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Damn myself...still have problem with extraction...the thin hair part is driving me nuts...gladly I decided to use glow to cover that mistakes...but still...looks weird...?? I started screaming and banging stuff...I went nuts...lol--not true...but in my brain

Use abstract background this time...the main focus is the symbol...it took me awhile to accomplish and I think I will add more detail to it in the next wall...I love making symbols...!!

Enjoy the world of chaos...!!...maybe I should make something peace...??

Those who add comments and favs...on my previous walls...millions of thanx to you...!!

And KorganoS...I will make sure I improve my walling skill...thanx for your great comments...really really appreciated...*bow*

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  1. Kiako Jan 13, 2005

    cool wallpaper
    i like the background very much the red collors are so lovely and the crosses and the thing she is standing on
    great job

  2. halo3 Jan 13, 2005

    great wallpaper... i like the bg too,... but i think the fornt char looks a bit like a teacher with her glasses.
    nice and efect full bg... i like your wallpaper very much.
    great work.

  3. meteorcloud Jan 13, 2005

    wuahahah having some hair extraxting problem heh???? XD wuahahah hmz...mayB just use the easer on size 1 and flow set to...about 90% then just ease the part you don't want =)...that helps...sometimes XD
    hmz....this is a misterous wallpaper =D nice nice ^_^
    some cool effects on the back and the colours are pretty nice.....but if I look at it too long I'll gone crazy...(the red and orange colour....) hehe just me I think XD
    great job =D

  4. Bloodlust Jan 13, 2005

    the background is stunning, but the bad extraction keep me from faving it, you should learn the bezier tool. anyway youv got skills and style, see ya around

  5. nakimas Jan 13, 2005

    i like it. its neet. its all red and peeeerrrrdddy!! i adore the usage of the color of red. the title is nice too!!!

  6. Avlor Jan 13, 2005

    /Av puts her chin in her hands.

    You are right the extraction is the downfall. It's not bad. You may want to atleast soften the edges of the extraction.

    But overall it is very visually appealling.

  7. OneWingTenshi Jan 13, 2005

    I would like to stab myself...on the extraction part...lol...jeez...it is killing me...lol...but hey...I really dont mind the comments...at least it helps me knowing the prob...I will find a way to fix this problem...!! Thanx u guys...!!

  8. halcyonTwilight Jan 14, 2005

    Really nice work on the bg and the talismans look great. Hmmm...since there aren't really any matching colors, everything in the wall seems to clash. A piece of advice for your next wall is to match or have a corresponding color scheme with the colors in the scan you choose to wall...that way the wall will work better :) Nice work!

  9. Danael Jan 14, 2005

    Good wall, although as you correctly state the extraction is on the off side. Don't worry not only hair is difficult, wanna give it a go at proper angel wings? I've seen that if one applies a bit of transparency it helps... also in Corel (maybe also in PS but I don't know that program well) there is a tool in the erase called feather which helps to soften the edges of a scan.
    In my case (LCD monitor) the back, although very cool indeed, seems to jump out and wanto to tear my eyeballs apart! But then again it might just only be me.

  10. KorganoS Jan 14, 2005

    First of all,... I must say,.. very nice composition on this one... :)
    Colors, perspectives, effects,... everything is placed nicely.
    Okay, now the starry shapes behind the text ^_^' I dont' think that fits at all...because.. it's blue...
    yes, it's blue.... while the bg is actually more dominated by reddish color....
    of course, you made the talismans/magical shapes in blueish color, but they're more of a white color because of the brightness...
    so, the combination of red and blue is too contrasting... that's one of the minus points...
    mmm... and then, the text....
    I don't think the font suits the wall...
    I can see some pretty swirly shapes in the bg... so I think it'll be more suitable if you use an artistic font, which is far from ordinary roman typeface,... like Lucida, or some else... (sorry I forgot the names of those fonts ^_^' )
    Next is extraction... mmm..as u said yourself,.. the extraction is a bit pixelly... but you can improve on extracting much easily, I think... just need more practise.. :)

    overall... I find this is a very good improvement....
    I myself can't do abstract/grunge wall well... so I must say the 'grungy' feel of the bg is very nice... and well done with the reddish/yellowish combination... that's nicely done...
    although you can make the whole thing even better by making the magic shapes orange or yellowish instead of blue...
    Keep up the good work!!!

  11. acid-awakening Jan 17, 2005

    great pic
    i like it
    thanks for sharing
    feel free to check out my gallery any time
    thanks again
    till next time

  12. jbenini Jan 23, 2005

    Very beautiful wallpaper. Keep the good work :d
    i will download it and archive ^^

  13. jbenini Jan 23, 2005

    Very beautiful wallpaper. Keep the good work :d
    i will download it and archive ^^

  14. Monse_Jaganshi Feb 05, 2005

    love the wallpaper and what it says ....... ^_^ the background , is so nice....

  15. firelycan Feb 16, 2005

    I love it. The whole things cool looking. A plus from me. YOU DID IT again MY MAN. lol

  16. OrochiNeji Feb 23, 2005

    this is really neat, great job

  17. Sira Jun 10, 2005

    wow eta si te quedo muy bien, la chava me recuererda ala la de Dividead, jaja por lo bueno que esta, jaja y ese simbolo le da un toqu de misterio al asunto

  18. 1219 Jul 03, 2005

    its veryy nice ^_^ n the backgrounds greatt

  19. Chip256 Aug 22, 2005

    I think this was really well done. Thanks

  20. bookbutterfly Oct 23, 2005

    Sophie from Wind of Ebenbourg, my favorite Studio E.go game.

    You did an excellent job, don't be so hard on yourself.

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