. ^^

  3. Chopstickz Jan 27, 2005

    hehe nice job on the bricks
    and the red glow is cool...
    good concept and good work overall ^_^

  4. CTEon Jan 27, 2005

    heeeeeeeeeeeyyy~...this is a pretty good wallpaper xD...why was I not surprised when I thought I saw a wp of roy being made by you? e.e ...all the same...very nice...roy has that cool guy pose and the bricks add a nice lil effect on him...the snapshots keeps the wall from being too empty so that's always a nice touch...though I did wish roy more different style of clothing though...if he had a squall leonhart type costume...then puuuurfect <3

  5. snowrabbit Jan 27, 2005

    roy kakkoii~~
    so many of roy mustangs~~~
    really like the film roll of roy mustang..
    and the details of the brick wall

  6. Aa-chan Jan 27, 2005

    It's a neat effect with the picture strips. The wall is a suitable background too. Well done ^^ .

  7. isky81 Jan 27, 2005

    roy look very cool

  8. phl Jan 27, 2005

    I like the concept. ^^
    The bricks are well-done...
    And di you really wrote his name by hand? Your writing is very nice! ^_^

    Overall, another good work. ^^

  9. ManOnFire Jan 27, 2005

    Wow! I like the idea of putting those pics of Roy like that. Roy himself looks pretty good, especially with the red glow around him! The text looks cool and well written too! Good job!

  10. baaakurama Jan 27, 2005

    Wow ! This is a great wall! I love the reels of film and it's a great scan of Mustang that's the focus ^_^ Great job! Thank you for sharing!

  11. serendipity Jan 28, 2005

    I like the bricks though they are different sizes.
    the glow is nice
    see red is better than blue.

  12. SpiritWolf8356 Feb 01, 2005

    Oooo, I just love this! *sets as desktop* I love how you have the red outline around him. It looks very cool. ^_^

  13. Neptune47 Feb 05, 2005

    As a Roy fan, I think it's no surprise that I'm smitten with this wall. So much Mustang... :::faints:::

  14. SilenCoren Feb 08, 2005

    I realy like this background.
    I like the cold look he has.
    Yes i am also a Roy fan. ^^

  15. phresh27 Feb 19, 2005

    wowiee! i like it so much!! roy-san is so coolio!! haha. i love it!

    favourite'd =))

  16. kira-chan Mar 03, 2005

    thats a great wallpaper ^.^ i love the background. the photostrips are really great ^.^ its like "the many faces of roy" XD

  17. coolartist May 24, 2005

    thats awesome! great work on the brick and film strip and the shine around Roy

  18. headaches4ever Jul 06, 2005

    *drool* mustang! uhh! hehe I love it the brick looks wonderful. I bet it took a really long time. the snapshots look cool in the background! That is really good... I am so adding it to my favorites... *drool* I should get a towel *drool* hehe :nya:

  19. shinorei Jul 08, 2005

    don't mind the bricks, they're almost the same. XD that's already enough. ^^
    very seriously looking Roy and those snap shots are really cute and creative.
    i love the red glow surrounding Roy too. original. *nods* nice. :D +fav

  20. DiveXtoBLUE Aug 13, 2005

    Roy....so much Roy...! Roy...open jacket Roy...! This wall drives a Roy fangirl like me insane! Good job on a nice wall!

  21. Lightningalchemist Oct 09, 2005

    Quote by DiveXtoBLUERoy....so much Roy...! Roy...open jacket Roy...! This wall drives a Roy fangirl like me insane! Good job on a nice wall!

    I totally hear you...
    The brick thing didn't jump out at me right away, so you shouldn't worry about it.

    It's like candy for my Roy-obsessed mind. *Drools*

  22. Lightningalchemist Oct 09, 2005

    Quote by DiveXtoBLUERoy....so much Roy...! Roy...open jacket Roy...! This wall drives a Roy fangirl like me insane! Good job on a nice wall!

    I totally hear you...

  23. meiree Feb 06, 2006

    he so cool

  24. obsidianwings Aug 04, 2006

    lovely wall. i agree - i hate making straight lines. but the wall looks good and i like the film strips. <3 the roy scan too.

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