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Hello everyone!!!First of all for one more time for the trully unexpected success of my Rozen Maiden wallpaper...It surprises me how good went the whole project!!!
So....I 'm returning with a new(??) work..niah this was ready from X-Mas vacations but I had left it into my "Notcompleted" list (you must know that i have about 4-5 wallies in that list,heheh!!So about this wall...I tryed to make for a start a grudgy wall but the project blew so i started this...a classic,sceneric wallie...heheh...for begginning I extracted the image (i left some feathers of the original cause it would take more time to re-cg the image and I also added some of my own...

Extraction time : about 1 hour with re-cging some parts of her clothes )
Background creation time : 10 hours of full work...yeps this time took me a long time to made this part...
Font selection:2 hours..unbelievable?no...believe it cause this part troubled me a lot

(Also I ll make an open question who know about this..when I upload a new version of a past wallie...when it will be updated...it seems that the update system doesn't work quite well huh>?)
I don't belive that this wall wil go as well as rozen maiden did but believe this was more...complicated!!!!heheh

Feedback is welcomed as well!!!!

Thx to everyone who ll support my work but I don't the time to thank every single one of you!!!

****Font changes,grassontheair stroke dencreased and leaves changes...****

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  1. Lana3007 Jan 20, 2005

    Great job!
    The work you did on the font paid off, I think, because it looks very nice and fitting with the picture.
    I really like the flying leaves!
    Wonderful wallpaper!
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. Isinha Jan 20, 2005

    The background is so beautiful! But there are a few things really strange ^^" Are those green things flying by her leafs (i think its grass..)? Their outlines are really bugging me ^^' Also the scan seems to have lost a little of its quality on her hair, specially .... But it sure seems like it took a lot of work out of you xD Fix those leaves and I'll definetly +fav it XD

  3. darkwaterbunny Jan 20, 2005

    Pretty pretty, its a great wallie ^_~ Only thing that I dont like is the letters, the stuff (mist?) thats floating up, seems a bit off. But hey, I LOVE the sky!!! its so pretty! And the feathers around her, really looks nice! Great job!

  4. Rhapsody Jan 20, 2005

    Wow, I really must say that this is a favorite! The whole wallpaper has a mystical quality to it. The sky is absolutely gorgeous with the clouds and planets in the background. As for the falling leaves, great job, though they are a bit rough..... better than anything I've been able to produce!

  5. sukie Jan 20, 2005

    cute...i have seem this scan alot in my life...but this one looks great...*fav* i love the bg...keep it up!!!!!!

  6. kaylessa Jan 20, 2005

    This wallpaper is BEAUTIFUL!
    The colors are just very pretty and the whole out look of the wall is "WOW"
    Great job ^^

  7. chingetscook Jan 20, 2005

    Nice! You are making me want to watch that anime, I hear it is pretty good. ;)

    Good work in the grass and the trees in the background, and the extraction of course, also the clouds are excellent.

  8. kiri-chan Jan 20, 2005

    Oh man I love the sky, planet, and moon :) The girl looks mysterious and the whole wall is just beautiful :]

  9. DarkCrimson Jan 20, 2005

    Amazing Job Pastor.I really love this one from you.The Bg with the two Planets and the flying Leafs is very nice. :D

  10. GintheTwilightswords Jan 21, 2005

    It's so beautiful :D .The bg is really gorgeous;the way how the moons and the clouds flow together is incredible.The lighting is something else to,so radiant ^__^.And the girl,she a work of art onto herself,and you did a good job reworking the bits of her dress.You can barely see where the work was done,very seamless indeed.Extradinary job Pastor ^uu^,luv it.

  11. TakaSama Jan 21, 2005

    Wonderful! I myself am working on an image with clothes that need lots of retouching, I must say that your wallpaper inspires me with its seemlessness. ^_^ The background is nice, although I agree with a couple other comments about the falling leaves being a bit sketchy; I still like the misty/blurred effect that you carried through though, because it suits the dream-like atmosphere the overall wallpaper has. I would clean up Mishima's hair on the scan however, as it does seem that there are still some problems there. Great work!

  12. Rella Jan 21, 2005

    o.m.g.!! I love the background, the moon, the sky, wow! It's so pretty! The stars look so good too, not to mention the feather. :D

  13. vfan Jan 21, 2005

    very pretty background! love the moon and the stars...looks great! awesome work!

  14. synkr0nized Jan 21, 2005

    Mishima! Fav'd right away for that, but it is a good landscape, as well. It does not look out of place with her, and I think the quality of your work shows. Thanks for sharing!

  15. peachiemint Jan 21, 2005

    go pastor go! first glance at ur name and i was sure it would be good. and my deduction was right... very nice wallie. luv the soft feather around the girl. a faviee for me. awesomeness job X)

  16. Nighteyes Jan 21, 2005

    Den perimena kati ligotero XD
    Great job, man
    An eksaireseis ayta ta iptamena grass-like pragmata, vriskw to wall sxedon teleio^^
    *favs it*

  17. zaira Jan 21, 2005

    coool!!! nice bg!!!!
    i really like it!! realy fits with the scan!! and its mood!!!

    need to +dis to my fav! XD

  18. KorganoS Jan 21, 2005

    holy shweet... the bg roxxx.... o.O
    I love the foggy forest in the bg and the grass.... also the starry sky (wicked... the stars are really something XD *two thumbs up* ) and the planets... very much detailed and awesome color combinations!! :)
    but there are most annoying parts of the wall :
    - the scan needs re-cg ing badly... ^_^' you can see that from her hair ....
    - the title's typo and effects style looks odd... it's kinda of white-firey looking but I'm not sure, and I don't think it fits the scene...I think it's better without the effect....
    - and the flying leaves needs to be more randomized in placement and size...

    overall, this is a really great work... I love the whole scene... but it needs some more work to make it perfect... :)

  19. stormy001 Jan 21, 2005

    What more can I say, this is good shit. I love the character and I love the background.

    Nice stuff. Keep it up.

  20. cantero Jan 21, 2005

    nice one!!! excellent background!!! thanks for sharing...

  21. euna Retired Moderator Jan 21, 2005

    whoa... so pretty~~~
    the bg is simply beautiful and goes very well with the scan...
    the sky is raelly pretty as well as the grass (i like that little firefly thing ^___^)
    everything looks great but to me.. the font of the text is a lil freaky.. i don't think it's the best one for this wall XD
    and the flying leaves are a lil odd as well...
    but a beautiful wall overall.. beautiful wallie.. *fav*

  22. Lenya Jan 22, 2005

    nice background *loves it* the atmosphere is great! i like this stardust stuff x3

  23. KarlZealtin Jan 28, 2005

    Wow, real nice job on this wall! Gonna put this bad boy on right now :P Again great job.

  24. Axer Jan 30, 2005

    very nice scene :) Great job, thanks....

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