Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper: cLoud Strife

Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Cloud Strife Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this was apart of my fwends birthday persent i made 4 them. sorry i didn't take off the happy birthday 2 submit this..... he liks this game and all so myt as well make him a wallpaper... i chnage the colours on him to make him look lik icy in a way ...

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  1. Nayako Jan 14, 2005

    Wow!!! Completely new style - different from your other works ;)
    but very good!!! XD
    Great work!!!

  2. bavee Jan 14, 2005

    ohh i believe this is a great present for your friend. as a man, i think he will like this present like me. thx for sharing this prasent hehe

  3. Evanrued Jan 14, 2005

    This looks really awesome. And the background looks perfect with the image you chose! Simply stunning, a fav

  4. Ragnarok15 Jan 14, 2005

    Wow that sword Cloud has is massive. :o

  5. darkwaterbunny Jan 14, 2005

    Wow, Its colud!!! I like it ^_^ the background looks really nice, but yeah, the lettering seems kinda....off. But it's still a great wallie ^-^. I <3 Cloud!!! Anyway, Cloud seems a tad too bit too big....But still, its cloud! Anyway, plus points for walling a guy ^_~ Great job!!

  6. meteorcloud Jan 14, 2005

    yipee it's cloud !!!!!
    the bg is nice =) some energetic back =D match with cloud ...some energetic person XD
    the scan is nice =) but.....the letters are a bit to windy........I think you don't have to use blast ....or something like that......
    but a great job ^_^
    * add to favs *

  7. Suicide-Demon Jan 14, 2005

    Whey-Hey, what a great wp!!!
    i was lookin' for a ff-ac WP, now I've found it!!!!
    THANK YOU lilm!!!!!!!!

  8. cygnus Jan 14, 2005

    This is your first wall with male-chara on it ^^ Me like boys XD
    You've made a good decision in making Cloud looks more icy, combined with the bg you've made, successfully brought out 'cool' aura desired :D

  9. Skillzpay Jan 14, 2005

    Boy that hair must've been a pain to extract lol
    I see that you're using the electricity a lot in your walls which is nice but some variety would nice to see from you as well. I think you did a pretty solid job on this, especially with the extraction.

  10. thebigdoublek Jan 15, 2005

    it looks like Cloud's back in the Lifestream!!! sweet wallpaper! I love the color!

  11. euna Retired Moderator Jan 15, 2005

    wow.. just noticed.. lvl 40 already?? wow>.. o.O
    yai~~ it's Cloud~~ looks very cool ... the scan is awesome ... looks very icy.. ^___^
    nice job with the extraction.. the hair must have been a pain.. xD
    great job!

  12. whitefang Jan 16, 2005

    woow. nice picture. but actually maybe you just subtract this picture. into another bakground right ?
    thanks for share in here.
    keep it on ;)

  13. Led Jan 17, 2005

    Yessssssssss Cloud rockxxxxx xd
    i like your new one..
    I think cloud is a kewl boy.
    The background looks like electrical blue storm..looks kewl
    Good work *fav* :)

  14. gundex Jan 20, 2005

    very cool i like cloud strife... :D u hav done great for the extraction... must be hard eh... especially at the hair part... :) btw great work lilm-san...

  15. cam123 Feb 02, 2005

    :o wow Very nice wallpaper XP Great work with the background and the colors yess i add to *fav*

  16. hikosama Feb 27, 2005

    Amazing work here- such a hi-res picture too! Awesome job!

  17. fhantum Apr 23, 2005

    awsome, i really like the picture and the background works good to, cloud rules, go final fantasy woot ^^

  18. garnet4david May 20, 2005

    U r rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what a great job u have there, i hope i can seek more work from ya, ya know u have a big potential

  19. shadowsniper Jun 01, 2005

    i love the movie!! i love the wallpaper keep up the good work!!! it was sick to the limit i really like it!! i reccomend this to everone!!

  20. tokyo247 Banned Member Jul 30, 2005

    I expect Final Fantasy Advent Children dvd!!!
    the picture IS fine!

  21. tokyo247 Banned Member Jul 30, 2005

    I expect Final Fantasy Advent Children dvd!!!
    the picture IS fine!

  22. shugo000 Sep 17, 2005

    i love this wall. the background goes great with it.

  23. Run01 Nov 02, 2005

    This is cool
    and freakin awsome
    must be a Fave

  24. AndySand Dec 07, 2008

    very cool..

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