Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Wallpaper: Yami to Boushi hon no Tabito

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Hazuki Azuma Wallpaper
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Series,Visual Novel Hazuki Azuma Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

been a while since I made a wallie~ ^_^""
well blam it on my computer! I wanna do da walling after I upgrade my computer, but somehow my computer don't like uogrades... T_T now I'm still stuck with old parts... T_T
but since I can't hold it any longer, million of ideas keep cramping my brain everyday, I just had to wall something >_<

the new wallie~
Yami to Boushi hon no Tabibito (fewh.. mispelled dat name twice >_>)
overall work took 8 1/2 hours. layer, dunno [too many >_>]
da bg [hallway] is made according to a screenshot. well not the broken glass though. that is just something I came up with~ XP
its kinda hard, but really fun~ XD
what's not fun is extraction. just look at her hair >_< extracting hair is so not my thing >_>

nothing else much to say except the real resolution of this wallpaper is 2121x1600....^_^""
why is it so big and not even in a wallpaper standard reso? well...I started on on the screenshot. after messing, enlarging the screenshot to get the right look. I forgot to make sure the reso is 1600x1200, so I just continued on making da wall in 2121x1600 reso. ^_^"" ended up with a really laggy computer >_>

bombz away~~! ^_^

oh yah, smaller reso are nolw available at my site, The Anime World. ^_^
oh and my site's version doesnt have the tyo. ^_^

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  1. wintersrain Jan 27, 2005

    oooo i really like this! The broken glas effects and the seanery outside the window are all excellent. It is rather large...but alswell XD But it is an amazing wall! ^^

  2. ventures Jan 27, 2005

    impressive wall!>..,<
    I really like the bg withthe nice perspective it has ~~
    the gurl wif the sword is realy kawaii n the floor is covered with broken glass~~
    ne ? ne? its really mesmerisin ~
    though the glasses shouldn't all be in lil tiny pieces ...n they should'nt be so many ~~
    but its so nice^^
    *adds to fav*

  3. Fantasia Jan 27, 2005

    this is so great!!!!!XD
    the bg suits the scan very well
    I like how you made the building&the moon,they are like the real ones
    and the scan is really cool&beautiful~
    love this anime & your wall^^

  4. rythem Jan 27, 2005

    this is really sugoi~>.<
    the girl is so kyuute n really nice bg XD
    everythin suits so perfectly~~the extraction is smooooth XD lol
    n I like the view outside the window ^^
    what more to say? this is uber pwetty wallie thats a must favie~~

  5. Ayamael Jan 27, 2005

    oh wow, the colors are so bright and clear, and the moon and stars look so cool. the broken window is well done too. +fav for me as well! ^^

  6. khyewei Jan 27, 2005

    awesomeeeeee :D this definitely deserve a big fav ^^ great work!!

  7. calisqo Jan 27, 2005

    XD exentric this is a nice wall XD

    so good ^^
    thanks for sharing, i don't have thing to comment on realistic wall ^^
    except than "good work "

    Thanks for sharing *add fav*

  8. tAtEkAnE Jan 27, 2005

    that's wicked O_O very well done exentric..ur starting to impress me with ur reartworked BGs O_O good job good job..ima fave ^__^
    i'm not into the text tho...a normal "arial" text or something that looks like that would do, just add something in it ..and maybe reduce the size of the font a little XD

  9. AlphaZero Jan 27, 2005

    Oh sweet, the girl fits perfectly nice with the bg! :D
    very nice wallpaper.
    good job. ^^

  10. Lana3007 Jan 27, 2005

    oooh! WOW! So pretty!
    That's a really nice idea for a wallpaper! I love how the glass is all over the place, the effect is great! that's a great wallpaper!
    Thank you very much for sharing!

