Eden Wallpaper: Eden

Hiroki Endo, Eden Wallpaper
Hiroki Endo Mangaka Eden Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ah another wall done the same way as "falling apart". im still practicing this technique so this picture was perfect for it sense he is basically naked. the pic is from the manga "eden". not sure if anyone here reads it but its definitely one of my fav of all time. haha also ive never seen a wall from this series so that was another reason for me to make it.

anyways, if your interested in the manga, you can get it over at mangaproject.cjb.net but be warned, the manga can be quite violent.

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  1. UndyingShadow Jan 24, 2005

    yeah i'm the first to comment! zieg heil! my god...this wall...its...disturbing...so scary crap! hold me tight!

  2. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2005

    ew, you have the decay thing pretty well already, this is the freakiest wall ever ._. looks so realistic...
    Ive heard of Eden but never actually read it, looks good tho, I should push myself to begin it someday

  3. euna Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2005

    ahhh... he's trying to kill me!!! XD XD XD
    whoa... scary... i noe i've always wanted a sword but this is going overboard.. XD
    kinda disturbing perhaps, but a cool looking wallie as usual big bro!
    gotta admit that the textures look great, depite all the 'freakiness' (is there such a word??)...
    great wallie as usual. nice job!!

  4. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2005

    You beat me in both texture anddecay all together...pretty simple but radical wall all together...
    Beautiful work mate! :D

  5. DayBreak Jan 24, 2005

    crapmonster! your scarying people! causing them to wet their pants XD.
    thats some creepy effect O.o .
    gatto learn that technigue sometime!
    well actually, i think i saw a tut that has similar technique that your using right now!
    Exp:taking a picture of a cracked road, overlaying it on a picture. do some renders etc!

  6. Sh0rT0nE Jan 24, 2005

    wow great effects...the guy looks quite scary...made a really nice looking wall...background is very simple but it gets the message across...makes u focus on mainly the character...and :shudder: a sight to see..love the effects u used on the guy's skin...very sorta realistic in a freaky sense...excellent job

  7. Pho3nix Jan 24, 2005

    Crapmonster, I love you!!!!

    Thank you for making the first Eden wallpaper ever. Please make more? -puppy eyes- I really love the manga, it's great!

  8. artgeek12 Jan 24, 2005

    Quote by candy-chanew, you have the decay thing pretty well already, this is the freakiest wall ever ._. looks so realistic...

    You really have gotten a grasp on that particular technique. It actually looks like his skin. Very cool! You're gonna have to create a tutorial yourself someday. The only thing that bothers me is the hair. It looks like you see the shape of his skull, then a shadow of hair. Was that added after the fact? The text works great too! The increased kerning plus the choice in typeface and the variation in size works well with this complex wall that is seemingly simple. This wall is really good. Thanks!!

  9. Bamb0o-Stick Jan 24, 2005

    Cool you definitely got a very unique style going. I can see what you mean when you told me to go grunge ^^. Keep em coming crap ;)

  10. Furikuu Jan 24, 2005

    It almost has a movie poster feel to it, in the vein of those recent Japanese and Korean horror movies ;D Nice texturing.

  11. shirahana Jan 25, 2005

    The darkness @__@; It's so scary >__<;

    Well, the wallpaper itself looks simple... but the emotions it brings across is pretty strong. Hm... and I like how the blade is tinged purple/red...

    Wah, the wallpaper's scaring me.... Can't look at it any longer =__=;

  12. Rex Jan 26, 2005

    the more i look at your walls, the more frightened i get XD

    but man....this is one scary wall.....

  13. Noctum Jan 29, 2005

    Great work on the character, only the bg seems too simple for such a detailed and "colourful" person.

  14. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2005

    great texturing! i started reading the manga, but stopped for an unknown reason :(

  15. darkwaterbunny Feb 06, 2005

    !! I love the concept, simple but powerful wallpaper! Great job on this one, the effects look reallgreat! And this sounds like a great manga, I should read it ^_^, fav!

  16. Suicide-Demon Apr 22, 2005

    Quote by Pho3nixCrapmonster, I love you!!!!

    Thank you for making the first Eden wallpaper ever. Please make more? -puppy eyes- I really love the manga, it's great!

    Oh god I love you too crapmonster!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
    Pleeease, pleeease make more EDEN-Wallpapers!!! You can't find any others in the web!
    Thank you sooo much again! Mind if I add you to my friendlist? I hope not...

  17. Kankuro-the-Sick Apr 23, 2005

    Yeeehow! Finally a Eden wallie! Jeez you made my day! Kenji looks great with the decay. Your skills are godlike, man. Please make more Eden wallies. Thx for making thie first Eden Wallpaper. Hard to find pics in the net. Please, make more. Mind if i add ya to my friend list?
    *sigh* There are so few Eden fans on MT! Keep it on.

    Thx and CU around

  18. jaszi5 Sep 21, 2005

    This wall is wonderful....I love the colors! It's very powerful!


  19. swanmaiden Mar 01, 2011

    aww Kenji <3 great wallpaper : )

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