Final Fantasy VII Wallpaper: Sunshine Girl

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Sunshine Girl //Make you happy? by Alchemy101

A Yuffie wall. The image (I've changed the image to make it sketchy) is from a fanart that i had found ages ago, i do not know who the author is, if anyone does know (and by that i mean with 100% certainty) please contact me!. If the author wants me to take it down please contact me!

It's a kinda cheery so that's why i called it Sunshine Girl.

All completely done with photoshop 6 and on a 12.1 inch screen O_o

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  1. NekObaKureTsu Jan 21, 2005

    i don't think the back ground color looks good with Yuffie's color. However other than that it looks good. Keep it up!

  2. NekObaKureTsu Jan 21, 2005

    i don't think the back ground color looks good with Yuffie's color. However other than that it looks good. Keep it up!

  3. Alchemy101 Jan 21, 2005

    Quote by NekObaKureTsui don't think the back ground color looks good with Yuffie's color. However other than that it looks good. Keep it up!

    I thought of having a green theme to match her, but that would have taken away the sunshine theme to the wall. I'm thinking of making another one lime green (different pattern of course) but i'm currently working on a Serika wall.

  4. outofphase Jan 21, 2005

    i'm not a fan of bright colors, so i would have preferred a darker background, but it's still nice. i really like the hexagons, warped though they are, that you put in the background (has a hexagon fetish). were they a pattern fill that you downloaded or made?

  5. Alchemy101 Jan 21, 2005

    the hexes were made. I don't really like bright themes either, but like i said previously I wanted to keep it in the "sunshine girl" theme.

  6. Danael Jan 21, 2005

    Interesting wall... I'm not for such bright contrasts but it is quite nice. But what really makes it more contrasting is the perfection of the back against the "roughness" of the scan... I know you said you intentinally transformed the scan but it looks damn weird on my computer...

    In any case it is a good wallie.

  7. KorganoS Jan 21, 2005

    mmm... it's really bright and cute.... :)
    The yellowish-orange colors are nice, and I personally think it suits Yuffie nicely...
    the twirling bg looks nice, too

    some things I noticed :
    - the bg looks sharp and colourful, but Yuffie's art stands out very much and doesn't blend well with the bg because of the 'sketchy'ness.... I'd rather you didn't make her so sketchy ^_^'
    - The text looks plain and too white... I think it's better if u use another font and lower the opacity :)
    - oh, and make Yuffie a bit bigger to make the proportion better,... because the left side looks a bit too empty,...

    but overall, this is a nice wallpaper,... Keep up the good work, and practise a lot, you'll get better... :D

  8. Alchemy101 Jan 22, 2005

    Point taken, I'll reduce the sketchyness and i'll try to increase the size of Yuffie by 10 or 20% (I'm worried about pixellation but i think the sketch effect will cover it). I kinda liked the text but i'll look for a more hawaii theme (it would match the theme of the wall more).

    I think i need to look at it on a CRT monitor cos i've been working on a small laptop LCD and not sure if the colour is turning up the way i want to (i'll try it on my faithful trinitron ^^ )

    Do you think a drop shadow would work on Yuffie?

  9. N2Heiki Jan 25, 2005

    I don't mind with the BG color. Since I think that Yuffie herself is a bright playful girl

  10. Kiden4911 Apr 25, 2005

    nice wall....i like the backround...it goes well with the drawing....great job!

  11. cyd84 Dec 14, 2005

    I'd have to agree that the orange doesn't quite match the colors in the scan...I love your composition though...it is indeed very cheery

  12. verotchka Nov 16, 2009

    isn't she lovely? the colour are well choosen, oaw

  13. VOOT Apr 14, 2010

    Great wallpaper! Thanks for doing this wallpaper!

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