Fate/stay night Wallpaper: heaven's requiem

TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Saber Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ah i felt like making a quick wall today so overall i put about a little more then an hour into this one. i had this scan from a fate stay night doujin which i thought was really well drawn and had wanted to wall it for a while. basically, all i did to this was, stitch the two scans together, clean it up, and then i basically put additions right on top of it. i added a crapload of fog, three levels of it actually (behind the tree, behind the char, and in front). then i darken and recolored some of the bg and blurred it to make it seem like it was out of focus. i finally then made it really over contrasted and added alot of grain to it to make it look sort of like old film. i ran the same grain tthrough the text as well.
also, i dont know if anyone would notice, but i put the picture on a tilt to sort of imitate the dutch tilt use in films (so yea, i was thinking alot about films when i made this). the whole softness aspect of it too is actually suppose to imitate the filter shots that they used back in the studio days and which were recently copied in movies like sky captain or casshern

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  1. Kurosawa Jan 26, 2005

    whoa.... XD
    love the bg so cool, very match with the chara :D
    Yeah I get too the scan ^O^.
    Great job crapmonster XD

  2. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 26, 2005

    Astonishly beautiful Crap, the serenity of the character and the bg is well done in a peaceful movement...Awesome process of the wall and great job! :)

  3. Xueli Jan 26, 2005

    your latest wallpapers are really awsome, I wonder where you get your inspiration from? anyway I really love this pic, goes great with the bg!

  4. rocknroll-isgo Jan 26, 2005

    You did this in an hour? *jealousy rears its ugly head* anyway. It does give off the feel of an old film, which I like... nice choice on the text as well. :)

  5. euna Retired Moderator Jan 26, 2005

    used a doujinshi?? and just over an hour?? O___O
    geez... you're too good.. XD
    i can't tell it's a doujinshi.. must have been really good.. ^___^
    anywayz, the wall.. looks stunning.. i just luv it!!
    the mood and eveything.. it's gorgeous.. *fav*

  6. heavens-Dragon Jan 26, 2005

    Oh wowies! This is just really awesome! The background really matches the character! Super job! Yeah, the dousjinshi artist is really good! Nice details! Great wall! +Fav

  7. Kiako Jan 26, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very beautiful and the background suits her.
    keep it up

  8. muffs Jan 26, 2005

    really nice wallpaper. really like the blurry effect. and saber is as beautiful as ever. ^_^

  9. Aa-chan Jan 26, 2005

    The background is stunning and blends so well with the character. A trully great wall ^^ .

  10. Asahi Jan 26, 2005

    aww.. nice style.. but i dont like the white stripes (which make it look like a film) . the rest is a nice color sheme .. like the motive of her ! ^.^

  11. kitat Jan 26, 2005

    It is nice touch. It seems to me that this is looking at the film. You are using the nice effect and good idea. I like it very much. It is great work !!

  12. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jan 26, 2005

    Wow... great effects on a sultry posed image! Kudos and muyo envy! :D

  13. zaira Jan 26, 2005

    waaah!!! soo cool!!! i really like it!!!
    all your works are sooo cool!!!! but..do ya hav smaller size? like 1024x768??
    i really do need it!!!!!
    i'll giv ya 100% for this one!
    +fav! XD XO XD

  14. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 26, 2005

    crap stop making walls so fast I dont even have time to comment on them all x__x;
    ugh, prettyness~ love the scan and work on the textures, those vertical lines style isnt very original but it gives its effect, the really nice part is teh effects on top left~ love it
    small text didnt need to have outer glow in my opinion, the rest is purrfect <3

  15. KorganoS Jan 26, 2005

    Oh my... this is some original work indeed....
    love all the concept and the process involved in the making...
    and awesome result as usual....
    I kinda expect to see the scan used fully, since you cropped some of the tree's parts and whatnots,...
    but in this case, simplicity rulez, your style, it is ;)
    Keep up the magnificent job, crap!

  16. UndyingShadow Jan 26, 2005

    ooooh pretty wall crap! I like your brushwork and the texture of the wall...it's really unique...sort of like the texture of your ass....

  17. Yura Jan 26, 2005

    wow love the concept, great idea with the film thing
    the blurry bg and all i want to see is the girl face
    nice colors the letters looks great

  18. ChiLLiaN Jan 26, 2005

    i dont really like the watermarks on the right, it doesnt fit nicely
    the background fog looks a little off, it doesnt fit with the yellow back
    though the blur on the yellow part is nice
    and the pic girl of the girl is a nice fit

  19. Foolish-ishness Jan 26, 2005

    Awesome wall, crap. It kinda makes me feel sleepy when looking at it. The fog effect gives off that dream look. Which matches the scan perfectly ;D +fav and its going on my desktop

  20. darkwaterbunny Jan 26, 2005

    whoa, this is really good, and only in a hour and a little more o.o *blown away* wow, really nice effects and I luv the theme ^_~ you make awsome wallies! fav!

  21. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jan 27, 2005


    I love it! As soon as I saw this scan, I wanted to wall it too. ^^ It's just such an expressive shot of Saber. Anyways, the old-film treatment fits perfectly, and I like the angle adjustment/cropping. ^^ The overlying streaks seem a little unblended, but don't affect the wall that much. I'm simply in looove with your text, the grungy feeling is superb. An excellent job, overall! ^^

  22. gamer325 Jan 29, 2005

    this is a pretty nice scan i like it keep them comin, oh a btw this looks good on my desktop

  23. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2005

    i like the brush you utilized... makes it seem like an old movie to me. great job.

  24. Noctum Jan 30, 2005

    This one looks great and has a lot of unique details, but I'm not that happy about the text.

    Due to the bright bg, it stands out a lot and the smaller letters don't match the overall style due to their modern looking font (what is a "holy death" supposed to be anyway?).

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