W~Wish Wallpaper: Prairie Winds

Mizu Kisaragi, Picture Magic, W~Wish, Senna Tono Wallpaper
Mizu Kisaragi Mangaka Picture Magic Studio W~Wish Series Senna Tono Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is a wallpaper I've created back in September of 2004. I was looking at it... and I just suddenly appreciated it more...

Well, I kind of regret adding the text and sparkles the way I did. But I don't save my PSD files for long... so I can't edit this wallpaper anymore -_-;

I like the colors to this for some reason... Though people have said it wasn't bright enough... which makes sense... because the sun is setting...

Oh well, I can't make changes anymore, but I would still like to hear comments.

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  1. ShueiTenshi Jan 21, 2005

    Just passing by ^.^V
    This is very nice ^.^ i like the orange render behind her ^__^ Seems so lurking XD
    Great work +favs ^____^

    ps go check your pm girl! urgent :pacman: OX

  2. white-zero Jan 21, 2005

    Woah. Absolutely love this one. Great background design.

    A fav. :)

  3. tecnophreak Jan 21, 2005

    very nice grass you have there (no pun intended) but you are really gonan have to get rid of the font and possibly the character too. (you could change her color, perhaps using the lasso) anyway, looks good

  4. MissCz Jan 21, 2005

    The colors are very warm and inviting. :) It looks really nice, and I can definitely tell that the sun is setting, thanks to your technique and how you applied it.

    Just a quick question...is that dust in the background blowing? :) Just wanted to make sure...otherwise, great job! Definitely better than mine!

  5. calisqo Jan 21, 2005

    like the sky ^^.
    Like the color especially.
    The scna is also nice.

    I just feel the grass a bit too dark for the sky too macth
    Other than that this is a nice wall as usual from U ^^ good work ^^

  6. einna Jan 21, 2005

    Hmm... I've seen this image before... Oh yeah! It's a site layout and it's found at moon-wave!^^;; Hehe!XD

    Nice combination of green and orange... the birds are cute!XD The sun is setting... ahh... lovely! And the girl is just perfect!^^;;

    *adds to fav*

  7. DarkEVO Jan 21, 2005

    nice sunset setting wallpaper.
    the grass is ver realistic and the orange grass goes well with it.
    really does suit the title.
    but I don't like the sun behind her. doesn't match.

  8. Kiako Jan 21, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    the girl looks so cute and the background looks so nice the sunset*.*
    great work

  9. DarkCrimson Jan 21, 2005

    Amazing.I really like this one shirahana.The Nature Background looks so nice.Such a wonderfull Picture from you.Great Work :D

  10. Asahi Jan 21, 2005

    hmm.. i like the colors.. the green and the orange. the background looks good but i dont like the whit things behind the font >.<

  11. ManOnFire Jan 21, 2005

    Wow. That background design is really good. Good uses of colors, too. Nice one!

  12. cantero Jan 21, 2005

    very cute!!!! nice background!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  13. meteorcloud Jan 21, 2005

    ....... ........ NICE wallpaper shira^^!!!!!
    no comment from me......everything looks great =D
    the grass, the sky, the back.....everything ^.^
    Great JoB !!!! ^^
    * add to favs *

  14. Devilet Jan 21, 2005

    wow, such a beautiful scene, I love the colours too ^__^
    adding to my favourites, and the character fits in well too!

  15. Frosty Jan 22, 2005

    nice looking wallie. ^^
    neat looking bg work, ^^
    nice build of the senery and a nice sky to go with it. ^^
    good pick on the image. ^^ the character goes good with this bg. ^^
    good one, nice work. ^^
    B+ & +fav for a job well done. ^^

  16. mughi Jan 23, 2005

    How about cute for a start? That was the first thought when I saw this wallpaper. Character is cute and the background is nicely done. But I'm wondering what is that orange thingy? I'm presuming it is a fog. Regardless I like your wallpaper. Thanks much for posting it here.

  17. Kurosawa Jan 24, 2005

    Whoa^^.Love the cloud so much and the colour of the sky is really nice XD.Love the scan too XD
    Great job Shirahana^^.

  18. Archspectre Jan 28, 2005

    This is a great wallpaper. I like the sky's color and the wind blowing through the grasslands. I think I'll add it to my favorites.

  19. Apopis Feb 02, 2005

    THIS GIRL THIS VERY pretty To DE MAS The bottom Of the field thanks To
    a beauty touch To HIM FOR The image

  20. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Feb 19, 2005

    Oh goodness. I remember when I saw this wall when you first released it. I was watching W-wish at the time and I thought the girl was just adorable >.< Then I saw this background and her in it and I couldn't help but to stare at it, I regretted so much not having the time to review this wall then and I'm so greatful now that I do because wow. I love this wall.

    Now I know I say that about quite a few walls here, but this wall separates from the others, big time. This is probably one of the first times I have fallen inlove with such a lush sunsetting scenery wall. This wall really reminds me of this place I use to go and just watch the sunset, this is what really stuck with me. Aside from a few details this bg looks exactly like it and to be honest I'd love to take a picture..but they put housing in where it was >.>. Anyways everything is just so vivid and so realistic. The grass is not only beautiful in color, but texture as well. The background really shows off the beauty of landscape and very nicely at that. Not only does the sky look just dazzling, but I have to say the lighting you did on this wall is just top knotch. I still can't believe how you did this becauase it just feels and looks so realistic that I'm just boggled by your elite skills. What really shocked me was the wind you added, the blades of grass blowing in the wind, just the perfect amount of wind as well to fit with the scan and overall I have to say this once again, but this wall is simply a knockout. Such high detail into something like this just came out like perfection. An honest to goodness masterpiece in my book and earning my favorite of the month. I'm speechless even after the four weeks that have passed when I added it to my bookmark for reviewing.

  21. Eik666 Apr 29, 2005

    Beautiful character. Beautiful background. It turned out very good! :-)

  22. Asuka-Langley May 27, 2005

    hehe another anime ive never heard of in my life but very beautiful wallpaper I just had to download :)

  23. Diabound00 May 31, 2005

    Such a good wallpaper. I really like it. Senna is such a sweet girl and this picture is it also.

  24. azumangadiaohgirl77777 Mar 18, 2006

    very very good ^_^

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