Lagoon Engine Wallpaper: torn apart

Yukiru Sugisaki, Lagoon Engine, Sakis Snow Herzgil Lagoonaria Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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just in case if anyone was wondering where the hell i was, i havent had internet for about 2 weeks. i recently moved in with my aunt and didnt have a connection there until now. anyways, during that time ive been walling like crazy, this is just one of many walls i did in this past time.

the scan is out of the january newtype and i actually have no idea what it is, so if anyone does, please tell me so i can get this in the right category. anyways, as you can see, it is another grunge wall from me. it may not look like it but it took me quite some time to texture this whole thing just the way i wanted and also to get the colors right. i really wanted to make the face look cracked but not so sure how good of a job i did with it here. that aspect of the wall is what gave me the name for it as well. also, kinda refers to how i was feeling when i first moved and kinda still feel like it now. (and yes, if you were wondering i was definitely thinking on nin with that title and more so with the wall ill be submitting after this)

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  1. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2005

    I've moved it to the Yukiru Sugisaki category for you. ^^

    Omg, I've been wanting a wall for this sooo bad! Incredible job with it, I love what you've done with the face. Your grunge is just superb as always. ^_^ Can't wait to see more!

  2. rocknroll-isgo Jan 19, 2005

    This is fantastic! The grunge texture is not what you'd normally see. The colors are great, as well. Love it... +fav :D

  3. Momo-chan Jan 19, 2005

    I like this wall! :d
    Great job with the grudge effect!


  4. tAtEkAnE Jan 19, 2005

    O_O wow! i like this one XD the image is awesome and the way ya added the texture just made it more..ummm more emtional? lol

  5. Foolish-ishness Jan 19, 2005

    Ah, this is great. I love this scan. The artwork is great. Its even better with the stuff you added. The texture you used is really nice. Grunging at its best.

  6. PikaMoon Jan 19, 2005

    Wow. This is a very interesting wallpaper. Me like. I haven't seen this scan before but I like it now. My favorite part was the texture. Very cool. Great job and thanks for sharing! Fave. :)

  7. UndyingShadow Jan 19, 2005

    ooooh another beautiful wall crap....great artwork and great scan....so....sexual....

  8. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2005

    sugoi, I love the textures and colors, pluss great choice of scan. I dont know if its your retouching that gives this depth to the hair but i wub it, gives dreamish effect <3
    text may be a tiny bit too fat ~.~ great job overall, simpleness is the pwn, +fav :D

  9. jasmine Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2005

    this is from a newly serialised manga in Newtype magazine
    title: Lagoon Engine Einsatz
    author: Yukiru Sugisaki

  10. MadWiz Jan 19, 2005

    wow wow~! love the grunge you did~ that texture is beautiful and stuff!
    enough said =p I don't know what to add! o.O

  11. euna Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2005

    omg.. O_O
    this is a stunning wallie~~ it's so so so good!!
    i luv the scan and the effects you've used on it...
    the colours are absolutely amazing!!
    i luv this wallie~~ *fav*

    PS- i see what you mean by walling like crazy XD XD XD Welcome back bro! *hugs*

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2005

    Thy heathing grasp is torn apart
    Just like the fluttering wind
    beauty as it seems has been defiled once more!

    Awesome helluva job Crap! XD

  13. Furikuu Jan 21, 2005

    It has a very Metal-Gear Solid style feel to it to me :o I have no idea what it is but she reminds me of Gally from gunnm. It's my favourite from your mini flood :P

  14. Noctum Jan 22, 2005

    I'm somehow unsure what to think of this one. :\
    i saw the original scan and it seems that the original them was just twisted, but not changed into something new. I believe that you had to invest a lot of work to create the look we can see here now (then again, her dress looks kind of rusty which is unusual for any material which doesn't consist of iron).

  15. Angelette Jan 22, 2005

    Very interesting and nice. I like how its grungy and abstract. Artistic!

  16. Rex Jan 26, 2005

    ohhh, i was waiting for someone to fix up this scan!

    great job on it!

  17. Chobiits May 12, 2005

    Nice wallpaper.
    That illuminating effect on the hair, superb.
    Those white spots you filled in are pretty nice, they fits in with the rest of the wallpaper.
    Nice grunge effect.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. agentavenue Jun 12, 2005

    The scan is so out of this world... I mean this in the least psychedelic way possible. The vivd smear of colors mixed with the neutral background really does it. Fantastic work.

  19. Clone1006 Jun 19, 2005

    It's awesome... ^^ I love the colors and effects and the character. It's pretty. Good job! +fav

  20. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 18, 2005

    It's absolutely beautiful and lovely... there's a kind of lightness and darkness to this... just lost for words... sum it all up: excellent :)

  21. DayBreak Jul 18, 2005

    Crapmonster.... yo! I wouldn't of thought that long will it take to get the internet at your sisters house :O
    anyways, you still got the skills man.
    The wallpaper gave me a "wow" effect.
    *thumbs up*

  22. nanapan Oct 14, 2006

    Wow! very beautiful !1 good effect ! I like this wallpaper ...Thx for this wallapper ... ^^

  23. email938 Nov 17, 2008

    I really like how the character blends into the white. Make it look like she is appearing from nowhere. Very nice.

  24. shinigamiken Oct 28, 2009

    nice, thanks for sharing^^

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