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J.C. Staff, Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning, Rio Takeuchi, Ryoko Takamachi, Eyes Rutherford Wallpaper
J.C. Staff Studio Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Series Rio Takeuchi Character Ryoko Takamachi Character Eyes Rutherford Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

really hope this wall doesn't get deleted.... completed it a few days ago but let it sit ard on my laptop to see if i wanted to make any changes....

scans of ayumu and rutherford from MT, the rest of the crew from scans of spiral 2004 calendar that i got off emule.... the extractions were done following shinta's Virtual Ecosystem Deus (http://www.imanimetions.net/main.php), boy was the hair frustrating! scans from diff sources, so the colortones were fiddled about with slightly... hope i didn't make it weird...

the dark tones are kinda along the idea about the darkness that surrounds the blade children, graffiti-styled to add a little more color, so i went a little brush crazy here...just kept trying out abstract brushes with diff colors ^^ wanted to portray the chaos that is ard when the blade children are involved

the brushes on the background were from PureAnodyne (http://pureanodyne.our-imagination.net/)

EDIT: in view of MissCz's comments, i touched up some of the weird parts of the extractions... hope i managed to get everything!

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  1. calisqo Jan 24, 2005

    like the grungy feeling i the back ^^

    The group shots is also cool ^^.
    Just onething mayb u should add more connection in between the scan and the bg.

    But this is nice work ^^.
    And i think this won't get deleted so rest assure ^^

    Well done ^^

  2. hoihoi Jan 24, 2005

    I like the background... especially the splashes of paint ... the extraction is also well-done!
    overall it is a nice wall... ^________^ ganbatte!
    The character in the middle (3rd from left) has fainter black outlines than the rest of the characters... so maybe something can be done... ^^

  3. Midori-chan Jan 24, 2005

    wow! i like the bg a lot!
    grafitti rox! good job on it! the scan is also very nice! the whole group is there^^
    great job!
    keep it up!

  4. Koujisama Jan 24, 2005

    Nice and very great that graffiti background :)
    Excellency work on this wallpaper :) :)

  5. MissCz Jan 24, 2005

    Yay for grunge!

    I'm tired of those ridiculous girly girl walls. (Not that I don't like the girls, I'm just sick of them being submissions of the day.)

    A decent extraction, I can see some little places where you left some of the old content on, but it's not noticeable.

    Overall, I think it works very well. :) I especially like the flavor of the graffiti in the back...it works very nicely! :)

    Keep up the great work!

  6. MyrrhLynn Jan 26, 2005

    The background is neato (hehe, I'm a fan of grungy types of backgrounds). Humm your comment makes me think I should do a bishounen hair extraction tutorial XD

    The only thing that sort of bugs me about this walls is that Eyes and Ayumu are obviously from a different kind of scan. There colors aren't as bright. Ahh well it's still good though! ^^

  7. Tirdaelyn Jan 28, 2005

    That is a really nice wallpaper. I love the background, it looks really good. It does have quite the grunge feel and attitude to it. Great job. ^^

  8. baaakurama Jan 28, 2005

    I love this wall! The bg is so interesting (in a good way, I promise ^_^)! Thank you for sharing! Great job! Keep it up!

  9. yamazaki Feb 02, 2005

    nice extraction! but the bg doesnt goes well with the characters ^^;;;;
    but i like it tho...

    nice one^^

  10. AimO Feb 04, 2005

    really nice group scan!!...........i just love allllll the characters in Spiral!!.............Good job =)

  11. Freedeal Mar 16, 2005

    I love it ! I very like of spiral. It such a good picture group XD so keep doing some picture special about spiral ! ;)

  12. az-chan May 13, 2005

    I love this pic but where's kanone??? Still this pic is great. Thanks for making it so cool.

  13. RileyE Jun 25, 2005

    Awsome wallie! That's a great pic you chose there!! I give it 9.9/10!! ^^

  14. kirasky Jan 14, 2006


  15. KosukeEX Dec 30, 2006

    Wow really well done i havent seen a good group shot in...forever so it was really awsome

  16. sakura-chan0103 Apr 18, 2009

    beautiful, cool n handsome as always..... =p gud job!

  17. Kaho1440 Apr 12, 2010

    Is it match from calendar ilustration?

  18. symphonyofthieves Feb 11, 2011

    I love this wallpaper and I love the group photo you used!~

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