Futaba Yunagi Wallpaper: Purple Dream

Futaba Yunagi Wallpaper
Futaba Yunagi Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

HEYAAA here is my new wallpaper...Its the work of 3 Days..
I start with a simple sky..and it endet with purple colours, lampions, and flowers XD
But i think the colour purple harmonies good with the scan, doestn it?
For me this is a speciall wallpaper..because its for a special person here in MT who called "mein spotzal" XD I like her very much but i have the feeling she dont believe me -_-
I hope she will like it...
But of course i hope you will like it, too :)
Favourites, Comments and Critic are welcome
Have a great time my kewl friends and of course the other people, too
by Led :)

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  1. groovybluesgirl Jan 20, 2005

    Great wallpaper,!
    The scan looks great and the background looks amazing.
    It has a very warm, calm feeling.
    It's a definite fav for me. :)
    Keep up the good work led-chan.

  2. Midori-chan Jan 20, 2005

    wow! this wall is so sweet^^
    the girl there look so innocent and cute, and purple color matches her very well
    the bg, especially the mountain and flowers are so beautiful!
    awesome work! add to my favs^^

  3. Aa-chan Jan 20, 2005

    I've noticed a purple theme in your work and I have to say, they're some of the most beautiful ones I've seen. Keep it up as I'm becomign accustomed to having a purple desktop ^^ .

  4. runemaster Jan 20, 2005

    Beautiful character you found here. Plus the background really seems to fit in correctly, in the correct mood. Nice wallpaper^^ Go to my favourite^^

  5. MaoMao Jan 20, 2005

    This wallpaper is very nice and much sweet!
    my compliments for this your work!!

  6. Sora-Naegino Jan 20, 2005

    ----------It so great wallpaper!! Very Cute!!^^ I love this!------------

  7. cantero Jan 20, 2005

    Nice job!!! added to my favorites!!!

  8. ShiroiLina Jan 20, 2005

    beautiiful harmony betwen the sky and the character! love the sky colours :D and the mountain and flowers are sooo nice! keep it up :D love purple **

  9. Keishu Jan 20, 2005

    great wallpaper! the scenery is awesome (*loves the flowers + water* *__*...)...
    the character is also fitting very well ^.^! *fave*
    but I think, it would still look a bit better, when the glowing wouldn't be there XD~

  10. semanga Jan 20, 2005

    Quote by Led i think the colour purple harmonies good with the scan, doestn it?

    you have right the bg fits perfect to the scan and still more it is a great work from you, like all your other works .....

    Quote: For me this is a speciall wallpaper..because its for a special person here in MT who called "mein spotzal" I like her very much but i have the feeling she dont believe me
    I hope she will like it...
    But of course i hope you will like it, too

    Ich will nicht so tuen als ob ich nicht weiss wen du damit meinst .... es sei den du hast mehrere "spotzal" ausser mir.... kleiner scherz aber es waere ja trotzdem moeglich >.< . Vielen, vielen dank fuer dieses wundervolle wall, ich bin so geruehrt das mir die traenen in den augen stehen. Ich meine mich zu erinnern das du noch nie jemanden zuvor ein wall geschenkt hast, oder gewittmet und ich bin somit die erste ? Blush danke aber wie du schon gesagt hast .... ach nichts.
    Wie kommst du darauf das ich dein bild nicht mag ? und du hast recht ich mag es nicht ICH liebe ES :D :D :D es war liebe auf dem ersten blick bevor ich wuste das es von dir ist war ich schon ganz aufgeregt und meinte das ist aber wundervoll.... als ich dein namen und ava sah dachte ich , klar wer koennte den noch so ein wall machen wie dieses und als ich den text sah wurde mir ganz kalt und warm ums herz aber das ist nicht so wichtig .
    Ich weiss das du mich sehr magst aber manchmal ist es eben .... -_- es tut mir leid ich sollte nicht weiter reden .... ich arbeite daran nicht alles zu sagen was ich denke und fuele ist besser fuer alle menschen um meinen umfeld, dich mit eingeschlossen .... und ich werde dir beweissen das ich recht habe und diese tag wird ein bitterer tag fuer uns beide sein, vielleicht willst du nie wieder mit mir reden aber es ist schon zu spaet ich kann es nicht ungeschen machen... verzeih mir jetzt schon bitte.
    Ich versuche dir zu glauben das du mich magst, aber ich werde dir auch erzaelen warum es mir so schwer faellt das zu glauben irgend wann mal .... so ich denke das ich wieder viel zu viel gedanken in deinem kopf eingenommen habe und werde mein comment beenden. Und in zukunft versuchen mich etwas mehr zu zuegeln und dich nicht wegen alles staendig zu nerven danke fuer deine gedult ^_^'

