Rurouni Kenshin Wallpaper: Above the Moonlit Snow

Rurouni Kenshin, Yahiko Myoujin Wallpaper
Rurouni Kenshin Series,OVA Yahiko Myoujin Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yay, my first Kenshin wall. I stole the moon from my other wallpaper but that's okay because I like it. I made this wall because I wanted to enter it into a Kenshin wallpaper contest. This wall features Yahiko. The text is very light because i didn't want it to stick out too much.
The scan is from somewhere in MT. Look around the Kenshin section and you'll find it.
Constructive criticisms please so I can make it better before I submit it to the contest :]

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  1. KorganoS Jan 25, 2005

    mmm... there's a hand sticking out on the left side ^_^' that's very odd...
    and I think the moon or planet or whatever it is... is too big... and yellow doesnt' suit the cold scene well..
    but the snowy mountains and the snowflakes are very nice... :)

  2. meteorcloud Jan 25, 2005

    yeah...I agree with korg XD!!!
    yups...the moon looks like cheese...O_o"........
    bit blurry on the back....but it's nice ^^ hard to make...a scenerc wall=/.......
    nice nice=)

  3. youli-chan Jan 25, 2005

    It's awsome!

  4. shirahana Jan 25, 2005

    Nice ^-^; The colors are nicely chosen :D

    The text is light... but you said you didn't want to make it stand out too much. However, if the text isn't of much importance, then why not remove it all together? ^^; Because currently, it's too light. It's still readable, but. light to the point that it feels like it's not that important.... Am I making sense? =__=;

    So yeah... do something about the text.... @_@;

  5. juanicths Jan 25, 2005


    do like the nice and light effect ^^ the moon looks great but a little big, yar? and that hand that yahiko is grabbing with his left hand IS really outta place... weird mysterious person? maybe u can ps the hand into something like a stick or wateva that yahiko can be holding as a weapon...

  6. DarkEVO Jan 26, 2005

    Quote by KorganoSmmm... there's a hand sticking out on the left side ^_^' that's very odd...
    and I think the moon or planet or whatever it is... is too big... and yellow doesnt' suit the cold scene well..
    but the snowy mountains and the snowflakes are very nice... :)

    I agree with KorganoS. But it's still good wall though.

  7. zaira Jan 26, 2005

    heya wow nice scan! but m.... whats that and sticking on th left??
    well i also agree with KorganoS!
    anyway great wall! :)

  8. hanon Jan 26, 2005

    wai.. kawaii yahiko ~
    i agree about the hand though.. it does look odd ^_^'
    and as for the moon.. well I don't really think the size matters to me, I like big moons anyway.. but that's right, yellow doesn't suit the scene and overall colour use in the wallie ~ I'd say a blue or light blue would look good in it instead of yellow.. but I luv the snowy bg ^.^

  9. semanga Jan 26, 2005

    ohhh girl what you have do here ????
    it is a very wonderful work from yahiko
    love it and put it to my fav ^^

  10. Tirdaelyn Jan 28, 2005

    This is a really nice wallpaper, I love the background you used. It is all together a nice job. ^^

  11. Nayako Jan 28, 2005

    Yey!!! Very nice work ^^
    Love the bg and chara is very nice XD
    Cool wallie!!!

  12. Skillzpay Jan 28, 2005

    You did a great job in creating the whole snowy scene, the moon does appear to be somewhat on the big side and it makes the text a little difficult to makeout. Keep it up, I can see that you're improving :)

  13. Kaori-Mitsuki Jan 29, 2005

    Nice pic of yahiko. I think that's when he's older but he still looks the same to me with just diff clothes lol. I really like th moon ^^ and the font on the moon is really hard to see. I thought it said "above the moonlit show" but it's snow woops ^^;; good wallpaper overall

  14. AimO Feb 01, 2005

    The colour really clashes together well, makes the wallpaper really standout. Keep up the good workkkk!!

  15. xSiLeNtAnGeLx Feb 12, 2005

    o0o0 pretty wallie!!!^^* i love the moon and snow ^^* but i do agree that the hand dosnt really fit hehehe i still love it though you did a really good job on this!! a favie for me!!

  16. Jakebreiholz Feb 26, 2005

    The moon is a bit blury and big i think it would be much better if it where smaller and what is with the extra hand on the left and the komia kasheen style forbids real swords I give it a
    7 out of 10 good job keep up the good work

  17. valiantzero Apr 19, 2005

    This is a nice kenshin wallpaper. The scan of Yahiko fits well into your custom background.

  18. kyosukeimao May 18, 2005

    nice suit ^_^

  19. Akabane-X Aug 06, 2005

    What's with hand? It scares me...really odd...
    Anyway, I love the snow and the pose of Yahiko.
    Adds to favorites and downloads.

  20. XDE Mute Member Aug 11, 2005

    I Think This Wall Is Nice, Nicely Done... The Only Thing You Should Do Is Resize The Moon And Get Rid Of The Extra Hand (That Is Somewhat Creepy) And That Should Make You A Contest Winning Wall.... But This Wall Is Nice, Anyways It's Up To You If You Wan't To Modify It.
    Sorry If I Said Too Much.^_^'

  21. sekhmet11 Aug 14, 2005

    I do like it, but the hand makes the context a little odd. Nice job overall.

  22. osakagirl Aug 22, 2005

    great wallpaper! liked the way how you blended the background in with the character so well. keep it coming!

  23. CosmicRescue Jun 22, 2006

    You did cut the image very good. I've seen the scan way before this. ^^ And this is great.

  24. BlackDemonMyst Oct 22, 2006

    How adorable! <3

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