Yukirin Wallpaper: Ephemeral Dreams

Yukirin Wallpaper
Yukirin Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Im so happy I am able to make wallpaper at 13, but im going to turn 14 soon...^_^ well as you could see this wallpaper is called Ephemeral Dreams why? I really dont know. It took me 2hours to make it, I hope you like it. thank you for looking! And please add comments I love to read them!^^

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  1. theFenrir Jan 21, 2005

    oooo, i like it very much! I like what you did with the stock's contrast too :D

  2. miroku777 Jan 21, 2005

    very nice! wow, youre only 13 and you can make these kinds of wallpapers. i envy you! >< but nevertheless, you're good XD *adding to favs*

  3. exentric Jan 21, 2005

    oo nice~ ^_^
    here's my comment~

    the grass still need some work. and the stars may still need some improving also.
    other than that, pretty much a good work. ^_^

  4. peachiemint Jan 21, 2005

    u seem to like yukirin's artwork. well, u did an awesome job on this wallie. has a nice dreamie effect to it. very nice, especially the birds. anyhoo, keep up the nice work =^^=

  5. Leena Jan 21, 2005

    You are great but the grass and stars need some going. But is still awesome. Thx for sharing.

  6. Kiako Jan 21, 2005

    great wallpaper
    i like the effects you made and the girl looks cute
    keepit up

  7. mughi Jan 21, 2005

    You squeezed in a lot of details in this wallpaper. I think one of the bird (the one where tail is touching grass) could have been removed without impacting the quality too much. That's my only nitpicking. It is very good wallpaper and thanks for posting it here. :)

  8. blue-cookie Jan 21, 2005

    The glow on you had on the character and doves are really appropriate...
    Very nicely done... :)

  9. mauz Jan 21, 2005

    aww i love it ^^ the effects and those birds creates a very dreamy atmosphere which fits perfectly to the cute girl. You've done a great job ^_^ thankies for sharing, have to put it to my favs!

  10. Adrima Jan 21, 2005

    the gras and the stars need a bit more work.
    But in fact, I love what you did with Yukirins work ^^
    <.<' I didn't ever like the green from the dress - but this blue is really amazing and fits much better ^^
    very good work you did ^^

  11. Coordinator Jan 21, 2005

    The character you used really fit in this picture. The background is nice, but as someone said before, the stars ... well of course no offense (In my wallpapers you can't find stars ;dd). The moon behind her is awesome, it really looks cool.
    Overall it's very nice picture, you have done good job !!! Keep on

    Bye bye

  12. hanon Jan 21, 2005

    waii.. more yukirin's ^^
    this is so beautiful ~ I love the bg so much..
    especially the birds and the stars, they're beautiful ^^
    anyway, great work! keep it up

  13. Danael Jan 21, 2005

    My, my at thirteen and putting out this type of wallie? You've got some talent there! As with others I agree that the stars need a bit of reworking to make them look as realistic as the moon behind the girl. I would also change the bird on the bottom right side... if you compare it to the other birds the color seems to be too light (and few details) for something that seems to be (technically) closer to the observer than the rest...
    One more thing, the "starry" trail (and I put that reference becasue I can't seem to think of another other thant fariy trail??) swirling with the birds to me seems to have the dottings a bit too wide, maybe choose a smaller brush for it... a good example of what I mean is [url="http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/80784/]Time Space[/url] by frozenwilderness. A smaller bursh is used to good effect

    Overall very good wall...

  14. Barbara Jan 21, 2005

    Very interesting walie, the bg is very nice, good work. Thanks for sharing :D

  15. pinkangel Jan 21, 2005

    wow, it's very beautyful, I love it. the bird look very nice with her it make a good complement and the moon look awsome.*10* + fav. keep up the good work.

  16. volrath77 Jan 21, 2005

    As someone mentioned, the starfield needs a little work. Other than that, it's a great piece of work. Good one.

  17. MaoMao Jan 21, 2005

    wooow!! Very, Very good work!!
    This wallpaper is splendid!!!!
    Very nice the colors, the shene and the girl!!
    My compliments!!

  18. cantero Jan 21, 2005

    very cute!!! thanks for sharing!!! directly to my favorites!!!

  19. vfan Jan 21, 2005

    very pretty! I really like this one great color choices, really pretty background! incredible work!

  20. raver-moonlight-sage Jan 23, 2005

    love the background and art work it a masterpiece i give u a A+ great excellent work keep up the great work i salute u

  21. Shovah Jan 23, 2005

    Mamma mia!! The background is sublime, and the girl looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  22. akucho Jan 23, 2005

    beautiful wallie ! and for someone whos 13 thats totally great definately a fave ! please keep up the good work and keep improving !!! A+++ work!!!

  23. slivermoon Jan 23, 2005

    very nice wally u made
    the light effects are very pretty and the bg is lovely too
    though i think the text shouldn't be at the top b/c it looks kinda of strange up there

  24. anixtasis Mute Member Jan 25, 2005

    wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww its very good mmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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