  11. ultimaslair Jan 27, 2005

    Wow! Looks awesome! Really love the scan, and great job on the extraction! Doing hair is so annoying! I hope you're not like me, doing extractions with the pen tool, it is such a pain...Anyways, wall looks really awesome! I don't know much about the series at all, but I love the scene in this wall! Samurai school girl, jumps through a window, and is running down the hall ready to kick your ass! Broken window and outside scenery is great! Definitely a fav!

  12. kitat Jan 27, 2005

    gakkou no rouka desu ne.. yoku dekite masu. real ni subarashii desu. great! background is realy nice! tsuki, hoshi, ki, nado, soto no keshiki ga utsukushii desu. soshite yuka ni ochita garasu no hahen no enshutsu mo very good desu.. watashi wa kouiu wallpaper ga totemo suki desu. In short, it is wonderful. and great work !!

  13. dans Jan 27, 2005

    wiih... very nice.
    the text doesn't look good but the bg looks awesome.
    let me fav it. :D

  14. KorganoS Jan 27, 2005

    now THIS is a piece I called fine art! ;)
    Very well done, Kash!
    it's a stunning combination of starry sky, planet, well-designed hallway, and very nice extraction of the chara....
    impressive indeed.... I believe this is your greatest creation to date....
    and hell! you made me craving for the anime badly >.< is it real good? as far as I can see, the anime consists of bishojos,... mmm.. that's a good thing ^_^'
    overall, this one goes to my favorite box straight away....
    Keep up the great job, Kash! :D

  15. heavens-Dragon Jan 27, 2005

    Awesome! You did a great job extracting her hair! It's crazy to do all the flying strands! The hallway is nicely done! The broken glass is a great touch! You make great walls and this is really awesome! Great wall! Keep up with the great work! +Fav

  16. Kyuzo1 Jan 27, 2005

    Amazing wall.
    The bg is great. The effects are so nice. I also love the chara^^ Great job :) :)

  17. Aa-chan Jan 27, 2005

    The anime is a mystery to me, but the wallpaper looks excellent. Another great submission ^^ .

  18. DarkEVO Jan 27, 2005

    This is a very cool wallpaper you've made.
    I like it very much.
    Favourite for me.

  19. euna Retired Moderator Jan 27, 2005

    you're so lucky that you get millions of ideas crawling into your brain everyday
    I only get a couple every few days.. >_<
    Hey, this wall is great!! Awesome job!!
    Luv the broken glass ^___^
    Everything looks so good to me... i mean everything...
    gthe building, the moon... quite realistic ^___^
    the broken shafts of glass for some reason look a lil odd in a couple of places (have no idea why :P)
    Looks great anywayz. A must fav

  20. semanga Jan 27, 2005

    ohhhh Kash baby you have a great talent
    and you have show us that what is in you .
    ... love this sweet girl so much
    ... it is also a fightgirl like me....
    love your bg work ....
    thanks for your sharing :)
    and hope you make more so great walls like this

  21. Sandy Jan 27, 2005

    Woah! You did an excellent job on the background Excentric. :) The extraction is perfect too. My only complaint is about the text which is a bit large to my mind and some shards of glasses look a little off the perspective. Besides this, it's definitely a good job despite of the cliché elements we find here.

  22. Asahi Jan 27, 2005

    i have sugesstion : make the sword more burnish !!! ^.^
    wow.. that is awesome with the background.. a screeny ! i like the wall very much because its high quallity wall :D #fav .

  23. jingjing1208 Jan 27, 2005

    Oh!!!!I love this wall!!!!!^^
    Cool!!!!!And cool bg you've made!!!^^(Simple comment maybe but that's what I just want to say!^^)
    Really cool,again!^^

  24. Celessa Retired Moderator Jan 27, 2005

    Well done - I love the design you made and the atmosphere looks so real - you've done a really good extraction with her hair too, I have to admit.

    She looks so cool holding that glowing blade of hers. Makes me wonder if I should buy my own. lolis - keep up the good work. Well done indeed.

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