Macross Wallpaper: Robotech - Do You Remember This?

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Well I made /ANOTHER/ Robotech / Macross wall. I think this will be it though :) For a little while anyway. Again, I stick to things I like to do and not what will give me the most favorites. So here it is. I made the background using Photoshop. Scan was taken from the X-Box Robotech Video Game.

Thanks to the IRC group for the assistance and opinions before posting :)

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  1. bucket-shot Jan 14, 2005

    Good job, sticking with what you like. XD *thumbs up* Though I've never seen/played/been a fan of Robotech, I don't think a nice wall is possible without liking the subject. Needless to say, this is a nice wall. Those whisps from the planet that looks like stylised wind, or atmosphere, are awesome~<3

    I think the bot could use a little sharpening, but... it's not like it's ugly blurry or anything. It's just that in close contrast with the (sharp) distant stars like that, it looks a bit strange.

    Anyways, rock on, solid skills. :)

  2. Superion- Jan 14, 2005

    Very good job, even tho i dont like rovotech over the real deal! :P , thanks.

  3. Balljacker Jan 14, 2005

    Nice wallie. the background is good n the effects are great. the robot is cool too. anyway nice artwork I luv it

  4. bavee Jan 14, 2005

    wow that is the wonderful earth. This is a great wallpaper. background is also cool. thx for sharing me

  5. meteorcloud Jan 14, 2005

    some cool wallpaper... the background effects are nice =)
    but I don't really like robotech......but this is a nice wallpaper =)
    nice job!

  6. jackalx66 Jan 14, 2005

    of course i'm remember xD
    neat space bg xD
    tho imho
    the planet can be more done ^^
    overall is still nice wall
    thx for ur effort and share it in here xD
    *9.6* +fav too~

  7. axishi Jan 14, 2005

    he extraction is good (much better than some extractions I've
    see from other members) but can be improved. ^_^'

  8. peachiemint Jan 14, 2005

    woot! kool looking space wallie. u wallie stuffingz r always uber kool. do keep it up =^^=

  9. Crash-kun Jan 14, 2005

    hi DP ^__^ sorry if i havnt messed fragments lately lol. im pretty full with work and skul..anyways love the wall..haha i remember that serie. too bad it wasnt finished here at phil. T_T nice nice

  10. UndyingShadow Jan 14, 2005

    great wall you got here! nice bg and great use of the scan! awesome job!

  11. Foolish-ishness Jan 14, 2005

    Awesome wall :) The effects are really cool looking. The only problem is that next to the awesome effects, the planet looks a little boring. Definitely a fav though.

  12. kitat Jan 14, 2005

    From "Macros Zero", a former thing watching me and I do not become precocious. :) The universe is very beautiful. I like the place which rolled this whirlpool. Even so, it is nice work !!

  13. Devilet Jan 15, 2005

    wow, just awesome, I love the background, it looks so realistic!
    Terrific work :) + fav

  14. shinta Jan 15, 2005

    I really like the star field. It looks totally real! That blue flame looking thing around the planet is really cool too. I think that the one near the robot should look the same as the one on the planet. Or at least something similar. But kudos for the smudge work on it!

    I agree that the planet is a bit dull. Maybe it should have the same sharpness as the starfield behind it. I actually find it too big as well. Its occupying half the wallpaper.

    As for the image, I'm just not accustomed to seeing images at the far right edge of wallpapers. I think it should be a bit off-centered that way my eyes would be looking at the Robot first and not that big planet behind it.

  15. euna Retired Moderator Jan 15, 2005

    wow.... o.O
    it's really really cool!!
    the starscape is awesome!! i luv the colours and everything!!
    mmm.... the planet is a tad dull but that's okay!! it still looks cool!
    great wallpaper. *fav*

  16. tAtEkAnE Jan 15, 2005

    awesome work...the iffy part is the planet, too big and kinda looks dull and the stuff in it is kinda uniform >_< but awesome on the starfield and the atmosphere thing

  17. Furikuu Jan 15, 2005

    Love the supernova effects XD Why is the mech so out on the edge of the frame? ;P

  18. Osiris Retired Moderator Jan 17, 2005

    wow nice wall, love those effects on top right and left :D

  19. Noctum Jan 17, 2005

    The bg with the blue and purple nebula looks great and also the mecha fits right in, but I have to agree with this:

    Quote by tAtEkAnEthe iffy part is the planet, too big and kinda looks dull and the stuff in it is kinda uniform

    Some spaceship starting from there or a meteorite rain going down would give it the details needed to give this area a more sophisticated look, every other area has these details already.

  20. MWXP Feb 08, 2005

    do you remember this? do you remember Love?, NO! remember Macross Saga. (gundam youre so retro hehehe)

  21. kailord May 31, 2005

    Robotech rocks. It looks as if it's a lone soldier boy defending the planet all by himself. Like the planets. Good job.

  22. Patton Jun 05, 2005

    not bad, not bad at all.
    Nice combo of bg plus the valkirye. :)
    Well done.

  23. MWXP Sep 21, 2005

    This wallpaper rocks!!!!!!!!!! nice job, i loved this one, thanks so much :) :)

  24. Sentinel47 Sep 25, 2005

    Ah Macross/Robotech... This is probably the one show which for ever molded my imagination.
    Well, it's good to remember your roots!

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