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haha ok this wall is seriously random. i was listening to hide's in motion and having nothing else better to do sense i had no internet, i thought heck, might as well make another wall. i looked through my pics and i found this odd fanart. first of all it was of elfenlied which is one really messed up show and imo sucks hard, and secondly it features some of the most gruesome gibbing i have ever seen in an anime. so if you were wondering, thats why one of the characters in my wall has one leg and one eye. so first off i completely redrew the image sense the original was extremely small and also editted it a little. The original had both of them smoking cigs and out of personal preference i decided to take those out. after that, i made a quick cityscape bg which i motion blurred over and over to create what i have here. overall it took only about 2-3 hours and is very simplistic but heck, that was kinda the aim for this one.

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  1. Aa-chan Jan 19, 2005

    That is such a cool look ^^ . The blur made me look twice and it had been done very well.

  2. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2005

    Wow...that's kind of cute...not really sorta. Disturbing. I like the cityscape though, I wish I could see more of it. ^^

  3. UndyingShadow Jan 19, 2005

    my...god shes a freak...but yet....ITS SO kawaii wall....its kawaii LIKE YOUR southern regions crap....it kawaii LIKE WHEN WE spoon IN bed...

  4. peachiemint Jan 19, 2005

    whoa-iee they reallie r in motion

    Quote by biriwilgWow...that's kind of cute...not really sorta. Disturbing. I like the cityscape though, I wish I could see more of it. ^^

    disturbing? lol anyhoo, still very nice. doo keep it up =^^=

  5. euna Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2005

    whoa! crazy motion blurring XD XD XD
    no.. looks quite interesting....
    yeah... the city scape is really nice..
    the blur makes this wallie exceptionally unique.. i like that...
    nice wallie oppa!

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2005

    A very odd wallpapaer indeed Crap you make even the most disfigured of characters look beautiful in the piece though i wish it had Light sparkels grunged in it to complete the effect but great job ! :)

  7. vfan Jan 21, 2005

    very cool and unique wallpaper! really like that blur effect and having the cityscape in the background is awesome! great work

  8. Noctum Jan 22, 2005

    Good idea to take out the cigarettes, but I also have to agree with the you about the randomness of this wallpaper.
    Well, it's an interesting little something. :D

  9. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Feb 16, 2005

    omfg! *Freaks out* Elfen LIED!!!!!
    Though I have to say that I've never seen either of those girls before so I'm assuming their from the manga. Though I've always wondered about this scan, it seemed like Elfen Lied type disturbing. Either or I'm really loving what you did with this. The blur was not only a good idea, but I honestly feel that it wouldn't be worth walling if it wasn't. It just completely fits a sort of darkish mood, yet such energy is woven within this bg. You always bring about such beautiful effects and I honestly have to say that I'm not in any way, shape or form dissapointed with this background, hell I love it. Instant favorite for me, no matter how simplistic some may consider it, the random factor always gets me =D

  10. Japa Feb 22, 2005

    Aeee eh mto bala posta aki pq a maioria nem entende o q eu to postando! por isso q eh bom ser brasileiro!!!!

    aeeeee good work!!! very cool

  11. xmas Jul 28, 2005

    who is she beside lucy never seed her before one ??????

  12. madjack Sep 07, 2005

    very cool...I like it a lot..C ya later gator...lol ^_^...........................................

  13. Cheryhl Oct 11, 2005

    woah..that is nice :d
    i like the kind of work on it :D

  14. Estein Oct 14, 2005

    Its a good wallpaper
    Nice job


  15. profnightvision Mar 20, 2006

    WOAH lol is it my imagination, or are the words "in motion" really in motion and/or moving? i like the bluur looks and the city bg, and of coiurse the chars. lol jeeze awesome wall, +fav 4real.

  16. Moonlith Jul 31, 2006

    Besides that I agree absolutley on everything that you said in the description of this image, the wallpaper is in truly successful. A Lucy - looking girl showing affection to a badly crippled person is somewhat twisted and genious idea. Blurry and dark, yet energic background works also well, like CyanideBlizzard said before. Definetly deserves a hail.

  17. Shinrom Mar 04, 2007

    Did you draw the original picture? Because it's not Elfen Lied... Neither of those characters appear in it. I've found many other pictures of the one eyed one leg girl and have been searching for where she comes from... any help on that would be welcome. The girl on the right is a catgirl in the original as well...

  18. tat0037 Apr 17, 2009

    It isnt Elfen Lied

  19. Sannooh Mar 26, 2010

    I love this one! Great job.

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