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Well! Something simple (argh~ again!) ^_^' Due to a friend lending me the Prince of Tennis anime, an obsession has sprung. Shishido Ryou and Taki Haginosuke (links lead to their fanlistings)-- members of the Hyoutei Gakuen tennis club. And both, I'd seriously imagine, the type to exchange haircare tips in the lockeroom...

Well, Shishido we know for a fact = prettyboi. Taki... well, he looks the part. That pose (which i sort of tried to copy.. it's weird with stubby arms..), and his fanlisting convinced me. :nya: Plus, I've personally never seen a Taki fanart yet (though these chibis hardly count towards a remedy for that). So. Placed with Shishido...

Who is touching his hair, of course. I wonder if he'd be smiling if he knew what would happen to it. And I wonder if Taki would be standing so close if he knew he was going to be so soundly embarrassed by the guy...

Arty Facts:
- Despite all visual implications, this took me about four hours to sketch and ink up, and a futher three to colour. :sweat: But I'm definitely getting faster, I think. Dieter's lineart sketch alone took seven hours last time... guh.
- The usual 2H pencil > fineliner > scan > Photoshop's polygonal lasso.
- I actually liked my writing this time around. XD And so left it in. Hence, the text looks boring.
- There are more of these planned (sweet doubles, feel the beat, and silly strongmen) if I can pull them off. *fingers crossed*
- Zomg, I type too much.

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  1. tAtEkAnE Jan 12, 2005

    awesome XD...i really like the sketchy style! awesome work bucky :D

  2. Evanrued Jan 12, 2005

    I always find the "chibi" to be adorable. This one is very enjoyable. When you place the character as themselves, it always good. I really do love the detail you show in clothing shadow. It really does help the image. And the text seems to fit the over all look, great work. Cant wait to see more.

  3. cerena Jan 13, 2005

    ahahaha both of them look so arrogant type (as usual, the character that think they are preety always abit arrogant) cute chibi character... ur sketch is nice, bucket-shot... let me ur disciple plz *bow* lol XD

  4. thelunarmage Jan 13, 2005

    Fantastic artwork bucky! I love the style of drawing and you've done an awesome job with that polygonal lasso. :) Keep it up!

  5. rainbowseason Jan 13, 2005

    pot!!!!!!!!! suteki suteki
    wah so cute!!!!! hahaha wow this is cuties i wanna do something like this one day ^o^v
    thankies for sharing PoT rulz

  6. Frosty Jan 13, 2005

    another very cute concept art bucky. ^^
    this one looks very cute too. ^^
    just like your art style. ^^ keep it up. ^^

  7. riku-chan Jan 13, 2005

    That's so cute!!^_^ We need more PoT fanarts like this here on mt..^^ Awesome work once again bucky, your sketchy artworks are amazing and what more when they're of the hyoutei gakuen members. Taki fanarts are definitely rare, thanks for sharing!

  8. Fuji-Syusuke Jan 13, 2005

    Great artwork! :D Both Shishido and Taki look so cute! XD I wish i could do something like that too!

  9. syivese Jan 13, 2005


    That is soooooo cute. ^^ Shishido-sama!!!

  10. Athrun Jan 13, 2005

    Very nice artwork. ;) The d00ds do look like they try to be very slick. Look at 'em smirking. XD

    Wow. 4 hours and more? *whistles* Damn...

    well anyway.

    * adds to fav

  11. Tantaga Jan 13, 2005

    They look fairly confindent in themselves XD . I think you managed to give these little guys a lot of character :) . I wonder though ... if they are both so arrogant wouldn't they fight a lot XP . Your drawing makes me want to go see what the anime is about now ... so yay for you :) .

  12. Shaka Jan 13, 2005

    Ciao, :nya: a great work of your part as ever, your chibi style is cool, and the clothes look very good you use wisely the shadows, well ciao. XP

  13. RamzaSedai Jan 13, 2005

    I love the PoT chibis, and you've done them proud. Very nice work. Keep it up!

  14. walkure245 Jan 14, 2005

    Kawaii chibis! >_< I love their cute outfits and their expressions. Nicely done~ But they aren't my favs on the team. You should do one with Oshitari and Atobe. That would be sweet~ ^_^

  15. amy Feb 25, 2005

    *tackles Bucket*

    Omg, You drew Shishido and Taki!

    I love how you drew Taki. He is so adorably cute there and Shishido...One of many favorites!

    Awsome work hon!

    Your Tsubame Friend

  16. bukimi Feb 26, 2005

    they are cute ^^ don't see much taki fanart. and i love long haired shishido! <33

  17. litterstars Mar 25, 2005

    wah~~~ kawaii~~~ Especially like shishido's socks! Very-manga-style.

  18. flyindance Apr 15, 2005

    What can I say?
    You got the talent.
    Good one, my friend.
    Especially something is pot.

  19. Aa-chan Apr 25, 2005

    Lol, I was doing what we were talking about, just browsing a series' gallery and I stumbled across this XD . Love your style ^^ .

  20. markjo May 01, 2005

    Pretty funky - the drawing reminds me of the animation made by Genndy Tartakovsky - the person who is behind Clone Wars and Dexter's Laboratory.

  21. animefreak222 Jul 25, 2005

    THis is a really nice picture that you drew Keep it up!! Great work and show us more!!

  22. darkatalanta Jun 06, 2007

    oooooh Taki! He looks cute ^_^
    Awesome work!

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