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Title : "Happy II"

work from my drawing class again & this's a fix work from the first ^^ Thk for all comment on that work ~^^~ helpful! & i change from water color to cabon color. soft & easier to control than water for me. i cut the paper out a little on her eyes & painted it in pencils color, get it hard. now, in real color version ^^~

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  1. Aa-chan Jan 22, 2005

    Wow, this is awesome. You have skillz...skillz indeed. The yellow looks very nice and her hair looks so soft ^^ .

  2. bavee Jan 22, 2005

    so cool. She is lovely . u did well on the hair. it looks like the wind just blew her hair . th xfor sharing

  3. GaiJiN Jan 22, 2005

    Well, I don't know how the scanner affected them, but I still like the soft colours. As for the lines, hum I think there are some little mistakes, but can't really point them out more precisely. Somehow it gives this picture all the charm. A little piece of happiness in your great gallery, I like it :) .

  4. meteorcloud Jan 22, 2005

    nice drawing vampy^^
    well...the colours are not so bad after the scanning......I like this one ^^
    nice nice ^^

  5. belmikry Retired Moderator Jan 22, 2005

    oooh vampyre, this is so soft and gentle! >_< how you have such talent astonishes me everyday! XD absolutely a fav ^_^

    her eyesd are so entrancing! great work ^_^

  6. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 22, 2005

    her face may look a tiny bit squashed :x
    but its the cuteness, she looks so sweet <3 and the pastel colors :3

  7. murderonprimetime Jan 22, 2005

    ooo Pretty! i like the way it looks it's a really nice sketch.. and i adore her eyes! XD very nice.. though it's s shame that the colors dont' seem to show up...not even a little T_T but ti's still a very nice sketch!..To be honest though i can't picture her in color.. i kinda like her in black and white with just those few features in color... She does look very cute though and innocentXD

  8. levezzali Jan 22, 2005

    Hey, nice one! very pretty! by the way, you can try fixing that problem w/ the colors in photoshop if you have it... just go to image>adjustments> auto color, auto levels or auto contrast, sometimes (and in the most part of times) they help a bunch!

  9. Ayamael Jan 22, 2005

    well, at least the color problem puts the accent on her eyes which is pretty cool coz' her eyes look awesome (really well done)... it's definitely a really nice sketch.... Great work!

  10. Ratkin45 Jan 22, 2005

    This is beautiful. Your touch with pastels is really amazing. I'm way too heavy handed to draw anything like that. I really love how you did the eyes too.

  11. Nemontine89 Jan 22, 2005

    Wow very pretty!
    Her eyes stand out the most, great coloring there :)
    The only thing that looks a bit odd is her arm, it's kinda at a weird angle.
    Nice work :D

  12. Devilet Jan 22, 2005

    ohh, very interesting, drawn with a crayon, quite amazing o__o;;
    love the eyes!

  13. buggydude Jan 22, 2005

    I like the airy feel of her. I see what u mean about the color not scanning very well but i still like this drawing. good work

  14. yukineko Jan 23, 2005

    You did great with her hair, and don't worry about the colors -- they look fine ^^

  15. sarak Jan 23, 2005

    O.O...she looks great!!! she looks happy - indeed ~^^~ awesome work, love it. a pity with the colours, but i try to imagine. i love her eyes ^^ very expressive XD may u should cut two holes in your drawing work and paste the eyes from behind, so u can look into - instead of onto - her eyes. with a little luck light shines through from beyond and happiness delights her eyes ^^
    about the scan: iam pretty sure u can solve this problem by chaning the settings of your scan-software. i guess the settings are too bright or too much contrast - thats why the the lighter halftones vanish. try to find the gradiation-curve to get the halftones darker or change brightness and contrast a little. your paperwhite will be darker, too, but u can clean it in photoshop afterwards ^^

  16. MuZ0NaZ Jan 23, 2005

    O_o you've improved from the last time. love it - and the colours don't seem weird to me.

  17. Jormungand Jan 25, 2005

    @_@ the colours look really fine to me
    anyhoo, this looks really great... love the lines :d
    i sure wish to see the original colours, but I really like this
    great work~!

  18. Evanrued Jan 26, 2005

    This is really cute. I like the style and the colors that you used. Makes me want to color and draw as well. Very nice work!

  19. joshanime Jan 28, 2005

    Wow!!!!Great job Vamp!!!!She`s sooo cute!!!Kwaii !Keep up the good work vamp!!!wish i could draw like that!

  20. Shinryo Feb 02, 2005

    So cuteee!!! u know u can draw girl's pic much better than in the past. they're look really like girl. ho ho

  21. papyworld Feb 06, 2005

    wonderful ^_^ superb effect on the eye for the colouring. Sorry to not have come earlier to comment but you know work and problems accumulating ... your new draw is just superb ... i can't find any problem really. thank you to bring me a little happyness with your drawing.

  22. beastmaster Apr 15, 2005

    Wow very pretty!
    Nice work

    Oh well
    XD XO :o :nya: :hmpf: :\ -_- :sweat: ^_^' OX T_T :x

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