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Oh. Behold my totally leet colour coordination skills. ^_^' *shudders* The sketch took maybe four hours, and I messed up their hands while inking, so that got patched up in Photoshop. And I'd had too many jellybeans by the time I inked Oshitari's glasses - it shows. My hands shake when I've had a sugar overload... Couldn't decide if his eyes were facing the 'camera', the walkman, or Atobe either <lol>...

Initially, I'd tried making a winter background, but ended up scrapping a couple of hours work on that because I can't make real stuff. At all. So! Sheet music~<3 It's actually a song called Eternal Harvest, from Final Fantasy 9. Don't ask why - it was 4am randomness.

The font is called Ma Sexy... which I found quietly hilarious.
(btw.. a tape-playing walkman. :nya: because they're retro and cool)

The entire thing is somewhat the fault of walkure245, because she commented on my last fanart (featuring shishido and taki)...

Quote by walkure245Nicely done~ But they aren't my favs on the team. You should do one with Oshitari and Atobe.

And I thought, yeah.. why not? XD Hope y'all likes it.

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  1. shirahana Jan 22, 2005

    Hey! ^_^ Cool! XD I like the sketchy/inked look. Don't know why, but it makes it so much more real... and friendly ^_^' I wonder if that makes sense... x_x;

    Anywho, good job. Your hard work paid off ^_^

  2. raxis Jan 22, 2005

    mmm... nice pic of Atobe-sama ^^
    +add to fav+

  3. Nemontine89 Jan 22, 2005

    Nice style of coloring, very unique :D
    Hmm, I like the guy in the back (sorry. don't watch Prince of Tennis) he looks a little like Marth from fire emblem.
    The guy in the front tho, his face seems a little long.
    Cool bg, good work! :)

  4. meteorcloud Jan 22, 2005

    wuahahah this one is funny ^^
    nice work =) some funny drawing =D
    nice nice =)

  5. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jan 22, 2005

    I want jellybeans T~T,well,another great job,i wanna draw and ink on photoshop like you,well,i like the background,the font,the concept,the colors,different art,thats why i like it ^^

  6. CoolBlueX Jan 22, 2005

    o.o Hamatsu e no Rondo! (i wonder if u've seen the episode with atobe and sanada playing as a doubles pair yet :nya: they have a new move called Hamatsu e no Tango...Hope i didn't spoil anything >.< )

    Anyways, cute pic ^^
    atobe in all purple and Oshitari in all blue ;) and atobe's got that look on his face too XD
    hmm...i wonder if it's just me...but atobe seems to have one left glove and oshitari has one right glove O_o
    but overall it's an awesome pic :)

  7. walkure245 Jan 23, 2005

    Hahahah~ This is my fault huh? *noogie* XD
    But I love it. ^.^ You have their perfect expressions and the bg is great. I would have never thought of that. I like the sketchies lines too. Great~
    I'm such an inspiration.

  8. syivese Jan 23, 2005

    Atobe-sama! *hugglez bucket* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... And you made him wear purple! ^^

  9. Shadowk Jan 23, 2005

    nice work with the pic, I like it very much =X

  10. Shaka Jan 23, 2005

    Well its a quite nice work, the partitures of the background look very good, but I thought what mess you a little of shadows in the characters, but how drawing I know isnt easy gloss over and put shadows, as be its a great work.

  11. juanicths Jan 23, 2005

    neat work on the coloring, and can see that there is some change in the hairstyle ^^ the prat with them holding hands does look a tad bit weird, but can understand re the sugar-rush since i get that w chocs! =^-^=

  12. MyrrhLynn Jan 24, 2005

    Hahah would Atobe actually share anything? o_O XD XD Me thinks "no" but LOL that's ok. Anyway this is very cool, I think you managed to capture both of their personalities well, and the music seems to fit (mostly cause they are listening lol). Fav for me for sure!

  13. rainbowseason Jan 25, 2005

    uwaaaaaaaaaaa heh Atobe-sama
    ahh very coolies
    more pot submission thx for sharing

  14. Frosty Jan 25, 2005

    lol... nice drawing bucky.. ^^
    greating job on the coloring works, and lol.. nice looking concept. ^^
    i think they always seems as if they have a big chin, but thats fine... its like your signature style. ^^ which is very cool. ^^
    nice one. ^^ good work. ^^

  15. thrillafry Jan 25, 2005

    very nice work i like that its cool. keep me posted on your work k

  16. Evanrued Jan 26, 2005

    Hey this looks really cool. I really do like the musical notes in the background, it looks awesome! I really do like it! And the color is most excellent! Great work

  17. xnla Feb 01, 2005

    jeje es una imagen chistosa, y ademas muy bien echo , felicito al que la hizo, muy buen trabajo

  18. flyindance Mar 31, 2005

    unique, creative, what more can i say about it?
    really good one
    seriously, you are good in this

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