Gunslinger Girl Wallpaper: -[No getting over that Rainbow]-

Madhouse, Gunslinger Girl, Rico (Gunslinger Girl) Wallpaper
Madhouse Studio Gunslinger Girl Series Rico (Gunslinger Girl) Character

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Artist Comment

Hello everyone. Today I made this.. a Gunslinger Girl wallpaper. The title is from the the song 'I won't last a day without you', which Shiina Ringo and Utada Hikaru did together. It's a wonderful song, so I suggest going to listen to it. I've been sick, so I really haven't been doing anything... so I came up with this. About 2-3 hours of work in Photoshop, scan is from Kawaii Revolution. I think this is definitely my best work so far... so yeah. I would appreciate critisism, and helpful comments. Favorites also loved as well.

"I'll take all the madness this world gives me."

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  1. jackalx66 Jan 25, 2005

    lol brom xD
    that song is great :D
    i <3 it xD
    grunge eh :3

    ppl get their speciality, naturally :D

    erm, i never see the anime before tho
    so i can make any comment bout it
    nice extraction :D

    and the bg is nice xD
    a lot of brushes :3
    u say it by urself xD
    and , erm i can comment much coz it's not my style~

    hope u feel better soon :D

    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  2. mamimi Jan 26, 2005

    very nice, I like grunge walls.

    I'm not skilled at walling, neither at wp-commenting, so I can't really further my critic, though I do like that work. +fav.

    Love and furry car seats, <3.

  3. mughi Jan 26, 2005

    Wow, you did this in on 2-3 hours. Nice job on this wallpaper. I really have not seen Gunslinger Girl but now I'm curious to want to see it. I do like the way you did the background and the character looks nice enough for me. I'm not a waller so you won't hear me complaining about your work. Good job as usual and thanks for posting your work. Lastly, sorry to hear you were sick.

  4. Vivid-Rein Jan 26, 2005

    Nice effort. I love the grunge, but there are some problems. Some of the grunge looks misplaced almost and the grunge on the top (towards the middle) looks weird and pixelated... The text is also weird. Its almost a little too blurry at some times (even with my glasses) and sometimes its too crisp. But, its still a good wallpaper. With more work, you will become better. Im glad to see you using a more grunge approach with your walls. Now i think you can see that you were born to do grunge. :3

  5. Ninja Jan 26, 2005

    A very awesome Rico wallpaper, the whole style of the wallpaper looks really really cool.

  6. frozenwilderness Jan 26, 2005

    wahhh nice grunge~
    the scan is really well-integrated with the background.. love the colors too XD

  7. shinta Jan 26, 2005

    Ahhh l33t grunge!!! I just think that the image is too bright (or for that matter the contrast is too high) its showing some jagged areas. Isn't that a title of a song by The Carpenters?

    "when there's no getting over that rainbow,
    when my smallest of dreams won't come true.
    I can take all the madness the world has to give
    But I won't last a day without you..."

    I love the Carpenters... ;__;

  8. Rella Jan 26, 2005

    Oooh, I love the effects you put on the background! It's so pretty and cool. Great wallpaper!

  9. TwistedGTX Jan 26, 2005

    i agree ^^ the song by utada and shinna is awesome ^^
    thats some good grunge that you haev going on maybe the character is a bit bright for the grungy style.. you could mellow it out a bit..

  10. Devilet Jan 26, 2005

    waaaiii, grunge =D
    looks awesome with that scan! hmm, character seems to lack quality x.X;;
    but other than that everything is great ^.^ *huggle* keep it up brom~

  11. halcyonTwilight Jan 26, 2005

    Awesome grunge ^^ Love how you draw attention to right with the placement of all the brushes, and the quality is really nice . The high contrast fits, but it could be toned down a lil though =\ Really sweet work...and i hope you get well soon ^__^

  12. Fantasia Jan 26, 2005

    I love the bg&the text,they suits the scan very well
    the color of the bg is soft&nice
    and the paste effect is really great
    very nice wall

  13. MuZ0NaZ Jan 26, 2005

    great grunge, but why the hell did you soften the text and birds? it looks like crap (no offence) compared to the grunge.
    still a fav though.

  14. euna Retired Moderator Jan 26, 2005

    very cute ^___^
    nice grunge .. the text and the birds are a little blurred but still cool!
    really cute scan.. looks so cute ~~ ^___^
    awesome grunge wallie.. nice job!

  15. Kiako Jan 26, 2005

    great wallpaper
    i like the way the girl is holding the gun in her hand an the way you made teh background nice colors.

  16. irix Jan 26, 2005

    I loves the grunge!!! and this one is not the xception! wow! really good one! ^^

  17. meteorcloud Jan 26, 2005

    great one brom ^^
    grundgy!!!! it's really cool ^^
    great work =d
    * add to favs*

  18. Evanrued Jan 26, 2005

    I really like this one. It gives one a certain feeling. I must say as well, that I do like very much all the effects you put into it. Very well done!

  19. KorganoS Jan 26, 2005

    damn! If only I can do grunge >.<
    Overall, this is a super grunge wall... and featuring one of my most favorite anime...
    if I look closely there are some brushes that are pixelated/blurry.....
    and the birds (that was meant as a typo) aren't that suitable.... I think it'd be better to keep the text plain and clean...
    but ah well... I must say I really love the feel of this wall.... a job well done, Brom! ;)
    Keep it up!

  20. Seran Jan 26, 2005

    Its very stylish,because this is the first wallpaper where I see a background like this. It is from a hungarian school paper yes? I can recognize it,and I must say it turned out to be great. ^--^

  21. StarCentury Jan 26, 2005

    Now this is cool! An angst-driven grunge wallie made by my friend, bromithia! ^_^' The BG designs are very interesting and the scan surprisingly blends with the grunge! Amazing work, it deserves a huge fav! ^^V

  22. ultimaslair Jan 27, 2005

    Looks really great bromithia! A great grunge wall. Really nice textures and brushes. I like the color too...like a bright highly saturated color. It's really cool. The brushes and her outfit really contrast it. Great job on this wall!

  23. 3ks-Devil-666 Jan 27, 2005

    This is an awsome wall. i like the grunge !! The character is cool.
    good work. i like to see more of your works.
    Welldone keep it up.

    till next time......

  24. GintheTwilightswords Jan 28, 2005

    Hi Bromithia ^uu^.Sry not you're sick,poor thing *gives her chicken soup and big hugglez* This wall is wicked-awesome,I like how you have words ingraved into the bg,and the effect you used is excellent :) .Everything has a faded look to it.I think you've out done yourself this time,great job :D and I hope you start to feel better soon *gives her another hugglez*

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