    PS : jetzt weiss ich wozu ich dich inspiriert habe ^^ danke vielmals fuer das tolle special wall kommt wieder auf mein desktop was sonst .... mach weiter so :)

  11. Barbara Jan 20, 2005

    Hi there, long time no see. That was brilliant walie that you made. I love it, thanks for sharing XD

  12. mughi Jan 20, 2005

    Ohhh, nice wallpaper. Dusk shot of cute girl in kimono facing Mt. Fuji(?) Nice touch having lanterns on branches above her. As usual you did wonderful job of the fields, water and the mountain oh, yeah, not to mention the girl. :D

    i hope that your other will respond favorably too. Good luck and thanks.

  13. Asahi Jan 20, 2005

    verliebt ? kawaii.

    die tanne rechts find ich da nicht so schoen, aber ansonsten: led ! du machst mich ganz neidisch auf deine wiese und den see !

    ansonsten, der weisse rand um den chara.. find ich auch unnotig. machst mir das ohne tanne und ohne umrandung ? bittoeeee *ganz lieb schau* finds so schoen... besonders dieser hell/dunkel kontrast der blumen.. awww.

    und noch nen kritikpunkt: der chara ist fur die umgebung viel zu hell ;)

    something in english: i love the background work. the darken colors work well for the atmospere. i think you have it !

    and i think 2 .. that is a wp for the tops :D

  14. Nemontine89 Jan 20, 2005

    Wow, very pretty wallie Led :)
    The purple goes great with the scan and the bg is soo pretty!
    The flowers and the mountain look good.
    Hmm, the only thing that looks a bit funky to me is the glow around the girl, I just think it would be cooler if she sorta faded into the darkness a bit, but that's just me ^_^'
    Nice work! :D

  15. kiri-chan Jan 20, 2005

    I love the purple color scheme; you incorporate it beautifully without being overbearing. The umbrella really caught my attention; very unique and pretty. I love the sky, grass, trees, and mountain too. The whole scene is put together well.

  16. GintheTwilightswords Jan 20, 2005

    This is a very splendid and eloquent piece of work, Led ^__^. The purple in the scan is vivid,fits well with the scan,and is harmonic with rest of the wall like you said :) .I like the flowers in the foreground and the girl is a beauY ;) .Fantastic work Led :D .

  17. cloud811 Jan 21, 2005

    ohh led-kun is soo good at making wallies!!! very nice.! mmm....what a mysterous and deep feeling.....what a great wallpaper..

  18. slivermoon Jan 21, 2005

    a very pretty wally ^-^
    the bg is really nice , all that purple ties in nicely together
    and the sunset is lovely too

  19. shirahana Jan 21, 2005

    Hm... you're very good with the lighting. It's very well done... And so much detail put into the field, too ^_^ I like the whole atmosphere of the wallpaper. The colors, especially, work very well.

    The new negatives though ^^; The quality and texture of the scan is a bit different from the rest of the wallpaper, so the scan stands out a bit. Also, the lanterns hanging on the tree don't look too right ^^; I can't explain... they just look like they're floating... ^^;;

    Everything else is beautiful. I really like this piece ^_^

  20. Balljacker Jan 21, 2005

    Nice wallie. the background is awesome. n the girl in kimono n umbrella. well I like it a lot. anyway great artwork I luv it

  21. jingjing1208 Jan 21, 2005

    Hehe,Kawaii girl and beautiful bg you made ,Led!^^ really nice wall,fav!^^

  22. Nayako Jan 21, 2005

    Wow!!! So beautiful!!! Ohhh...Japan!! I want to travel there - u show beauty of this country very good in this wallie XD
    Great work, Led ^^
    Keep up with such good wallies!!!

  23. inuyashalove04 Jan 21, 2005

    This is a very beautiful. I love the bg; purple is such a relaxing and calm color. This is another great wallpaper and I'm adding it to my favorites. ;)

  24. peachiemint Jan 21, 2005

    ahh! led-kun is always amazing. traditional japanese style wallie!! goodie times however many goodness. gaaah~ i soo envy u. i must faviee for peachie. wonderful job. keep it up =^^=

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