Inuyasha Wallpaper: Sesshoumaru's Night Training

Rumiko Takahashi, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru Wallpaper
Rumiko Takahashi Mangaka Inuyasha Series Sesshoumaru Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Night version of Sesshoumaru's Mountain Training wall ^^
I'm not quite satisfied on how this wall turned out, the tree really really annoyed me, but when I tried to removed it, I couldn't find a thing to fill in the empty space - so the tree stayed ^^;
The scan is from MT, and it's my first time making stars and moons ^^
And as usual, please point out all my flaws, I'll improved from your comments!

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  1. Athrun Jan 26, 2005

    Looks pretty cool. The only thing I find weird are how the mountains look like. But I don't even know how to draw mountains myself, so I shouldn't talk. XD

    Other than that, everything else looks pretty cool. Love the night sky in there! Great job!

    * adds to fav

  2. Kyuzo1 Jan 26, 2005

    Beautiful wall^^
    The sky is very nice. I like it^^. Thanks for sharing!!! :) :)

  3. Aa-chan Jan 26, 2005

    As above, the mountains are the only thing that look a little funny about the piece. As for the tree, it's not bad going ^^ .

  4. tiantito Jan 26, 2005

    the planets look really great but those mountains ...maybe the lighting on them is what does not make that reallistic appereance..
    anyway nice job
    keep it on

  5. Kiako Jan 26, 2005

    that's one nice wallpaper you made there
    i like the moon in the back. well the tree isn't that bad i somehow like it...on a way
    keep it up

  6. chisana Jan 26, 2005

    Wow,it's looks really good :)
    And yes... ^_^'the mountins...but that's not a big problem^_^
    The moon and the stars looks awesome and the grass is very realistic.I also like the tree,don't think it's annoying :)
    Overall you have done a great wallpaper ^_^
    Keep up the good work! ;)

  7. KorganoS Jan 26, 2005

    the grass look nice, the planets also, and the tree is not bad, really.... ;) good job...
    but the mountains can use another style since it doesn't fit the scene imo... ^_^'
    anyways.... keep it up! you're always improving, it's very nice....

  8. Kori Jan 26, 2005

    Waaaaaay!! Really cool! A night picture!! ^_______^ It looks really great, I especially love the night sky and the beautiful moons! You've done a great job there. The tree looks a little... bright, not very... nighty, if you know what I mean. ^^; So I understand that you wanted to take it away. The mountain does look a little weird and even though Sesshoumaru's demon form is supposed to be in the background, I think the mountain should at least be behind it. The mountain being on his demon form looks a little weird, but over all: great job!! ^___________^

  9. meteorcloud Jan 26, 2005

    woah!!! great wallpaper ^^!!!!
    nice planets, nice sky, nice grass....the tree looks great but the leaves looks abit too big =/.... but great job ^^ mountains could be done better ......but the scan and other things are just fine ^^!!! * add to fav *

  10. MyrrhLynn Jan 26, 2005

    Wow! Definately a fav for me! The grass looks awesome!!! O_O So do the stars and planets! ^_^ You did a great job! Personally the tree looks fine to me. Maybe you could try a different kind of leaf and see if you like that more?

    i do agree with what some other people said though about the mountains. That's not how moon light would reflect on them. I have no clue how they are actually suppose to look though. x_x Oh, excellent extraction (as usual). ;D Gosh, that sky and grass are just so dang cool. *_*

  11. Devilet Jan 26, 2005

    hmm, nice, I like the stars and all that, just I think the grass and the leaves should be darker in the night time, maybe try looking at some night photos to help you ^^

    keep up the good work cygnus! :)

  12. sylvacoer Jan 26, 2005

    This wall is awesome! I'm glad you did a night version - it definitely suits sesshomaru better!

  13. NikaNeko Jan 26, 2005

    Nice wallpaper of Fluffy^.^
    Sesshoumaru one of my fav character in Inuyasha.
    Is Going into my FavXD

  14. cerena Jan 27, 2005

    same layout with be4 don ya? hmm same opinion with them ur moon is great i like it and the grass as i said be4 the leaves flow through seshoumaru sama will be better i guess. but the mountain behind hahahaha^^; anyway.. keep it up. thanks for sharing ^^

  15. hanon Jan 27, 2005

    nice wallie, cygnus
    i luv the night sky, especially the moon.. it looks beautiful ^^
    but about the mountain ^^; maybe you shouldn't make the glow that bright and you could've used a brighter colour for the mountain, so it'd look more realistic =3
    anyway, overall it's a good work ^^ keep it up ~

  16. Jormungand Jan 27, 2005

    Whee~! I like this better than the daytime version :D
    yep, the grass and the sky look really nice
    the highlights on the mountains can be softer, or maybe coloured...
    but anyhoo, great work~!
    unlike me, you're definitely improving XD

  17. Balljacker Jan 27, 2005

    Cool wallie. I like the night atmosphere. the colors are good n the effects are nice. it suits him pretty well. anyway nice artwork I like it ;)

  18. Lizardy Jan 27, 2005

    the night version is really good. i like the moon and the stars in the background!! this version from sesshoumaru is the best!!

  19. raxis Jan 27, 2005

    nice char,
    nice moon,
    n the mountain....... same with them ^^
    btw this is a nice wall!! good job cygnus!!
    +add to fav+

  20. Barbara Jan 28, 2005

    Very nice, interesting idea on the bg, it looks really great. Nice job :)

  21. semanga Jan 28, 2005

    My sweety girl make a other version from the great wall love this also like the otherone
    i see you get better with ever work keep it up girl i watch to your next great wall :)

  22. Tirdaelyn Jan 28, 2005

    This is a really nice wallie. ^^
    The dark tones and night theme is all very nice. I really like it. You did a great job, the image is so clean and clear. ^^

  23. pyropawz Jan 28, 2005

    How old is this picture of Sess-sama? Because I was under the impression that he lost his right arm near the beginning of the series, but then there it is. Of course he does only have Tensaiga, so it could be an old pic.

  24. usagipan Jan 29, 2005

    I love sesshoumaru-sama!!!!!!!! this wallpaper looks greaty, I like this moon...^^

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