Angel Sanctuary Wallpaper: You Get Me Closer to God

Kaori Yuki, Angel Sanctuary, Setsuna Mudo Wallpaper
Kaori Yuki Mangaka Angel Sanctuary Series Setsuna Mudo Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

FINALLY! *dies* This wall took me all day. I know to some that is not alot...but i'm usually pretty quick with graphic making so this was a bit different. anyways.

I ADORE this wall and am extremely proud of myself. Call me vain but i really like it. My friend showed me the pic and i had ot make soemthing with it XD. I wanted a different font for "You Bring Me Closer to God" but paint shop pro was being annoying...but the font i used i think turned out VERY well. Better then what I was originally going to use. I was trying to go for a icy/cyrstalized/something like that effect and put in the red by the broken so it look kinda like a wound...or something. But it looks cool none the less! XD I also thought the song went with the whole Angel Sanctuary story so that's why i used it.

I would appriciate both prise and critisim since this is really the first time i put everything into a wallpaper. I would like to know how i'm doing...even if it's bad XD

Ta ta for now! *waves*

Featured Character: Setsuna
Featured Song: Closer by Nine Inch Nails

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  1. SuspendedReality Jan 23, 2005

    O_o;; omg!!!! *dances around* This is so incedibly awesome!!! I love the colours that you used...*still gawking* Can't tell you how phenominal it looks, keep up the great work!!! *fav*

  2. rocknroll-isgo Jan 23, 2005

    Pretty. I love the diverse colours. And the font did turn out good... so Well done! :D +fav

  3. murderonprimetime Jan 23, 2005

    As your best friend who sat there as you made it and heard ur "oo! i like that...dont know what i did.. but i like it" .. and you "damn psp!" I dont think i really need to comment in telling you that it came out awesome *_*..considering i've done that as you've gone about making it... and just like i told you on Msn.. I thought ur Heavel Laughs was kick-ass... but this changes everything.. which is a good thing cause you put a hell lot of time and effort into this one and i have to tell you it came out pretty kick-ass..and i like the wound thing lol..and the words..it's just very wow.

    Now i could go on forever.. cause you know me.. and when you make me go speechless i tend to ramble on forever XD but You know it's kick-ass and i'm sure most everyone will think the same -huggles XD congrats on another graphic well done!..sometimes.. you really make me envious u no that? lol

    Anywho. enough of my nonsense..... but one more thing before i go.... GO MAKE ME THAT fansign FROM before! :p I love you ashie-sama XD

  4. peachiemint Jan 23, 2005

    whoa random colors indeed. the bg effects looks reallie awesome. it does look like this wallie took awhile. anyhoo, great work. keep it up =^^=

  5. heavens-Dragon Jan 23, 2005

    I love it! The effects are simply beautiful! I'm just speechless right now! The colours matches very nicely and the font turned out really well! I'm not sure about the blueish-green glow around the font, but I love the font you chose. Very nicely done! Keep it up!

  6. Leaf Jan 23, 2005

    Another masterpiece by ashie!! XDD I love the colors! *__* this is gonna be a fav of mine and my new desktop. ~_^

  7. hanon Jan 23, 2005

    waah setsunaa XD
    *steals him away*
    anyway.. the bg effects looks great ^^ and yes I agree with you the font and the placement of the text are both so cool ~ overall it's a great job, ashie =3 keep it up ~

  8. Kiako Jan 23, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    the effects you made are great and the colors too it all matches
    keep it up

  9. Captain-Harlock Jan 23, 2005

    that is one nice wallie!! i weally like it^^ and the bloody touch is sooo nice ^^ i really like bloody thingies :P keep up the good work! :)

  10. Rella Jan 23, 2005

    Wow, how pretty. The colors and effects look really good together. Very nicely done! ^_^

  11. Kotter Jan 25, 2005

    Nice work. So unusal.

    add to favourites ^_-

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 26, 2005

    Wow so beautiful and cathdral based in a way...the text and effects bring oout the beauty in it...Awesome job on the wall! :)

  13. gountessg Jan 30, 2005

    setsuna is sooooooo handsome. I think this wallpaper is not that bad. I like the way you emphasized setsuna by lmaking the background so light. I actually like it. :D

  14. wonjin Banned Member Jan 30, 2005

    This wallpaper is very good-looking.the character and the background merge well..
    I very like it .thanks for your share.+FAV 4 u!* Keep it up! ^^

  15. Sigourney Jan 31, 2005

    Wow... good work... love colours, and effects~... and really like the font and the placement of text... and of course the text itself too x3...

  16. pinailleur Mar 01, 2005

    whooo.Excellent I love this wallpaper. Thank you very much for your beautiful work
    That I love in this wallaper is the back, it's very beautiful
    I hope to see others walls make by you

    thanks :D :D

  17. crewcifix Apr 08, 2005

    love it ashie!! not to mention the whole God topic. *loves God*

    ok.. nuff now. xD

  18. ShivaBlueDragoon Jun 02, 2005

    ooooooooh...me like this alot ^_^ good job on it. I like all the colors and the font is nice

  19. DeathGoth Jul 12, 2005

    Another awesome art work. Good job.................................................................

  20. ichinomiya May 19, 2009

    Very particular works!
    I really like it!

  21. abelini4 Mute Member Sep 20, 2009

    beautifull ^_^...

  22. MissGabbe Nov 27, 2010

    Just One word : AWSOME ^_^

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