Rozen Maiden Wallpaper: Sema -it's maybe true

Peach-Pit, Studio Nomad, Rozen Maiden, Shinku Wallpaper
Peach-Pit Mangaka Studio Nomad Studio Rozen Maiden Series Shinku Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I know it isn't your style but I hope you like it ^^
I tried to find an ecchi picture but it doesn't work =/

I hope you are fine? You are! Aren't you?


SORRY, that was very rude but I do not like ripper <<

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  1. wanna Jan 19, 2005

    :o wow it looks great i like it very much
    the serie is also very good and i like the character
    they also fit very well together :D

    the darkness fits Shinku vey well i think ^_^

  2. Midori-chan Jan 19, 2005

    hi chrno! you are so hardworking to do new wallpapers^^
    it's really cute! and the bg's color is very nice.....and it looks like blood color...i like it
    the trees on the bg is nice^^
    keep up the good work^^

  3. DarkCrimson Jan 19, 2005

    Wow You made an amazing Wallie there.Cool looking Character and a really awesome Bg.All the way Perfect.Great work :D

  4. Kiako Jan 19, 2005

    wow cool wallpaper
    the background realy matches with that girls dress.
    kepp up the great work

  5. Arashi-san Jan 19, 2005

    ^^ hhhmmm nice pic and the dark colours are nice too *add to fav*
    greetz arashi-san

  6. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2005

    A nice wallpaper, and since it's Rozen Maiden... I must give this a favorite. The clouds are perfectly done, same with the trees, a nice simple backround I guess.

  7. DarkEVO Jan 19, 2005

    Very cool wallpaper you've made.
    I like the colour of background and I also like the airplane that's been placed behind her.
    The girl is also cute.
    Definite Favourite.

    Don't worry, I'll help you kill those who rip. I'll bring the chainsaw and beers. LOL.

  8. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jan 19, 2005

    ¬¬Stupid thumbnail,anyway,goa,is an awesome job,the background is so dark and red,like clouds made of blood i think,the scan is awesome,the girl expression is a little evil,mmm,i never heard about Rozen Maiden,but right now i like the characters,i will visit the gallery.Anyway,thanx for sharing,i think this will be an highlighted submission,you did an awesome job

  9. Jim3535 Jan 19, 2005

    Nice wall. However, I could never actually use it as a wall since it has a big, ugly, threatening message on the bottom. (My taskbar is at the top of my screen)

  10. alexandriel Jan 19, 2005

    Wow...... It's perfect *___*.....!!
    The bg is totally awesome... *in awe*

  11. harakiri Jan 19, 2005

    I like this one because it is not the cliché with the angel above the sky.
    Instead it is gloomy and dark and I like gloomy and dark wallpapers (I am currently working on a dark artwork, too). And about Rozen Maiden; I hoped this series would have the same atmosphere like your wally but it is too childish. Anyways, the artwork fits very well with the whole concept of the wallpaper.
    And about the message; It is scary.

  12. Lenya Jan 19, 2005

    you know..i love those atmospheres xD""" darkness...aawwwwww *-* very nice wp. The girl is very cute annd soo oooooooon OO

  13. halo3 Jan 19, 2005

    great wall,... the bg looks a bit like x, with his dark tower in the bg.
    the girl in the front looks even great, but a bit dark and evel...?
    nice but dark wall... great work.

  14. Foolish-ishness Jan 19, 2005

    Ah, nice :) The sky is nicely done. It gives the perfect feeling of creepiness. And I'm glad that you kept the text small, it wouldn't have felt right without the open space on the right side. Good job :D

  15. exelro Jan 19, 2005

    Very cool wallpaper , especially background . this wall blend red color so cool , i think this good with a girl :)

  16. mughi Jan 19, 2005

    I only saw one episode of anime and I liked it. Now looking at your wallpaper I think I'm going to like it even more. The doll character looks gorgeous here. The background with your choice of color give very creepy or eerie feeling. I couldn't figure out the tower. Was that in the anime? You've spent time on this and it shows. If you didn't then you're getting to be an exceptional waller. Take your choice. :D

    Good job and I like it enough to go to my favorite. Thanks.

  17. peachiemint Jan 19, 2005

    oo pretty crimson color. but i reallie am scared of moving marionettes... lol. anyhoo, good wallie =^^=

  18. Led Jan 19, 2005

    Wirklich scheee!!
    Ich mag die farben und den style...hate ne sehr unheimliche und mysteriöse atmosphere.
    Grandiose Arbeit *fav*
    Und jetzt noch auf englisch

    Exellent wallpaper XD

  19. einna Jan 19, 2005

    As administrator of Celestia, I will also help you kill those who rip this wallpaper! XD Hmm... comment time! ^_^'

    First of all, the girl is scaring me...>.< Okay, she's cute.^^;; The background is dark yet the details are somehow clear. I like the flower you used to accentuate the font. (It reminds me of Celestia..XD) You could use another font and a smaller size for the group of words "it's maybe true." And instead of that, you can use "it may be true" so that it will not technically sound awkward.. Ack! >.< I'm being too technical again! Sorry! >.<

    Anyway, this will still go to my faves!^^;; And take care, my right hand moderator of Celestia!^______^

  20. semanga Jan 20, 2005

    oohhhh i try it again yesterday i try to comment this 2 times but it show me a error f*** ( gomen)
    But now i try it again my little brother Don Juan I love you you are my little sun in my life. you help me when ever i need it and you are always my special brother ( remember we meet us in the paradise ;) )
    you flatter me anytime in few days 2 walls ( blush ) hugs my little brother hugs you more and more :) but i am sure you want not my hugs give it up to your girl she can make you more happy with her hugs XD
    And now to the wall, or better my wall i love it thank you so much..... i not deserve a so great wall like this you are to good to me. The scan is very sweet and the bg work OX OX OX you are one of the best waller boy more fav to my little brother i want that he comes to the todays fav submissions
    keep it up boy ^^ we want more from your great walls

  21. skygirl Jan 20, 2005

    Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it , love it you are so talented boy love it so much this wall. It is a dangerous girl with a very dark bg it looks very evil but i love all what is have do with evil . Nice wall my new fav from you

  22. zaira Jan 20, 2005

    wow!!! i love this one the scan is sooo cool!!!!!
    as well as the bg! really fits with the scan!!
    but do ya hav smaller size? like 1024x768?
    but anyway!!!
    you did a great job!!

    +fav! :angry: XD XO :D XD

  23. shinorei Jan 20, 2005

    She looks scary with a background like that.But her eyes is that really spooks me out. o_0

  24. Kyuzo1 Jan 20, 2005

    Nice wallpaper. The bg is very very good and i love the great colors :)

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