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This is Dieter (he hasn't got a last name yet). :) He's fourteen years old, 5'1, 49kg.
A happy-go-lucky kid who is generally happy, and generally lucky. He likes a challenge, racing, winning... and jellybabies.

His rival's name's Laurent. XD
They race airboards (which are skateboards without the wheels. Or surfboards without the water. They float. And go fast..).

Random fact 01: he features on my new userpage layout~<3
Random fact 02: he's got a slingshot and will use it. :nya: Be nice to him, and he won't kill you.

Arty facts: coloured with the polygonal lasso again. :)
Those are suspenders clipped to the left side of his pants.
I don't know what's up with his hair, except that it looks semi-edible...

[edit] Zomg.. ^_^' Ugly thumbnail jpegness again~<3

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  1. einna Jan 11, 2005

    Wow!^______^ This is an amazing display of your art!!^___^ Perhaps he wants a girl partner?XD Thanks for sharing it!^^;;

  2. Paolo Jan 11, 2005

    he looks cool. i like his hair :)

  3. Fuji-Syusuke Jan 11, 2005

    Cool! i really like his hairstyle, u r really good in your drawing and coloring! :D :D

  4. charaznableamurorei Jan 11, 2005

    Are the little white gaps/spaces in Dieter-kun's hair/body outline (?) intentional, bucket-shot-friend? If they are, it kinda gives Dieter-kun a... what's the word.... "bouncy", genki, motion, like he's/his hair is wriggling or always in motion? Hehe, sorry, lack of words tonight. But fun art! Thanks for this one, friend.

  5. Athrun Jan 11, 2005

    Very cool drawing. His hair style reminds me of the characters from Ape Escape, tho. lol

    * adds to fav

  6. Taurec Jan 11, 2005

    von Schabelkache else Doe .. <g> good lastnames ne? .. .ne!!?? :P

    relaxing style .. :)

  7. walkure245 Jan 12, 2005

    Loves the description~ ^_^ Plus, he has the most adorable face. You just want to pinch it. The hair is really great~ Really original stuff. Great~

  8. hoihoi Jan 12, 2005

    looks really cute! the hair especially...
    the suspenders and the trouser legs are interesting... good idea!
    any other pix with the same character?

  9. cerena Jan 12, 2005

    ohh, cute hehehe... u draw it with Photoshop? the face is cute and the hair is look abit "doll's hair" but it's good hehehe i mean the front hair anyway.. good job, bucket shot...

  10. Tantaga Jan 12, 2005

    He has pants within pants ... within pants. That amuses me somehow ^_^' . I like the way his clothing is multi-layered, as well as his hair. The extra "floating" sharp points at the end of his hair tips are quite interesting and add a special touch ... they must give him magical futuristic airboard riding powers, because we all know that everyone wishes they had magical futurisitc airboard riding powers. His over-happyness and cuteness fits him nicely, but makes me suspicious. I'm not crazy, but a kid that happy must be up to something XD .

  11. Nayako Jan 12, 2005

    Nice pic ^^
    Dieter looks so cute XD
    Great work!!!!

  12. CoolBlueX Jan 12, 2005

    hmmm i like his hair
    it's very unique XD
    nice design and all too! ^_^

  13. Shaka Jan 12, 2005

    Ciao :D hey it´s a good draw, XP his hair is very cool and you made a great work wiht the colors well ciao ;)

  14. Evanrued Jan 12, 2005

    lol, The close up of his face reminds me of a cat, His hair is really cool, I cant wait to see more of your work. This one looks really good!

  15. SoloButterfly Jan 13, 2005

    Well isn't he the happy fellow! Very cute design and pose. I like his outfit. bright and original. And yes..his hair doesn't look edible..o.O; *is suddenly hungry* They style vaguely reminds me of Beyblade (hopes that isn't taken as an insult). Very fun.

  16. Frosty Jan 13, 2005

    lol... very original. ^^
    looks very nice. ^^ you got a great looking concept to your artwork bubby. ^^
    and its very neatly colored too. ^^
    a and +fav for a job well done. ^^

  17. thrillafry Jan 16, 2005

    i looked at them both and i realy like them alot. keep the good work coming and i will keep an ey out for thrm.

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